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We can't reveal all of our summer previews because it would spoil the HUGE shocks and surprises we have in store for the rest of MAY SWEEPS, but here is what we CAN reveal!:

Sami/Lucas/Will/Cassie: This is going to be a great story. Sami and Austin are over. Lucas and Sami will grow closer, but Will will come between them. As readers now know, WILL IS GAY! He will return to town played by newcomer Taylor Handley (see previous press releases). This secret is really going to tear Sami and Lucas up when they find out. Will will slowly move away from them and get his own story, gradually. But for now, he’s going to have a huge impact on LUMI. Cassie is going to be worked into this story in an interesting way. This is the first time DAYS has done a gay storyline with one of the show’s core family members. I’m looking forward to it.

Carrie/Austin: They now know that Sami was the one keeping them apart, but not everything is honky dory just yet. Carrie is disappointed in Austin for not believing her over Sami. They have trust issues they need to work out before the baby arrives in late August. There’s a huge twist coming to the pregnancy storyline. It will propel Austin/Carrie into the next phase of their lives. You won’t BELIEVE it!

Belle/Shawn/Jan: Jan is going to continue her quest to try and kill Belle as Shawn and Belle grow closer and closer. Don’t expect Jan to go anywhere. She is here to stay. The show is cooking up something *HUGE* for Jan! It’s going to build into the fall. Jan might not be exposed for a while, but she when she is, there is another big story coming her way!

Melissa/Frankie: Among all the chaos and crisis, another set of Horton/Brady will find love together - Melissa Horton and Frankie Brady! It will build slowly. It will be cute.

New characters: Sarah Buxton will be returning to the show, but not as Crystal Galore, the role she played in April and May of 2004. Instead, she will be reprising the role she played on Sunset Beach from 1997 - 2000. The role of Annie Douglas! Buxton has signed a long-term contract and will shake up Salem in a huge way! Look for her in early June.

Returning Characters: Four characters will be returning this summer. Eric Brady will return in June for a family emergency. It will be short-term. But he might be returning in July full-time. Another will come back in late August to reveal a secret she’s been keeping for a few years. Meanwhile, two HUGE characters will be back in August and will take fans by storm.

Exiting Characters: We had a mass exodus in the month of May - a record-breaking twelve people. But, the revolving door will keep moving, and at least one couple will be leaving by July's end. They will get a happy ending.

Be on the look out for the other half of Salem's SUMMER PREVIEW at the end of MAY SWEEPS!


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