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May 17, 2006



-Celeste is at the Carver home. She wonders how Theo got all those words into his head about Alex hurting Lexie. She wonders if Tek planted them so Abe would kill Alex and go to jail, which would then free up Lexie for him. She worries about those on the island and in Salem based on her vibrations and visions of late. She uses her tarot cards to see what is in store for them all.

-Jennifer wonders why Frankie said no to his proposal. She returns to her house and then her cell rings. It's Frankie telling her to meet him at the park near the playground. When she arrives, the playground is decorated with twinkling lights and flowers. Frankie says they grew up together and he grew up loving her. he wanted to be the one to propose since he is the man and now that he knows she wants to marry him he can. He kneels down and proposes to her. She says yes and they kiss. They then share an evening under the stars and he pushes her on the swings. They return home and make love. Frankie later calls the Justice of the Peace and arranged for them to be married. Jennifer wants the wedding to be in a special place, even though they will have a real big wedding later on. She suggests having it at the park but in this beautiful gazebo Jack used to take her to all the time. It would be like Jack giving them his blessing. Frankie makes the arrangments and they then make love.

-In a bar in Europe, two men bring a passed out Jack inside. They tell the bar owner they found him on the street. He is clearly weak and still wearing a hospital braclet. Jack wakes up and begs the men not to take him back. He is trying to get home to the US to be with his wife and kids. The men understand and offer him to stay there for the night. They give him food and drink and he thanks them. He vows to himself that he will be home within the next 48 hours and will finally be able to be happy with his wife and kids. He just hopes Jennifer has not moved on yet.

-Max and Abby search for Chelsea and Josh. They get side-tracked in the park when they see a dance contest. The organizer says they have great chemistry and should join in. They reluctantly agree and dance. They end up winning the contest and are called one hot couple. Abby thanks Max for comforting her and showing her a fun night. Max does the same. They continue their search.

-Josh protects Chelsea from the men holding them at gunpoint. One of them is quite taken with Chelsea and tries to grab Chelsea. Josh gets in the way and the other man thinks he is lunging for the gun and shoot Josh in the chest. He falls to the ground bleeding. Chelsea is devestated and says it's all her fault for running away and putting them in the middle of this drug dealing. Josh says she is Abby's friend and a girl who needed to be protected. He was always a nerd and dreamed of saving the damsel in distress. He finally acheived that dream at least. Chelsea begs him to hold on. Meanwhile, Celeste looks at her cards and sees death and also says the life of a woman in Salem is about to change forever. At that moment, Josh tells Chelsea to tell Abby he is sorry and that he loves her. He breathes his last and dies. The men then kick his body off the pier and into the water. Chelsea blames herself and is devestated. Both men now have her and tell all the other men on the pier to finish the job. They want to have a little fun with this one to make sure she stays quiet about what she has seen. They take her to a motel near the pier. She tries to fight them off but both men are determined. They say that this will teach her a lesson in getting involved where she shouldn't and if she says a word to anyone they will come get her again. She insists it was an accident that she interupted their drug deal. The men don't listen and tear her clothes off. They both lay on top of her taking turns. When she fights, they hit her and she finally gives up and stops screaming.

-On Morgan Island, John and Marlena continue to reel from the news that Alex is Stefano and how he put his plans into action. Hope arrives but John is the only one that sees her. She has her gun and sneaks to the window on the other side. Tek and Patrick remain outside. John gives Hope a signal to fire the gun while he and Marlena distract Stefano by talking to him about his plan and what he plans to do now. Hope fires and hits Stefano in the shoulder. John grabs his gun and they struggle. Hope takes Marlena and tells her to run. She does. Stefano throws John off of him and knocks Hope over and gets away. He signals to Patrick and Tek to follow him.

-Abe walks around the island searching for Alex. He remembers what Theo told him and vows to kill Alex for what he did.

-Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas, Kate, Roman, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Lexie, Bo, and Billie all meet up. Thet have had no luck searching for the others. Belle is worried about Phillip and wonders if they should start involving the local authorities. Roman says no since that may scare Phillip's kidnappers away. Sami, Kate, Roman, and Belle continue to think about murdering Alex. They are shocked to see Marlena run up to them. She tells them what happened and the truth about Alex. Lexie is stunned. They ask if she has her memory back. She says no but she now knows that John was right. The fact that Alex is Stefano only enhances Roman, Kate, Sami, and Belle's desire to kill him. Lexie now reconsiders and wonders why her father put her through hell like that by blackmailing her. Sami wonders privately why Lexie's own father would want to torture her and consider switching her mammogram results. She also is worried since she got involved with him when he switched those results, whatever they were. Lexie sneaks away to find her father. The others try to find John and Hope. Bo is worried sick about Hope and wonders if Patrick has anything to do with this. Lexie wonders where Tek is. Meanwhile, Carrie and Sami continue to be stalked from afar.

-Stefano tells Patrick and Tek to split up and cover him to make sure he is able to make a clean escape when his plan takes effect. He tells them to carry out the plan and says that they know what to do. He says they are still on track even though Hope interupted everything. Tek and Patrick take off. Stefano takes out sone climbing gear and plans to climb down the side of a cliff. As he prepares, John interupts him and holds him at gunpoint. Stefano pulls a gun out of his backpack and declares this yet another standoff between the former pawn and worthy enemy and the master that made him who he is. John insists his reign of terror ends here.

-Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas, Billie, Roman, Kate, and Bo all see John and Stefano on the cliff. They realize Marlena and Lexie are missing.

-Hope continues to look for Stefano and John. She bumps into Patrick and asks where he has been. he explains he has been looking for her. She explains everything to him and urges him to come along to help her find John and Stefano. Patrick says they should just find the others and stick with them. Hope wonders if he is hiding something. He eventually agrees to go with her but disappears shortly after once Hope is distracted. Hope beleives she lost him as they were running through the wooded area together but still wonders if more is going on.

-Marlena is looking John. She bumps into Tek. She asks Tek to help her but Tek just stands there and says he is sorry he has to do this. Marlena doesn't understand and begins to pull back as Tek keeps coming towards her saying he needs to follow the plan for his sake.

-Abe catches a glimpse of John and Stefano (he still thinks its Alex on the cliff). He sees everyone else and chooses to not let them know he is here. If John doesn't kill Alex, Abe vows to get up there and find and kill him himself.

-John and Stefano are at a standstill. They revolve around each other with guns pointed at one another. Lexie appears and begs John not to kill her father. She says she needs answers. Stefano then quickly grabs Lexie and holds a gun to her. Everyone below sees this, including Abe which prompts him to make a beeline for the cliff to finish Alex and save his wife. Lexie asks her father what he is doing and he just says, "What I have to do."

-Back in Salem, Chelsea is in the motel room. Both men get dressed and leave and warn her not to say a word about what she saw tonight and what they did to her and Josh. They had their fun but it was also to show her that they will use her and hurt her some more if she doesn't do what they say. They leave. A nakes Chelsea wraps herself in a sheet and looks in the mirror. She is bruised and battered and starts crying saying, 'Why did they have to rape me?"


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