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Elseworld: Chapter One




Salem, Illinois.

Roman walks into the living room and picks up the morning paper. He looks at it and smiles, and continues to drink his coffee. The door opens and someone walks in. The person stops for a moment, stares at Roman, walks over to him and slaps him hard across his face. Roman recoils, rubbing his jaw........

As Marlena stands in front of him demanding to know......

Marlena: Why did you do that......you sick bastard?!

Roman: Because I can, Marlena. Next time, tell your husband to keep his nose out of my business.

Marlena: After everything you put him through.......you still would try and destroy him.

Roman: That man spending time in prison is EXACTLY where he should be. He’s made my life a living hell, so.......I just returned the favor.

Marlena: Well, Roman......let’s see if you’ll return favors laying in the morgue.....

And she pulls a gun and points it at Roman’s face. She begins to squeeze the trigger when Eric {Played By James Scott} runs in and grabs her hand. He saves Roman’s life, but truly didn’t want to.

Roman: Take your mother and get her out of my house, young man.

Eric: With pleasure, Roman. You’ll pay one day for what you’ve done to my dad.

Roman: More threats. Your father should have taught you some manners.

Eric: He did. Why don’t I show you.

Eric grabs Roman by his collar and the two men start to wrestle, as Sami runs in and her and Marlena help break them up. Eric and Sami look at one another as she asks....

Sami: Please.......just leave. We have enough drama in our lives, ok?

Eric: For now.......ok. But you {Pointing at Roman}.....you stay away from my family.

Roman: Tell your father I said hi.

Marlena puts her gun away and leads Eric out of the Brady Mansion. Sami looks at Roman and wonders why he had Eric’s father thrown in jail. Roman says that he has been a thorn in his side for 25 years. It’s time for him to pay for everything he and his family have ruined for him. Sami wants Roman to stop with this.....and Roman begs her not to say the word “Vendetta”. She looks at him strangely and said she wasn’t going to.

Roman walks over to his chess board and makes a move on it, with Sami making a countermove. He remarks that she has learned this game remarkably well, and she says she had a wonderful teacher. Just then, her cell phone rings, and she looks at the number. She excuses herself and leaves out, as Roman taps his chin with his finger. He then makes a phone call himself, telling one of his men.....

Roman: She just got another phone call. Make sure you keep your eye on her. I don’t want anything to happen to my daughter.....understood?

Meanwhile, at The Pub, Marlena and Eric walk in and she scolds him for how he acted. Eric tells her she is one to talk, having pulled a gun on a person. Marlena is silent, and says she’s going to go call the station to check up on his father. As she walks outside, Caroline walks out and her and Eric sit down. He ask how Uncle Victor is doing, and she says that he won’t sit still. All he wants to do is work in The Pub. Eric says he’ll talk to him, and Caroline thanks him, saying that Victor always listened to him.

At that moment, Shawn Sr. walks in, flanked by Nico. Eric stands and protects his great aunt, while Shawn Sr. tells him she has nothing to worry about. Caroline agrees, and says that if he promises not to make a scene, she’ll talk to him. Eric says he’ll go find Victor and keep him from walking in. Shawn and Caroline look at one another, and he tells her that he can still take her away from all of this. She once again declines. Shawn tells her that he has no problem destroying Victor if it will bring them closer.

Caroline demands that he leave Victor alone. She made her choice years ago, and doesn’t regret it for one second. Billie then walks in......and ask her mother if everything is ok. She says everything is fine. Shawn was just leaving. He says....

Shawn Sr.: For now, my dear.

Nico opens the door and walks behind Shawn as they leave, and Billie takes her clearly shaken mother and sits her down, as Victor and Eric come back out. Victor wonders what happened, and Caroline lies and says she just not feeling well. Victor ask who was just there, and she won’t respond, telling him that it doesn’t matter. Victor says it damn well does matter, and goes to get his coat and take off......

After Shawn.

Eric follows him and says he’ll keep an eye out, as Billie calls her brother and fills him in......

Billie: Aye, bro. We got problems.

Steve Kiriakis: What is it now, sis?

Billie: Poppa just took off after Shawn.

Steve: I’m really sick of this, sis. Where did he go?

Billie: I don’t know, but Eric went after him.

Steve: Get Eric on the phone and tell him I’ll take care of it.

Billie: Ok. Thanks, bro.

Steve: No problem.

Steve and Billie hang up and he walks into his office. He grabs his gun and walks down the hall to the Director’s office......

Steve: Aye, boss, I need some time off.

Shane Donovan: Again? What now, Steve?

Steve: It’s Pop and Shawn. He’s going after the old man again.

Shane: Steve.........how many times do I have to tell you this? F.B.I. Agents don’t run off and deal with family issues whenever they want to.

Shane: Come on, Shane. You know the bad blood between them.

After a few moments, Shane says......

Shane: Yes I do. Ok. You’;ve got one week. And then I want you back on this Ewing/Carrington case, you got that?

