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Elseworld - Chapter Two



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Marlena ask Orpheus if he is ok. He says yes, but tells her he misses her and the children deeply. She can’t believe that Roman would have him charged with attempted murder. Orpheus tells her and Stefano that he didn’t know Kimberly Horton was near that warehouse when it exploded. He ask how she’s doing, and Stefano says that Tom Horton is taking good care of her. Marlena is glad, saying that even though he’s retired, he’s always been a wonderful doctor.

Stefano also tells Orpheus that Alice Horton sent her love. He smiles, but then ask how he can get out of jail. Stefano says he has something in the works, and that is when his phone rings. He goes and answers it, saying......

Stefano: Good evening, Mr. Vice President.

Forrest Alamain: Good evening, Commissioner. I have been briefed. How is Orpheus?

Stefano: We need for him to be on the streets. That is the only way we can stop Shawn and Roman Brady cold.

Forrest: I’ll talk to the president, and see if we can make some calls. You know we will have your gratitude.

Stefano: Of course. And you know the DiMeras are a very powerful family.

Forrest: I do indeed. We’ll speak in the morning. Give everyone our best.

Both men hang up. Stefano sits back in his chair as Orpheus and Marlena look lovingly at one another. As they do.....

Kristen walks over to both her daughters and tells them to knock it off. They need to start acting like young ladies and not like brats. Roman agrees, and tells both girls to give him and their mother time to talk. Sami and Stephanie walk in separate directions, as Sami’s phone rings once again. As Stephanie follows her down a separate hallway, Roman and Kristen sit down and talk.....

Kristen: Brilliant move with Orpheus.

Roman: Thank you, my dear. (Sipping brandy) Those DiMeras......what a family.

Kristen: Indeed. How are your plans coming?

Roman: As expected. By the end of the week........Orpheus and that whole clan will be wiped out.

Kristen: Good. Then we can get back to more important things......

Roman: Yes......like this.......

Roman kisses Kristen on her neck, then picks her up and takes her upstairs......for an evening of love making.

Back at The Pub, Victor walks back in.......with his oldest daughter and Eric pushing him along. Eric says he got a phone call and must leave out, but wants Victor to promise he’ll stay there until Steve or Bo get there. Victor and Caroline’s daughter agrees, saying......

Anna Kiriakis: Do as we say for once, Poppa. Please.

Victor: Don’t tell me what to do. I’m sick of those damn Bradys. After what happened between Roman and Orpheus.....

Caroline: And Stefano will handle that. Orpheus will be just fine. Marlena will see to that.

Victor: Maybe.

Caroline: Well........you go upstairs. Your dinner is cold.

Victor and Caroline excuse themselves and go upstairs, as Chelsea runs in. She tells Anna that she thinks she’s being followed again. Anna gets angry, pulls out her cell phone, and makes a phone call......

Anna: How dare you?

Tony: Look, Anna........she’s my daughter as well. I’m just making sure she’s safe.

Anna: You need to worry about your brother. Blowing up warehouses.......

Tony: You know as well as I do Orpheus had nothing to do with that.

Anna: I don’t care. Stay away from Chelsea until this mess is over.

Anna hangs the phone up as Bo walks in, and tells her daughter that everything will be ok. Chelsea thanks her, kisses her Uncle Bo on his cheek, and goes upstairs to say hi to her grandparents. Bo and Anna sit down at a booth and talk.....

Bo: What’s wrong, sis?

Anna: Tony......again.

Bo: I told you not to marry him.

Anna: Bo, don’t start. You work with his brother and father.

Bo: And both of them are good, good men. I trust them with my life.

Anna: I think being District Attorney has made you question everything and everyone.

Bo: Anyway......let me take care of Tony......and Roman Brady for that matter.

Anna: What?

Bo: Never did like that bastard.

Bo and Anna take each other’s hand, and as they comfort each other......

Lawrence sits at his desk in the Oval Office. His wife walks in and tells him to put his papers up and come upstairs. The Secretary Of State walks in behind her, and Lawrence says that he has one other piece of business to take care of, and then he’ll be right up. His wife says......

Jennifer Rose Horton-Alamain: You promise?

Lawrence: Of course, I do.

Jennifer kisses Lawrence, looks over at the S.O.S and tells him....

Jennifer: Don’t keep him too long.

Jack Devereaux: No ma’am. This won’t take long at all.

Jennifer leaves out as Lawrence sees Forrest walk in, and all three men go and sit on the couches in the Oval Office. Forrest brings Lawrence and Jack up to speed about the showdown between the DiMeras, Kiriakises & Bradys in Salem. Jack is glad that the Horton family has stayed out of it. Lawrence is glad as well. He still can’t believe it has come to this. Forrest ask him what is he going to do. Lawrence says as a citizen of the U.S., he feels one way. But........as president he doesn’t know if he should get involved in the problems that is happening in Salem.

