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May 12, 2006



-Maggie, Alice, Doug, and Julie help jennifer set up Chez Rouge for her surprise proposal for Frankie. jen has flashbacks of her life with Jack and wonders if maybe she is rushing into this. The Horten women tell Jennifer to trust her heart and it will tell her what to do. She has always loved Frankie, despite loving Jack more, and her kids love him. Jennifer remembers Jack's video and all the times he came to her pushing her towards Frankie per his wishes. She then has a terrible daydream about her dying and the kids being alone. She then has flashbacks of her times with Frankie and realizes how strong her feelings are for him and how much marrying Frankie would protect her children's future. Abby and Jack Jr. come by and hear what Jennifer's plans are. Jennifer explains everything about the video and what Jack wanted to Abby. Abby tearfully gives her mother her blessing to marry Frankie. Jennifer explains she wants to marry Frankie ASAP. Abby is fine with it, as is everyone else. The Horten women prepare the restaurant for the special evening.

-Chelsea and Max are waiting for Josh and Abby to show up for a movie. Chelsea explains Abby had to drop JJ off with Jennifer. She tells Max thanks for taking her out. She is lonely with most of her family being out of town and is worried about her trial. Max shrugs it off. Abby and Josh later show up. Chelsea notices how close they have gotten. Abby tells Chelsea that Josh wants them to have sex but she is afraid. Chelsea says she is too even though she never acts it. She tells Abby to take the advice she always gave her-don't do it unless you are completely sure. Abby agrees. They are four go see the movie.

-Victor is worried about the operation tonight. Nico assures Victor it will be fine. Victor wishes Nico would be there but Phillip's kidnappers would no way want Victor's right hand man to be there. Nico says that the only thing to worry about is if someone catches them-like civilians-because if that happens the people that Victor hired from the underground may lose control in their efforts to make sure the person or people stay silent. They are all loose cannons. Victor is very worried and just hopes that doesn't happen and everything goes smoothly for everyone's sake. He is also worried about those on Morgan Island and would send someone to check it out if he weren't so tied up with the operation. Victor gets a call from someone on the pier saying the operation has begun already and is going smoothly.

-Abe comes home from work and is packing for Morgan Island. His plane is leaving shortly so he has to move. Celeste is in the shower and is going to watch Theo. While in the shower, she has terrible vibrations of tragedy hitting Salem and Morgan Island. Meanwhile, downstairs, Abe finds Lexie's ripped clothes (the ones that were placed in the area behind the couch by the mysterious stranger that lurked in the house the previous night) from her night with Tek at Dune when he almost caught them. He recognizes them as the clothes she was wearing that night and flashes back to his phone conversation with her when she confessed that she was out with Tek at Dune that night. Theo is playing on the ground near Abe and says the words "A..le..x....mom..my...mom..my..hu..rt" Abe asks Theo what he means. Theo repeats the line (remembering the words on the tape the mysterious stranger switches with his music tape and then switched back) over and over again only this time he says it in a sentence "Alex hurt mommy." Abe remembers all the time he caught Lexie with Tek as he was comforting her and he knows he is a trusted friend of hers ever since when he was on the island believed dead by everyone. He notes Lexie's ripped clothes and how upset and hesistant she looked around Alex like she was afraid of something. Abe also remembers when Alex asked him about infidelity and if he ever would forgive Lexie and how smugly he did it. Saying that all the signs are there, Abe deduces that Lexie must have gotten close to the truth about Alex and he raped her. Tek must have been comforting her at Dune. She may have went there and the ripped clothes to have a drink to try to forget what happened. He beleives it happened multiple times but has gotten worse. He thinks that is why she pushes for her and him to make love so she can wipe out the memory of him raping her. Abe is livid. Celeste walks down the stairs. Abe gives her Theo and says he has to go. Celeste asks what is wrong, noting how angry Abe looks. She sees he found the clothes and she wonders how he did.

-On Morgan Island, John and the others lose Alex and Marlena. They all decide to split up.

