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Episode #107 - Tuesday, May 9th:



Episode #107 - Tuesday, May 9th:

- John and Marlena make wild and passionate love to one another even though they don’t remember each other.

- Bonnie and Melissa continue to catfight. Bonnie manages to get the upper hand

- Max decides once and for all to sever all ties with Abby in order to protect her from his past.

- Ivy begs Celeste to come clean about her past before Lexie finds out on her own.

- Rex and Mimi re-call their romantic evening.

- John and Marlena lay in post-coital bliss in the barn.

- Max asks Cassie if she would like to move away with him.

- Marlena has a vision of fighting with John and slapping him and she backs away.

- Bonnie locks Melissa up in a closet in the basement of the church!

- Celeste breaks down and tells Ivy, through tears, that she hates Stefano and curses the day he was born!

- Rex and Mimi share a passionate kiss.

- Cassie ecstatically agrees to move away with Max. But she secretly worries about what Stefano has in store for the Brady’s at the wedding.

- Marlena panics as she begins to remember in the 80’s when she was helping John when he was an amnesiac and she began to think he was the Phoenix, Stefano. She panics and runs away from John.

- Ivy tells Celeste that if Stefano is still alive, then he’ll make sure Lexie finds out the truth someday. Ivy can tell by the look on Celeste’s face that Stefano is still alive!

- Bonnie prays that she can make it through the wedding without Melissa waking up. She figures once the wedding is over, she can somehow deal with Melissa!

- Max and Cassie announce to everyone at the church that they are leaving town after the wedding to move away and be together. Abby is devastated.

- Amnesiac John recounts his lovemaking session with the amnesiac woman (Marlena) over and over in his head. He begins to remember more and more about her.

- Stefano arranges for Cassie and Tek to have earpieces so they can pick up on his every order. Stefano reveals that is planning on killing a Brady during the ceremony!


- Celeste's secret REVEALED! (You won't believe it!)

- The Wedding Begins!


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