Jack and Forrest look at each other, and Lawrence says that if they have a plan, by all means, bring it forth. Jack says it’s black bag.......covert. Lawrence looks at Forrest who lays out several dossiers on secret agents working in the F.B.I. & C.I.A. They are drawing up plans to neutralize the Brady family.......and the two people leading the mission will be Shane Donovan, F.B.I. Chief, and Steve Kiriakis, F.B.I. Agent. Lawrence looks at the files, then looks at both men, and after a few moments says......

Lawrence: Continue.....please.

As the scene ascends upward over the three men......

Sami walks outside the Brady Mansion and calls her lover. She tells him that she’ll be at their special place as soon as she can get away. He tells her how much he loves her, and she says the very same thing, but reminds him that if they are caught......there will be hell to pay. He agrees, and tells her he’ll be waiting. As Sami hangs up and runs off, Stephanie walks from behind the bushes.......then smiles, and follows after her.

As the night goes on, Bo starts cleaning up around The Pub, as Victor comes downstairs. Victor laughs, saying that he still cleans the table off just like when he was a little boy. Bo is glad, saying that Steve and Anna were always the messy ones. He ask about Billie, and Bo says she was the sensible one out of the kids. Victor tells him that he loves all his children, and Bo knows that. Bo ask what’s wrong. Victor says that trouble is heading their way once again. Bo says.....

Bo: What else is new? But, we’ll deal with it like we always do.

Victor: Yes we will, son. Yes we will.

Bo finishes up, and Victor offers to buy him a beer. As both men sit down and drink.......

Kate Reed gets a phone call from her niece. She is sitting in her office in the Titan Towers, and can’t seem to keep her mind on her work. When she answers the phone, she says....

Kate: It’s good to hear your voice.

Sami: Yours too, Aunt Kate. I was wondering......could you do me a favor?

Kate: Of course, my dear.

Sami: Could you talk to Mom and try to make her see how I feel?

Kate: Sami, believe it or not, your mother is on your side. My sister has always wanted the both of you to find good men. My question is this.......why won’t you tell your father?

Sami: I can’t. I just can’t. He would kill me if he knew.

Kate: He loves you, Sami......

Sami: I’ve never doubted that. I just don’t want him trying to dictate my life......like he’s done so many times in the past.

Kate: I understand. Well, your mother and I will keep your secret.......for now.

Sami: Thanks, Kate. Gotta go. Bye.

Kate: Bye, sweety.

As Kate hangs up.......Sami runs to the destination to see her lover.....

And Lucas DiMera comes home to find the house.......empty. He knew at the airport that he wanted to surprise everyone with his arrival, but didn’t know that everyone would be gone. Being a Lieutenant Commander aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise curries some favor, but not much at all, and when he picks up that day’s paper, he sees that his father was arrested for attempted murder.

The person who framed him? Roman Brady, whom Lucas calls......

Lucas: Jackass bastard. Never did like him.

Lucas throws down the paper and runs out, heading to the police station.

One hour later, at the station, Marlena and Orpheus catch up.......

Marlena: You look well.

Orpheus: Thank you. You look as beautiful as ever. You staying strong?

Marlena: Of course.

Orpheus: You still look at me differently. You miss my old face?

Marlena: I told you......it will just take some getting used to. I know you are the man I fell in love with.

Orpheus: That’s great hear. Roman really did a number on me.

Marlena: Well, I’m sure you’ll make him pay for it.

Stefano’s phone rings once again, and he answers it. He nods his head, and Orpheus knows what that means. Stefano tells them both that the president approved their plans. They hit the Bradys in 48 hours. Marlena ask Orpheus what does that mean, and Lucas wants to know as well. Orpheus and Stefano look at each other as Lucas and Marlena wait for an answer.......

As Sami walks in the park, waiting for her lover to come out. She doesn’t have to wait long, as a young man walks up from behind her.........and puts his hand over her mouth. He slowly turns her around, and they both laugh, as they embrace each other lovingly. Sami asks this young man.....

Sami: Did you miss me?

Eric: Of course I did. I love you so much.

Sami: Oh......I love you too. But you know......if we are ever found out......

Eric: I know. Our families would flip.

Sami: A Brady and a DiMera......you realize the scandal?

Eric: I know that. Our families are already at war. But we can leave all that behind.

Sami: What do you mean?

Eric: Samantha, my love...........marry me. Tomorrow.

Sami watches as Eric goes down to one knee, pulls out a small box, opens it, and shows Sami a beautiful ring. Sami is shocked, and takes the ring and places it on her finger, telling Eric....

Sami: Yes........yes I’ll marry you.

As Sami and Eric kiss, they do not notice the person who is watching them secretly........

Stephanie smiles as she sees what has taken place. She pulls out her phone, makes a phone call, and tells the person on the other end.....

Stephanie: Oh my......you won’t BELIEVE what just happened.

The scene freeze frames on her face, as Sami and Eric kiss in the background......

And the scene slowly fades to black.


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