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Episode #111 - Monday, May 15, 2006:



Episode #111 - Monday, May 15, 2006:

- Amnesiac Marlena continues to run away from John as it begins to downpour, and they are drenched in the rain.

- Melissa, Mimi, Mickey, and Bonnie are at the police station as Bonnie is questioned about Tony's murder. Mimi and Bonnie are nervous. Melissa swears to Mickey that Bonnie did it!

- Jack and Jen continue to argue outside the church about his involvement with Stefano.

- Everyone at the church, Bo, Carrie, Lexie, Victor, Austin, Billie, Kate, Abby, Alice, Belle, Frankie, Hope, Max, Sami, Shawn, Abe, Lucas, Cassie, Roman, Anna, Laura, Rex, Jan, Kayla, Kimberly, Shawn, and Caroline, are all appalled at Cassie‘s confessions! Meanwhile, Tek takes aim and fires! Everyone panics and screams and ducks.

- Marlena slips while running from John and falls and nails her head on a rock.

- Mickey believes Melissa and realizes that his daughter would never lie to him.

- The church is horrified as they realize that Shawn Sr. was shot! Caroline screams and falls to his side. Bo, Max, Frankie, Kayla, and Kimberly rush to Shawn’s side. His grandchildren, Sami, Shawn, Carrie, stand and watch in horror. Carrie and Sami are in tears. Kayla taps into her nursing roots and tries to nurse Shawn back to health until Lexie can come to the front of the church and care for him. Roman, meanwhile, is with Abe and searches the church for Abe’s shooter - Tek!

- John finds Marlena and takes her in his arms. He begins to cry when he fears that she isn’t breathing and may be dead.

- Mimi and Bonnie fear that Bonnie is done for.

- Cassie tries to get Max to listen to her, but he tells them that they are over for good. Rex tells Cassie that he can’t believe she’d conceal the truth from him for this long or that she’d betray him or the Brady’s this way. Sami turns Cassie around the strikes her in the face.

- Roman and Abe snuff Tek out of the church. Tek flees. Abe catches up to him and points a gun at him and tells him to freeze.

- Mimi convinces Bonnie that she can go to jail too if the police realize that Mimi has known for two weeks what Bonnie has done!

- Tek and Abe have it out. Tek rubs it in Abe’s face that he slept with his wife and ruined their marriage. Abe tells him that he thinks he is scum and can’t believe one of Salem’s finest would betray the town like this for working for the Dimera’s and trying to kill one of the town’s finest citizens. Tek tells Abe that Stefano is his first and only responsibility. Tek gets close enough to Abe to start a struggle. They fight over the gun, and a shot rings out.

- Jennifer tells Jack that their marriage is through. She says it is over for good because this is something that can not and can never forgive no matter how much time he gives her. She tells them they are done.

- Bonnie decides that Mimi cannot go to prison for knowing that she killed Tony. Bonnie asks Mimi to leave her alone while she writes a confession - detailing that she was grief-stricken over Patrick's murder at the hands of Tony and killed him. Mimi leaves Bonnie alone, and as soon as Mickey and Melissa realize that the rookie cop left Bonnie and Mimi alone, they burst in. Bonnie is GONE!

- Marlena awakens and calls John by his name. He is shocked that she can remember him! They kiss in the pouring rain.

- Tek falls to the ground outside the church after his struggle with Abe. Abe and Roman search for a pulse. Tek lies dead.

- Meanwhile, an ambulance comes and rushes into the church. Shawn Sr. is taken out on a stretcher. A tearful Sami hugs Lucas. Caroline falls into Bo’s arms as Hope touches his shoulder from behind. Austin comforts Sami. Belle and Jan both compete to see who can be there for Shawn, but it’s Shawn’s wife, Jan, who wins out in the end. Everyone looks at Cassie with looks of disgust. A cop enters the church and handcuffs her and takes a devastated Cassie out of the church. Kayla and Kimberly comfort each other. Max seeks comfort in Abby’s arms. They all stand together. Caroline weeps.

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