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Friday September 19 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Valeri gets out of the elevator at Salem General Hospital. She goes to the nurses station.

Valeri: Hi, can you tell me what room Andre DiMera is in?

Nurse: He's in room 688.

Valeri: Thank you.

She turns around and bumps into Brady.

Valeri: Oh, I'm sorry- oh hey Brady.

Brady: What are you doing here?

Valeri: I'm suprised you didn't hear; I shot my cousin.

John walks into Stefano's room at the police station.

John: I understand you have ruined my life a couple times.

Stefano laughs.

Stefano: I knew about you all along.

John: Knew about what, exactly?

Stefano: What the ISA had planned for you. To fake your death, and return to take me down, so to speak.

Outside the room, Marleana is on her cell phone.

Marleana: Brady, it's Marleana. Please come to the police station when you get this.

Abe comes to Marleana.

Abe: Marleana, I'm sorry.

Hope is in a hospital room, with Bo.

Bo: I'm so glad your alright.

Hope: I knew I would be ok.

Bo: How did you know that.

Hope: My mom told me.

Bo: Your mom? What do you mean?

Hope: When I was strapped to that hospital bed, I saw my mom. She told me everything was going to be ok, and it is.

Bo kisses her.

Bo: I love you.

Valeri walks into Andre's room.

Andre: I am going to make sure you die.

Dora comes in the room.

Dora: Leave her alone, Andre.

Andre: I haven't forgotten about your involvment with Don.

Valeri looks at Dora.

Valeri: What's he talking about?

Andre: Why don't you bitches leave?

Valeri: You bastard!

She rushes to him, and starts choking him.

Dora: Hey! Stop!

She grabs Valeri off of him.

Dora: You already shot him! You want to go to jail?

Marleana looks at Abe.

Marleana: I lost so much time with John! Now he doesnt remember me!

Abe: I'll see what the ISa can do about that, Marleana.

John comes out of Stefano's room.

John: I want to press charges against the ISA.

Carly is in her hospital room. She sees fire all around.

Carly: Help me! Help me!

She starts crying loudly. EJ comes in.

Carly: Help me! Please!

She starts shaking violently, and she starts throwing things off the table. A doctor rushes in with two nurses.

EJ: Whats going on!

The doctor injects a syringe into her.

EJ: What are you doing?

Doctor: We need to sedate her.

Carly starts to calm down, and she falls asleep. The nurses strap her arms and legs to the bed.

EJ: No! Why are you doing this!

Doctor: She has become a danger to herself.

Valeri unlocks the door to the DiMera mansion. She closes the door, and goes into the living room. Somebody comes into the door.

Valeri: Who's there?

Isabella walks into the living room.

Isabella: Valeri?

Valeri: Isabella? Oh my God it's been so long.

Isabella: Where is that bastard?

Valeri: Stefano is in jail right now. But he won't be there very long. Why? Is something wrong?

Isabella: Adrianna went on a trip with her boat to go see my father. He called and said she hasn't come yet. Valeri, she's missing.

Valeri: Are you sure she didn't get off at some other island?

Isabella: I know Adrianna, she would have called as soon as she got to the island, whicherver island she would get to.

Abe puts his cup of coffee down.

Abe: John, I'm afraid you can't to that.

John: What do you mean I can't do that! They took away my life!

Abe: The ISA has a sworn statment by you before your death was faked, allowing them to train you to take down Stefano.

John: So they erase my memories!

Abe: That wasn't part of the plan. There was an accident, causing you to loose your memory.

Marleana: So can't we press charges for that?

Abe: In the statment that John gave, he said that anything that could happen was not their responsibility.

Carrie and Brady walk into the station.

Brady: Oh my God.

Carrie: It's true.

Abe, Marleana, and John turn around.

Carlo walks into Andre's room.

Andre: It's about time.

Carlo: Shut up.

Carlo uncuffs Andre. Andre gets up. Carlo gives him a bag.

Carlo: Here, get dressed.

Carlo goes outside. Andre starts getting dressed.

Amanda sees EJ outside of Carly's room.

Amanda: Hi, EJ, right?

EJ: Yes. Amanda?

Amanda: Yes. How's Carly?

EJ: She's not doing to good.

Amanda: I heard she was trapped in that elevator. That must have been horrible.

EJ: When she wakes up, she thinks she's in the elevator. The doctors had to give her a sedative and strap her down.

Amanda: Oh my God. It's post traumatic shock, or what?

EJ: Thats what the doctor thinks.

Amanda: Look , I don't know if this is any help, but I have a really good friend who works at Bayview Sanatorium. He's a doctor, and he specializes in this.

EJ: Thank you. Thats very helpful.

Amanda: Ok, I'll call him right away.

EJ: Thank you so much.

Valeri pours Isabella a drink.

Valeri: I'm going to do everything I can to find her.

Isabella: Thank you.

Valeri: Isabella, before you leave, I just want to say I'm sorry.

Isabella: About what?

Valeri: Isabella, I wasn't very nice to you when you married my father. You remember, that a little while after Adrianna was born, I was sent away.

Isabella: Yes, that was because of your father.

Valeri: No, actually, it was because of me. I told him I wanted to go away.

Tears form in her eyes.

Valeri: It's my fault that I don't have a solid relantionship with my siblings.

Isabella: Valeri, you made a mistake.

Valeri: A mistake that ruined my entire life.

Brady hugs John.

John: Who is this?

Brady: Dad, it's me, Brady!

Carrie: He doesn't remember, does he?

Marleana: No, he doesnt.

Carrie: What happened?

Marleana: His death was faked, by the ISA.

Carly wakes up in her room, straped to her bed. She sees blurry, and she doesn't know whats going on. A doctor comes in.

Doctor: I'm Dr. Wilson. I'm here to help you.

Carly: Please, unstrap me.

Dr. Wilson. I can't do that, Carly.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Dr. Wilson is sitting beside Carly in her room.

Dr. Wilson: I'm going to give you something that will wake you up a little bit.

Marleana and John are at the Penthouse Grill.

Marleana: Are you willing to come back to me?

John: Theres somebody else.


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