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Episode #109 Thursday, May 11th:



Episode #109 Thursday, May 11th:

- Melissa stops the double wedding of Shawn/Caroline and Mickey/Bonnie.

- Bonnie panics at the sight of Melissa at the ceremony.

- Marlena and John, who both have amnesia, are relieved when they both realize that the henchman was killed in Marlena’s struggle with him.

- Melissa tells everyone that Bonnie is the one who killed Tony and how they got into an awful catfight after Melissa confronted her.

- Celeste recalls to Ivy how Stefano tricked her into planting a bomb in a car in order to kill one of his enemies. She says that she had no idea it was her sister and her brother-in-law, the people who raised Lexie as their own, the people Lexie thought were her parents, until it was too late! She explains how she hated Stefano after that and tried to kill him, but she had to settle for leaving his payroll and going to work with the Cranes when she realized Stefano was indestructible.

- Roman and Abe asks Bonnie if it’s true. They ask Melissa to present them with evidence. Melissa says she can’t. She says she overheard Bonnie discussing it with someone one the phone, and when she confronted Bonnie, she locked her up in the basement of the church!

- Marlena and John begin to remember that they used to be lovers.

- Roman and Abe tell Bonnie that they need to take her downtown for questioning. Bonnie asks them if it can happen after the ceremony. They refuse. Bonnie panics.

- Tek awaits in the confessional for his order from Stefano.

- Marlena and John search the henchman’s body and find a cell phone. They dial the number that says "Boss." Stefano answers, and his voice sends chills down John's spine who slowly begins to remember everything.

- Roman and Abe take Bonnie from the church, screaming and crying. She says that she is not the one who killed Tony and how she just wants to finish the ceremony. They refuse to let her. Mickey and Melissa agree to go to the station with Roman and Abe and figure out what is going on. Mimi decides to go, but she tells Rex to stay for his grandparents’ wedding ceremony.

- The renewal ceremony of Shawn and Caroline continues.

- Stefano gives Tek an order over the earpiece that he must kill Shawn Sr. during the ceremony! Cassie hears it through her earpiece. She panics. Tek takes aim. Cassie figdets. Tek puts his finger on the trigger.


- A confession at the church that rocks Salem and will continue to shake Salem up for years to come!

- Shots ring out, and someone is hit.


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