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May 9, 2006



-The searchers arrive at the airport to board John's jet. The tension between Belle/Shawn/Mimi is building as Mimi continues to be jealous of Shawn comforting her. Kate tells Mimi to call Belle out. Mimi takes Belle aside and reminds her who her husband is. Belle tells Mimi to back off-Shawn is her friend and she needs his support and could use her's too since she is her best friend. Mimi apologizes but given her history with Shawn she worries. Belle forgives her.

-Lexie and Tek arrive. Tek tries to have a last minute fling with her before getting on board but Lexie says the risk is too high and makes him back off.

-John and Roman map out the island and try to make sure they know of all the ports and points of entry in case Alex tries to make a run for it or Phillip's kidnapper tries to pull a get away with Phillip in toll.

-Kate calls Victor and asks if he wants to join them on the search, explaing what the letter said about Belle bringing money down to the island. Victor remembers his instructions and says no but still wonders what is going on and fears that the searchers are walking into a trap. Nico comes in and says everything is a go for the shipment transfer. Victor is still worried and has a bad feeling about all of this.

-Sami, Austin, Carrie, and Lucas arrive. A fight ensues between Austin and Lucas. Carrie makes Austin keep quiet about their tryst. Sami and Lucas wonder if something is going on as the tension between the four of them begins to boil over.

-Bo and Billie arrive. They call Chelsea to make sure she will be fine. They tell her they will be back in time for the trial. Bo thinks Billie should stay behind but she is stubborn and says she is coming along to help.

-On Morgan Island, Hope and Patrick go swimming on the beach. She apologizes to Patrick for refusing to make love to him the night before. He says its alright. She wonders how the vase in their room got broken. We then see a flashback of after Hope stopped making love to him and refused to go any further, she took a shower and Patrick lost his cool and threw the vase and was angry that she refused to him. The flashback ends and Patrick says the vase must have fell. He tells Hope that since the first time they made love last night all he wants to do is be with her and that is why he wanted to do it so badly when she refused. She apologizes. She mentions how she is worried about Marlena. Patrick asks where she saw her and Hope explains everything. Patrick tells Hope she should just stay out of it until John arrives so she doesn't ruin his rescue mission or get hurt. If Alex feels threatened he may take off with Marlena. Hope agress and goes back in the water. Patrick is by himself and tells himself that its like its all happening all over again. He hopes things just don't turn out like the last time. He joins Hope in the water and things tunr passionate. They go back to the beach and begin to make love as he carries her to their room.

-Alex watches over a sleeping Marlena. He talks about how tonight will be the night that he has waited for. Marlena will be destroyed and he will get his revenge. Meanwhile, Marlena begins to have memory flashes again while sleeping and when she wakes up Alex once again injects her. She is back to being out of it again. Patrick calls him (this is when Hope is in the water) and warns him about Hope telling John. Alex orders Patrick to keep Hope out of the way. Nothing can interfere with their plans for tonight-nothing.

-The Salem residents board the plane. Sami and John have a fight about his plan to find Marlena but Roman tells her to sit down and shutup. Shawn, Belle, and Mimi end up in the same row as do Carrie, Austin, and Lucas leaving Sami sitting with Lexie and Tek. Bo and Billie sit together and Kate sits with John and Roman. Victor tries calling Kate's cell and then the airport to stop the plane since he fears this may be a trap for them but he fails. He is now worried about their safety. The plane takes off as John says, "We are coming Doc" and Belle says, "Phillip we are going to bring you back to us."


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