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Thank Yous



I just wanted to say, before I post this.........

Thank you to some special people.

To AML Production. You took a principaled stand, and you did it out of respect and kindness for me. I don't know if I ever told you, but I will always be very grateful for that one act of yours. You are good, good people.

To Tishy. You never stopped believing in me. You kept telling me that I could do this, and you stuck by myside the whole time. You are a truly splendid lady, and I thank you.

To Daysfan. You had my back in the days after SL ended, and your kind words and good talks gave me inspiration to move on from the past and look to the future. I thank you.

And to Ryan Chandler (Or whatever your real name is ;) ), thanks man. For everthing. You knowwhat I mean.

And now, everyone...........it's about to be here.

Salem Lives: Elseworld. Chapter One.

Enjoy (Hopefully - <Prays to Jesus>).

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You are more than welcome Romoan. I see you got a nice start, I am very busy but trust me I will be reading and comenting. Welcome back and I wish you mad sucess. Live well for haters!! And this your time to shine, on a solo stint. Again good luck and you know I am here if you need me....

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