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Episode #108 - Wednesday, May 10th:



Episode #108 - Wednesday, May 10th:

- Melissa wakes up in the closet in the basement of the church. She begins to remember what happened with Bonnie and how she learned that Bonnie killed Tony.

- Frankie sees Jennifer, and they re-unite for the first time four months. Frankie is shocked to learn that Jennifer and Jack are not together.

- Amnesiac John begins to take off after the woman he just made love to (Marlena) as he realizes they used to be lovers. More and more of his memory continues to come spilling back.

- Ivy tells Celeste what Stefano did to her was cruel and unfair, and he should pay for such a horrible crime.

- One of Stefano’s goons who is searching for John and Marlena near the barn spots Marlena! Marlena still remembers nothing of her past except slapping John. She frantically searches for help.

- Stefano tells Jack that he needs to know who killed Tony by the end of the day or he will kill Jennifer, Abby, and Jack Jr. Jack tries to get violent with Stefano, but Stefano warns that he will for sure die then, along with his family.

- Melissa remembers cat fighting with Bonnie and Bonnie locking her in the closet.

- Jennifer tells Frankie about how Jack is keeping a huge secret from her and won’t tell her what it is. Frankie is sorry to hear about their troubles, but he assures Jennifer that he is over her for good and realizes that she and Jack were meant to be together and will always find their way back to each other. Jennifer says that won’t happen this time.

- Stefano’s goon nabs Marlena. John stumbles across Marlena being kidnapped by him. John fights off Stefano’s goon.

- Celeste and Ivy continue to discuss the horrible thing she did for Stefano all of those years ago and how Lexie will never forgive her if she ever found out.

- The double wedding of Mickey/Bonnie and Shawn/Caroline begins with Bo, Carrie, Lexie, Victor, Austin, Billie, Kate, Abby, Alice, Belle, Frankie, Hope, Liam, Mason, Max, Sami, Shawn, Abe, Lucas, Cassie, Roman, Anna, Jack, Jen, Laura, Rex, Jan, Mimi, Kayla, and Kimberly in attendance. Tek hides in the confessional with a gun in hand. He awaits orders from Stefano.

- Abe and Lexie are still torn apart from her affair with Tek.

- Jack and Jen are still torn apart from his keeping a devastating secret from her.

- Cassie nervously awaits to hear Stefano’s orders in her earpiece.

- Melissa tries to escape from the closet in time to stop the wedding.

- Frankie hears someone in the closet when he goes down to the basement to make a phone call.

- Ivy recalls how Celeste used to be her housekeeper between stints of working for Stefano. Ivy reveals what made Celeste leave Stefano’s payroll all of those years ago when she left him the first time. Ivy reveals Celeste’s biggest secret ever. Ivy reveals that Celeste was the one who killed her sister and her brother-in-law all of those years ago! Celeste was the one who killed the people Lexie thought of as parents her entire life! Celeste breaks down into tears and screams in agony. Ivy holds her.

- Stefano’s goon pulls out a gun and aims it at John. Marlena gets a flash of her and John making love. She realizes John might not be an enemy from her past, but a lover. She attacks Stefano’s goon. They both struggle for the gun. It goes off. They fall to the ground.

- Tek awaits Stefano’s order about who to kill at the ceremony. Cassie is anxious and wonders if she should stop the wedding, betray Stefano, expose his plot, and turn herself in for working with him. Melissa gets off of Frankie and runs up the stairs to the church to expose Bonnie.


- The wedding is halted! But by whom?


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