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May 10, 2006



-While on the plane, Bo and Billie discuss what happened in the cave after he rescued her from the river. They both agree to make nothing of it because he still loves Hope and nothing can change that. Kate overhears and tries to push Billie to fight for Bo and take what almost happened as a sign that he still loves her. Billie tells her to back off. Kate vows to make sure Billie ends up with Bo and to make all her children happy as well. Roman overhears and warns Kate that she always makes things worse for her children by butting it and says things could blow up in her face if she continues to interfere.

-Belle and Mimi get into a fight over Shawn when he goes to the bathroom. Mimi accuses Belle of using Phillip's disappearance to get closer to Shawn. Belle denies it and both Mimi and her wonder if they can remain friends since Shawn seems to be driving a wedge between them. They agree to move past the fighting and try to get along for everyone's sake. The tension remains there even when Shawn returns. Kate warns Mimi to fight to keep Shawn and to do whatever it takes to keep him.

-Austin confronts Carrie when Lucas leaves her alone to talk about what happened between them. Carrie says it can't happen again and he needs to back off. Austin ays he will for now but he won't back off or keep their secret for long. He loves her far too much for that. Sami wonders what is going on between them and if something happened. She vows to get Austin and not let her perfect sister win again. Lucas catches Austin with Carrie and a fight almost occurs. Lucas warns Austin to stay away from his fiancee. Sami does the same as Austin tell Sami he has reason to hope after what happened between him and Carrie. Sami asks what he means but he covers, only adding to her curiosity.

-John asks Lexie if there are any drugs that can counteract what Alex may have given Marlena. Lexie gives him something out of her medical bag that she claims has components that can counteract some drugs that Alex may have used but they just need to hope they guess right and that the drug he is using is one that can be counteracted. Roman almost catches Tek and Lexie holding hands and talking about their affair. He questions their closeness and asks John about it. John shrugs it off but wonders how close Tek and Lexie really are.

-Alex takes Marlena down for breakfast as he puts up the "perfect husband" front while secretly plotting to kill her that very night. When they get back to their room, he sees her starting to waver from his control and gives her another drug injection.

-Hope and Patrick make love inside their room. She stops midway, feeling guilty because of Bo. She is shocked when Patrick gets frustrated and loses his temper. He apologizes saying its the heat and he hates to see her hurting. He wants to help anyway he can. He goes to draw a hot shower for them and Hope is fixated on his temper tantrum. She remembers the broken vase from earlier and wonders if Patrick lied. She wonders if he broke the vase because she rejected him when he was making love to her. She shrugs it all off and takes a hot, steamy shower with him. Patrick has flashbacks of Alex's instructions and plans and the pressure of that and being with Hope is getting to him. He lies to Hope when she asks if something is wrong and things turn passionate. They end up back in bed making love.

-The searchers end up on the island and head for the hotel that Hope, Patrick, Alex, and Marlena are in. Apparently, John and the others searched the other hotels and were able to find Marlena and Alex at the one they are at. The search for Marlena as Belle, Shawn, Mimi, and Kate go up to the room to wait for more instructions from Phillip's kidnappers.

-Bo and Billie search for Marlena and signs of Phillip on the beach. They walk around the back entrance to the hotel and Billie walks by the window to a room. She walks back and something gets her attention. She thinks she sees Patrick. She tells Bo to come over. Bo sees Patrick having sex with a woman. He decides he needs to stop him before he hurts another woman. He breaks through the terrace doors as both Hope and Patrick jump up, leaving Bo and Billie in a state of shock.


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