-Carrie, Lucas, Austin, and Sami go off together. Sami and Lucas fight when Sami tries to make her worry for Marlena more important then everyone else's. Carrie comforts Sami and says everything will be ok. Austin does so too and Lucas apologizes for jumping on her. Sami accepts and the four of them continue to search. Sami begins to realize that if Alex were dead her secret alliance with him concerning Lexie would be a secret always and her mother would be safe. Lucas hears her contemplate murder.

-Belle, Shawn, and Mimi search too. Belle is worried about Phillip too but she knows Phillip would want her to find her mother. Belle just hopes they call her cell soon and that things don't go haywire. Shawn comofrts Belle and this time she does not push him away as Mimi looks on clearly offended. Belle beings to think about how Alex being dead may be the only way to save her mother and bring their family together. She contemplates murder as Shawn and Mimi overhear.

-Lexie and Tek search too. Lexie begins to have thoughts of killing Alex in her head and beleives its the only way to protect herself and her family and Tek. Meanwhile, Tek says something about how its gone too far and maybe its time to take Alex out to ensure Lexie't happiness and to protect himself. They find Hope, who is with Roman, Kate, and John and Tek leaves Lexie with them and goes off to find Alex on his own.

-Bo and Billi search on their own. He worries about Hope but Billie says she wants time to think and she really doesn't want to be around him right now. Its for the best. Meanwhile, Hope thinks about what Bo and Billie said and wonders if what they are saying is true what did she see in that hotel room that day.

-John admits that when he finds Alex he will kill him to ensure Marlena's security and to reunite their family, even if he goes to jail. Roman starts thinking of murdering Alex to when he sees him to protect Marlena as Kate thinks about it too. She sees both Roman and John and admits that she still loves both of them and always will in some capacity. Marlena is also a good friend and she hates seeing what this is doing to her, John, and Roman. She remembers how when you love someone you do whatever it takes to make then happy even if the sacrifice means you giving up your life or everything you hold dear. Kate considers killing Alex to protect Marlena and to make sure John and Roman don't do something they regret and ruin their life and their families.

-Patrick finds Alex in a small hut on the far east side of the beach. Alex wants to get Marlena up to the shed on the cliff to carry out his revenge plan. Tek then shows up and it is revealed that he has been working for Alex along with Patrick. Tek explains that the plan has gone too far. Alex explains that both Patrick and Tek were not supposed to fall in love with Hope and Lexie and now their judgement and loyalty is clouded. He orders them to do what he says or no money and he will destroy their lives and everyone they love. Both Tek and Patrick want out saying they only got involved because they needed the money. Patrick needed it to get by and to send some money to his family and Tek needed it for his dying mother to get treated for a chance to live but she died anyway. However, he was already in Alex's employ and he has never let him out since threatening to spill to the world the underhanded schemes he committed. That is why Tek romances a lot of married women and left them after divorce. He wanted love but could never stay in just one place so he romances married women and when it was time to move on to another job for Alex or when the woman great too depended on him he left her because he could never involved someone else in his life and could not have a long term relationship. It all changed when Alex assigned him to romance Lexie and he ended up falling for her for real and now hates how Alex has tortured her saying its gone too far and never was supposed to. Alex is angry and explains how he will blow both of them out of the water if they don't help him get to the shed. They agree reluctantly and cover him as he heads towards the shed on the cliff.

-Celeste tries to explain the clothes and everything to Abe but he is in a hurry to catch the flight to Morgan Island. Abe explains his thinking and what Theo said. He is convinced it all adds up and won't even let Celeste talk. He is furious and yells out ferociously that he is going to kill Alex North for hurting his wife. He walks out the doot towards the car. Celeste runs after him while holding Theo screaming, "Abraham..you don't understand." Its too late-he pulls out of the driveway rapidly and drives off. Celeste yells out, "You have the wrong man!!" Celeste gives up and is worried now. She shakes and starts having her vibrations and says, "Death and danger will come to Salem and to Morgan Island. We are all going to face our greatest challenge yet and many of us won't make it out of it alive.


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