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Episode #110 - Friday, May 12th:



Episode #110 - Friday, May 12th:

- The wedding starts over now that Bonnie, Mimi, Mickey, and Melissa have gone to the police station. IN attendance are Bo, Carrie, Lexie, Victor, Austin, Billie, Kate, Abby, Alice, Belle, Frankie, Hope, Liam, Mason, Max, Sami, Shawn, Abe, Lucas, Cassie, Roman, Anna, Jack, Jen, Laura, Rex, Jan, Kayla, and Kimberly.

- Tek takes aim at Shawn Sr. Stefano gives orders for Tek to kill Shawn right now. Tek and Cassie both get their orders in the earpiece. Cassie panics and stands. She tells everyone that the wedding must stop!

- Stefano panics. He tells Tek to get out of the church immediately, and he curses Cassie for betraying him!

- Cassie tells everyone that she has a confession to make. She tells everyone that Stefano is alive and that she has been working for him for YEARS!!!

- Stefano’s voice on the goon’s cell phone triggers John’s memory, and everything comes flooding back.

- Cassie and Jack share a strange look. Jennifer notices it. Cassie gives Jack a re-assuring look as if she will not say anything about his part in Stefano’s plans. Jack’s face grows worried. He is very interested in Cassie’s confession and seems worried about Stefano’s being exposed. Jennifer picks up on this. She has flashes of the last few months - finding the number of the Dimera Mansion in Jack’s clothes, Jack’s never really saying how he was cured or how he got back to Salem, and Abby’s shooting. It all comes together for Jennifer. She runs up to Jack, turns him around, and smacks him across the face with tears streaming down her face. Jack realizes that Jennifer knows. Jennifer runs out. Jack runs out of the church after her.

- John falls to the ground as all of his memories come back to him. John begins to convulse. Marlena immediately goes into Doctor mode and nurses him back to health.

- Cassie says that she has been working for Stefano since a little before it was revealed that she and Rex were Kate and Roman’s children and not Tony and Marlena’s. Roman, Kate, Rex, Max, and the rest of the Brady’s are outraged. Cassie explains that she knows what she has done is horrible, but there is more.

- Marlena stabilizes John. He wakes up. She wonders how she knew what to do. John reveals that she is a doctor! He says that they are married and in love. Marlena remembers nothing.

- Jack catches up to Jennifer as she storms out of the church. He says it’s not what it looks like. She screams at him telling that she absolutely cannot believe this! She tells him that never in a million years would she ever think that she would find Jack with his hand in Dimera business. She is appalled and tells him that she will never forgive him as long as she lives. Jack begs her for a chance to explain. She says she will give him one chance.

- Cassie explains that she and Rex are not really Brady’s. She says they are not the children of Roman and Kate, but are indeed actually Tony and Marlena’s children! Rex is outraged and horrified!

- John tries to jog Marlena’s memory, but to no avail. Marlena panics and is overwhelmed and storms off away from John!

- Jack says that when he faked his death in November, Alex North tracked him down and told him that he had a cure for him. After Alex cured him, Alex revealed himself as Stefano Dimera. He said that Jack HAD to do his bidding, or he would not only inject Jack with his disease again, but he would kill Jennifer, Jack Jr., and Abby! Jennifer asks Jack if Stefano was responsible for Abby’s shooting. Jack says that when he refused to kill Shawn Sr. for Stefano that he had Abby shot, yes. Jennifer strikes Jack across the face in a heartbroken fury. She tells Jack to stay out of her life forever.

- Cassie says that Stefano’s plan was to have her infiltrate Brady’s by passing her off as one. Cassie explains that she did not work for Stefano alone! She says that Tek was also sent to Salem to break up Lexie and Abe’s marriage and keep Lexie away from Abe so she is more susceptible to Dimera influence. Everyone screams at Cassie and tells her how despicable she is. Caroline asks why she is telling them this now. Cassie says that Stefano’s plans lately have spun out of control. She says that Stefano just ordered Tek to shoot and kill Shawn Sr. during the wedding. She says that Tek is in the confessional in the back of the church, and she really has come to love the Brady’s and can’t sit back and watch any of them be hurt. She explains she did not know about Stefano’s plans until right now. She shows them the earpiece. Roman and Abe call a lockdown at the church and call for backup saying one of Salem’s own boys in blue is now Salem’s most wanted.

- Abe and Roman burst into the confessional looking for Tek. They find nothing.

- Tek re-locates to a different section of the church. He takes aim at Shawn Sr. and Caroline. Tek fires. Shots ring out. Everyone screams.



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