Steve: Yes sir. Thanks, Shane.

Shane: Just get out of here.

As Steve runs off......

Stefano sits in his office. He gets a visitor from the Govenor of Illinois, asking him.

Gov. Abe Craver: What are you going to do to stop this violence between Roman Brady and your son?

Stefano: Let me worry about that.

Abe: After the way you handled that Night Stalker case? You must be out of your mind.

Stefano: Look, I’m the Chief Of Police around here, not you. You don’t tell me how to run my department.

Abe: After what your son did, I most certainly will do that.

Stefano: Get the hell out of my office.......sir.

Abe: With pleasure. But remember this.........if I have my way, your son will never see the light of day again.

Before Stefano can respond, Abe has walked out of his office. He slams his fist on his desk, saying.....

Stefano: Damn you, Roman. You’ll pay for this......even if I have to go outside the law to do it.

Meanwhile, the guards of the S.P.D. take their prisoner into a visitor’s room. The prisoner’s daughter is waiting for him, and tells him.....

Carrie: It’s so good to see you.

Prisoner: Thank you, sweetie. How’s everyone? How’s your mom?

Carrie: Holding up. I swear, Dad......those damn Bradys will pay for this one.

Prisoner: No! Don’t get involved in this. Your brother Lucas already left us because of the violence. I can’t lose a child to this, ok?

Carrie: Well, for now.....ok. But if I see that bitch Sami Brady, I’ll......

Prisoner: You’ll do nothing. Promise me.

Carrie pauses, and takes her father’s hand, as she says.....

Carrie: I promise.

Carrie kisses her father on the cheek, and they hug as she leaves. But, in her mind, she will strike at the Bradys, and her first target......

Samantha Brady herself.

At that moment, Bo walks up to the front door of the Horton home. He rings the doorbell, and a beautiful woman runs to the door and answers it, saying......

Hope: Glad you came by, Bo.

Bo: I am too.

Hope invites him in, and she ask him how he’s been. He says fine, but tells her that with Megan’s illness, he doesn’t know how he’ll make it if anything happened to her. Hope tells him that Megan is a wonderful lady, and he is very lucky to have married her. Bo is just glad that he and Hope met. He says there is something about her that he finds......comfortable. She smiles, saying that she feels the same way.

The look at each other as her aunt Maggie walks in. Hope introduces Bo to her, and they shake hands. Maggie invites him to stay for dinner, but he says he has to run. His wife is ill, and he should be by her side. Maggie tells Bo how sorry she is, and gives him a rain check on that dinner. Bo accepts. As Hope walks him out, Maggie ask her what is she thinking? She can’t get involved with him. Hope begs to differ, saying......

Hope: Once that bitch Megan Hathaway-Kiriakis is out of the way.......Bo Kiriakis will be all mine.

At police headquarters, Marlena walks into Stefano’s office and ask why he called her down there at that hour of the night.....

Stefano: Because, my dear, I have a surprise for you. As Stefano walks out, he comes back with the prisoner......his son. Marlena’s eyes grow wide with shock, and at that moment......

Sami and Roman continue to play chess. In walks her sister, who says to her......

Stephanie: Well, looks like you’re going to lose again.

Sami: God, I hate your guts.

Roman: Enough! I’m sick of this arguing. That’s all you two ever do. Drives me up a wall.

A woman walks in and says the same thing. She then adds.....

Kristen Blake-Brady: It’s amazing you two turned out so differently.

As Sami and Stephanie stare hatred at one another......

Marlena runs over and hugs her husband deeply. He returns this loving embrace, and over his shoulder she silently says “Thank You” to Stefano for arranging this meeting .

She pulls away, and tells her husband....

Marlena: It’s so good to see you.

He looks at her and says:

{Click Here To See Marlena's Husband!}Likewise, Doc.

The scene freeze frames on this loving couple and then slowly fades to black.


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Interesting concept Roman. I've got a bunch of my own ideas spinning in my head as to how this will turn out. I hope you decide to do make it a slightly longer mini-series.

So Roman and Marlena are enemies, Sami & Eric aren't Roman's children but they're still Marlena's? Billie and Steve (Kiriakis) are related. Hmmm.........interesting.

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Hmmm, this was very very interesting and intriguing, to say the least. I can't give a full comment or opinion on it because I am still trying to figure out who is who here, LOL, but it wasn't that bad. And also, nice use of history with a forgotten character like Megan.

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Wow this soure is an else world. Very interesting. I don't know who that man was in the pic. But nice first episode. Very different. It's really gonna take some time for me to get used to all thses changes. I had to re read like everything. I was tripping. I am really intrested to see where this goes.

I wonder who's carries father was, John?(Or did I miss something)

When I wwas reading how Roman was acting to had to look to see who was playong this role.

Like Ryan I do like the rivlary of Mar, and Roman. Nice start. It seems everyone is going to pay for something.

Abe is a govenor and seems bad and Stefano good? Wow, just wow!

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