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Teasers for Week of May 15, 2006



Sneak Peeks for Week of May 15, 2006

-Jennifer surprises Frankie and makes his dream come true.

-Max and Abby lash out at Chelsea and Josh, which starts a life changing chain of events.

-Two Salemites witness Victor's pier operation and thinks take a tragic and shocking turn.

-Celeste confides in Caroline her fears for Salem and those on Morgan Island.

-Jack wonders who saved him. He later goes against orders and leaves the hospital and, thereby, putting his life at risk.

-Several Salemites consider murder and target Alex.

-A out of control Abe arrives on Morgan Island.

-Alex reveals all to John and Marlena during a dramatic face off.

-Belle awaits an update on Phillip.

-Carrie and Sami are stalked and can't get former flames out of their head and heart.

-Alice and Maggie get a horrifying blast from the past.

-Tek causes a change in Marlena.

-Alex's getaway takes a deadly turn.

Red Letter Days

Tuesday May 16, 2006: Alex reveals all to John and Marlena in a dramatic face off.

Wednesday May 17, 2006: After interupting the drug operation on the pier, one Salemite meets his/her maker and the other has his/her life changed forever by a shocking act.

Friday May 19, 2006: Alex's makes his escape but things take a deadly turn and a beloved Salemite ends the episode lying in a pool of his/her own blood.

Next Week

John Clarke returns as Mickey. Nicole returns to Salem on a mission. Jensen Ackles also returns as Eric Brady on May 26. Jack is reunited with a old friend on his trek home. Jennifer and Frankie head for the altar. The people of Salem are troubled by shocking visions and hallucinations. Caroline comforts Victor. who starts a investigation into the happenings in Salem. Max and Abby are drawn together. A beloved Salemite makes a reckless choice that may cost them their life and the life of a loved one. John is worried about Marlena.


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