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May 11, 2006



-Hope and Patrick get out of bed and get dressed. Patrick and Billie leave Hope and Bo to talk. Billie slaps Patrick and says she thought he loved her but all along he wanted Hope and once again she was second in line. Patrick said its true but he did care about Billie. He just had stronger feelings for Hope but, like her when it comes to Bo, didn't think he had a chance with her because of her marriage. Now though he might just like she might with Bo. Billie denies wanting Bo back but remembers what happened in the cave and now with what Hope is doing with Patrick she wonders if maybe it is over for Bo and Hope.

-Bo and Hope lash out at each other. Bo can't beleive she has been sleeping with Patrick. He tells Hope about the description of a killer from Chicago but Hope doesn't beleive its Patrick. he lashes out at Bo for not being there for her and for choosing Billie and Chelsea over her. Bo mentions that she is the one that left. Hope says she only left because she was being reminded of Zach and she caught him in bed with Billie. Bo says he never slept with Billie. He admits they came close in a cave the other day while searching for Phillip and after she nearly died in the river but other then that they never even came close. Hope thinks he is lying so they call Billie in. Billie notes how this could be her chance to get Bo back but then sees Bo's face and once again sacrifices her chance with him and admits they never made love and didn't come close to recently. Hope knows she saw them in bed and wonders what is going on. Hope tells them both to leave so she can digest all this. She tells Bo they will talk later. Hope asks Patrick for some time alone to think. He leaves.

-Bo asks Billie why Hope thinks they slept together. Just as she is about to confess, JOhn comes in asking for their help in finding Marlena.

-Kate and Roman wait with Belle, Shawn, and Mimi for news on Phillip from the kidnappers. Belle is worried about her parents too but Roman reassures by saying that lexie, Tek, Austin, Sami, and Lucas are helping out too. They are to keep them posted on what happens with Phillip. Roman comforts Kate as he says he will always care about her. Kate thanks him. Belle pushes Shawn away when he tries to comfort her as she remembers Mimi's words to her on the plane.

-John, Lexie, Tek Carrie, Austin,Sami, and Lucas all split up and search for Marlena. Lexie and Tek search the outside of the hotel and the amenities on the inside while John goes room by room. Carrie and Lucas search the beach while Austin and Sami search the casino. They meet up after finding nothing. Meanwhile, a mysterious man appears to be watching Sami and Carrie.

-John interrogates a maid and finds out what room Marlena is on. Tek,Lexie and John take off for the room as Lexie and Tek hope Alex doesn't ruin them.

-Alex talks to himself about his plot for Marlena which involved leading her up to the small shed on the cliff. He will then torture her and reveal the whole truth to her and, finally, kill her. Patrick meets up with him after Hope wants to be alone. Alex orders Patrick to go up to the shed. He gives him a huge bag and tells him to decorate the shed with what is in there. Patrick leaves, hoping no one sees him.

-Bo and Billie join Lexie, Tek, and John in racing towards Marlena. John calls Carrie, Austin, Sami, and Lucas and tells them to split up and monitor the beach and the south side hotel entrance. Bo and Billie split up as Bo covers the back door to the hotel room Marlena is in and Billie covers the north entrance. Hope catches on to what is going on and wants to help. John tells her to go with Lexie and monitor the east entrance since Tek and him can cover the west since it is where they are at. Bo tells Hope to be careful as Hope ignores him. John gives Roman a head's up in case he needs backup. Belle and Kate hope everything goes well. Everyone is in position. Alex hears commotion and realizes what is going on. He decides to make a break for it but sees Bo outside the back door. He calls Patrick and asks for help otherwise he will ruin him and tell all to the people of Salem about his past. He also won't get paid for his services. Alex injects Marlena again when she gets out of the bathroom and asks what is going on. This time he drugs her with a sedative to knock her unconscious. Patrick leaves the shed and races down. He doesn't want to get caught by anyone so he stays his distance and throws a rock at Bo's head. Bo collapses unconscious and bleeding. Alex makes a break as John and Tek burst through. They see him and pursue him. John lets everyone know what is going on. Billie, Hope, and Lexie tend to Bo but he gets up and all four race after John and Tek. Roman hears and races to help. Belle wants to go too but doesn't want to miss the call about Phillip. Kate says if they want the money they will call back. Kate, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, and Roman join the race as does Carrie, Sami, Austin, and Lucas. Patrick folllows as well as Alex carries an drugged and unconscious Marlena toward the shed on the cliff, figuring no one will find it in time before he implements his plan for revenge.


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