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May 8, 2006



-Victor is given instructions by the mysterious caller. He is told to use his criminal contacts to help in a drug shipment that will be passing through Salem. Victor's men are to move the drugs from the ship coming in to a private trawler on the far east side of the pier. The caller tells Victor the drugs are hallucinigens and that they were being transported through Salem by another associate before but the ISA started catching on so now they need to seek alternate measures. Victor asks why the drugs always need to pass through Salem. The caller ignores the question and demands Victor organize his men and prepare for the shipment which will arrive tomarrow night. Victor says no but the caller reminds him of his son. Victor then hears a gagged Phillip struggling to get out of what sounds like chains. Victor decides to do it. The caller insists that Victor should not get caught since he has plenty of experience in underworld crime and has a good track record of keeping his hands clean. The caller also orders Victor to not leave Salem and mentions how some Salemites are headed for Morgan Island thinking they will find him there but its a red herring. The caller hangs up but tells Victor to have his men at pier 19 at 11:30 PM on the button and just do everything asked of him. Victor calls on Nico and gives him a list of people to get in touch with. Nico is stunned by the list and reminds Victor that these men are his secret underground agents from his days of crime. Victor notes that and tells Nico he is doing what is necessary to save his son and orders him to contact the men and see to it that they are on pier 19 at 11:30 PM to assist in a drug shipment. They should just follow instructions from there. Nico is stunned and wonders if Victor is really going back to a life of crime. Nico reminds Victor that the men he is using for this mission are very slimy and underhanded. He warns Victor that their behavior is a bit reckless and if anyone gets in the way things could get out of control. Victor is confident things will go fine and hopes things go ok for his son's sake.

-Abe returns home and recieves a call ordering him to a important meeting the next morning. He beleives it to be from the commishioner. This means he can't leave with the others for Morgan Island. He informs Lexie, who is sort of releived since this may give her time to ensure Alex remains silent. He tells Lexie he will join her and the others later that evening. They have a romantic evening and try to make love. Abe gets frustrated but Lexie comforts him and says they will get through everything together.

-Celeste lies awake in her bed. She begins to have blurred visions of people screaming. She soon sees Austin, Carrie, Lucas, Mimi, Bo, and Billie screaming in agony on an island. She jumps up and says that tragedy will strike on Morgan Island. She sees Lexie and Abe together and has another vision of Abe fighting with a man and then a loud bang and scream. Celeste is worried that something else is going to happen to destroy her daughter's happiness. She returns to her room and looks at her newspaper. She then sees blood pouring out of the letters in the word, "Salem" on the titleline of "Salem Spectator." She then says death and tragedy are coming to Salem too, as well as Morgan Island.

-Jennifer walks into Alice's. Alice is sitting at the table knitting saying she could not sleep. Jen apologizes for coming so late but she wants to talk. Maggie comes down too. Jennifer says she is sick of being alone and wants to have the family life she had before. She wants her kids to have someone in case something happens to her. She comments on how Frankie and her loved each other many years ago and how that love always survived and it's almost like the perfect time now. Maybe it was always meant to be so their love could comfort her when Jack died. Maggie and Alice encourage her to think with her heart. Jennifer says her heart is telling her to take things further with Frankie even though it hasn't been that long since Jack died. Abby and JJ love Frankie and her whole family loves him like he is a member of the family now. Jennifer tells them her heart is saying to finally give Frankie what he has wanted for years-her to commit to him fully and devote herself to him. Jen says she wants to marry Frankie. Maggie and Alice ask Jen if she things its too fast but Jen comments on how short life is and how her family needs this. Maggie and Alice agree as long as she is following her heart. She says she is and has a plan to make Frankie's dream come true-she is going to surprise him with a proposal.

-In a hospital in a small town outside of Paris, a doctor and nurse are watching over a man in a hospital bed. It's Jack!!! The doctor asks the nurse how the patient is doing after surgery. The nurse says he is fine and should be fine now that the bone marrow transplant was a success. The nurse says she doesn't understand why the donor and their family didn't want anyone-especially the patient-to know. The doctor says to leave it alone and just be glad that he is now ok and will now live a full and happy life. Meanwhile, outside, a mysterious person watches the goings-on in Jack's room and then walks away.


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