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DAYS is very happy to report that Jensen Ackles will be returning to the role of Eric Brady for a few days later this month. Jensen/Eric will first air on Wednesday, May 30 and will air until Tuesday, June 6th. Eric will be returning for a family emergency...sources in the writing department say.

Rumor has it the show was trying to get the actor back on contract, but things weren't working out at the moment. The show is hoping to bring him back later on this year on a more long-term basis.

Eric Brady is one of many Brady's the show has brought back for this month. The list includes Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans), Kimberly Brady (Patsey Pease), and Frankie Brady (Billy Warlock). The show promises that something very big is coming up with the Brady's. "It's coming we've been building up to almost six months now. That's why we've brought back Anna, Cassie, and Rex all along, and, more recently, Kayla, Kimberly, and Eric. It's building to something really big. Possibly bigger than the show has done in years...since the Salem Stalker storyline at least. The 'Ides of May' storyline is going to be a huge umbrella storyline that will affect the lives of everyone on the show for years and years and years."...says the headwriter. "Fans should be on the edge of their seats!"

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Alot of this sounds like my stuff :lol: .

It will be fun to compare our stories

to each other. I am really enjoying

your work!!!

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