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Elseworld - Chapter Three




A new day has dawned, and President Alamain is in a hurry. The vice president and S.O.S. briefs him on his way to Air Force One on the plans he approved, and he tells them both to make sure that Governor Carver and Commissioner DiMera are briefed in full......he’s sick of the Bradys and what they are doing to the people of Salem. Jennifer looks out of the doorway of the helicopter, telling Lawrence to get a move on if they want to make it to Dallas on time.

Lawrence shakes Forrest and Jack’s hand, and they part company, as the doors close and AF1 takes off into the Washington skyline. Jack ask if he thinks the president cal quell the tensions between the U.S.S.R., Germany & Japan. Forrest hopes so......or else things could get a whole lot worse before they get better. As both men head back into the White House......

Roman comes downstairs and sees Sami looking over some papers before she heads to the office. He ask how she is doing this morning, and Sami says fine. He also says that he understands she had a late night last night. Sami pauses for a moment and then says she had to run out for a while. Roman smiles, asking where did she go? Sami says.......

Sami: Just out.

Roman wonders why she won’t answer his question, and Sami says there is nothing to tell. She then goes over, kisses him on the cheek, bids him good-bye and leaves out. As she reaches her car, she calls Eric, and tells him that they have a big problem....they were followed last night. Eric tells her to head to her office......he’s on his way.

Back inside, Stephanie walks into the master living room and ask her father.....

Stephanie: What did she say?

Roman: She didn’t say anything. I wonder if you made all this up just to hurt your sister.

Stephanie: You know.....she’s not the goody two-shoes you always make her out to be.

Kristen walks into the room, saying.....

Kristen: No one ever said she was. Nobody is playing favorites.....but you two have been going at it for years. It’s your father’s right to question your motives.

Roman: Thank you, my darling. Now.........I’ll keep an eye on Samantha. If she is doing what you said she is........I’ll put a stop to it. Fair enough?

Stephanie: Fair enough.

Stephanie bids her parents farewell and heads out, and as Roman and Kristen look at each other.....

Lucas sits at the dining room table, eating breakfast. Marlena brings her oldest son his meal, and he says he’s been fiending for this ever since he left the last time. He then ask if the violence has calmed down. Marlena says yes......for now. Lucas says he’s glad. He and his father never did see eye to eye on that. Marlena tells Lucas she knows that, and Orpheus feels bad that the violence is what caused him to leave home. Lucas says it was something he just had to do. Eric walks in and says hopefully he’ll stick around longer. Lucas starts smiling as he sees his younger brother as both men walk over to each other, shake hands and hug, as Marlena smiles.

Eric ask how Lucas has been. Lucas says living on a ship has it’s moments, but he probably will become a career man. Eric thinks that’s great. Eric then ask Marlena if they can talk for a few moments......alone. Marlena says sure. They need to catch up. Marlena goes upstairs.......as Eric and Lucas sit down.

They wait until they hear the bedroom door close, and Eric tells Lucas.......

Eric: I’ve got a problem.

Lucas: Shoot, little brother.

Eric: I think Roman knows about me and Sami.

Lucas: [!@#$%^&*].......you do have a problem. Who else knows?

Eric: Well, I told Mom. But Dad doesn’t know.

Lucas: Are you crazy keeping this from him?!

Eric: You know Dad’s temper. He’ll blow a gasket.

Lucas: I do know his temper.......but he respects honesty. How is keeping the fact you are dating his enemy’s daughter the right thing to do?

Eric: Not dating........engaged.

Lucas: Oh [!@#$%^&*].

Eric: You gotta help me.

Lucas pauses for a moment, shakes his head at his brother........and then tells him to head over to Sami’s office. He’ll meet them there.....and they can figure something out. Eric thanks him, and Lucas says he owes him big time. Eric says he’ll get him tickets for the Super Bowl.......50 yard line. Lucas will believe that when he sees it. As Eric leaves out and Lucas goes and continues his breakfast.......

Shawn Sr. calls Roman from his limousine, asking if everything is in place in Dallas. Roman says everything is on point. They are just waiting for the president to land. Shawn tells him that they will get only one shot at this, and Roman knows that, saying that he knows what he’s doing. He has his best men for the job. Shawn tells him they’ll talk after it is over, and both men hang up. Roman calls his nephew, Philip, whose in Dallas, and ask him if everything is going well. Philip says that they are ready. Roman tells him.......

Roman: No slip ups. Today.......we make history.

Philip understands, and as both men hang up......

Bo sits at his desk in the D.A.’s office. Hope walks in and says hi. Bo smiles and greets her, saying this is a surprise. Hope says she’s known for her surprises. He says he’s real busy, though. Working on a case. She wonders if it has to do with Commissioner DiMera’s son, and Bo says he can’t answer that.

Hope sees Bo turn around and walk back to his desk, and she then ask if he isn’t doing anything that night if he would stop by for dinner. He says he is having dinner with the Governor. She pouts like she’s sad, but he says that he’ll take a rain check. Steve then walks in and Hope says she’ll hold Bo to that, as she says hello to Steve as she walks out.

Steve and Bo shake hands, and Bo ask how his brother is doing. Steve says he’ll be fine when Victor stops trying to do Shawn bodily harm. Steve then says that he thought Bo was on top of that, and Bo tells him not to give him any lip about that. Steve says he’ll give him grief anytime he wants. He says he has two good eyes and that they both see that Bo hasn’t done one thing to stop Victor. Bo says that between him, their mother and the rest of the family, if Victor and Shawn want to but heads......how can they stop it?

Steve says that’s why he’s back home. They are going to take Roman Brady out......and he needs his help. Bo picks up the phone and calls in the Governor’s Chief Of Staff., and introduces her to Steve.....

Bo: Steve, this is Kayla Devereaux. Kayla, my brother, Steve.

Kayla: It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Steve takes her hand, and both people can’t take their eyes off each other as Steve says....

Steve: The pleasure is mine........Sweetness.

Bo shakes his head, asking why he says that to every woman he meets. Steve says he doesn’t say that to every woman.......just the few beautiful ones. Kayla smiles, saying that she should tell her brother Jack to keep an eye on you......seeing as he’s a federal agent. Steve smiles back and Bo tells them both to knock it off. That can wait until after the drama is done.

As Steve and Kayla stare at one another......

AF1 lands at a major airport in Dallas. The president and first lady are greeted by the governor of the state.......as Roman and Kristen watch the event on MSNBC. Roman gets a phone call from Shawn, asking if he is watching. Roman says he is, and will keep his father up to date. As Roman hangs up the phone.......

Abe stands and looks out his window. Stefano walks in and throws a folder on his desk. Abe looks at him, then at the folder, and opens it, sitting down to read it. Abe looks over the file, and says that he was wrong. He now sees that the Brady family was responsible for the explosion at the warehouse. Stefano says he told him that..........would have been nice if he would have listened. Abe says he’s listening now, and ask what does he have planned........

Stefano: First off........release my son.

Abe: Done.

Stefano: And second.......(Throwing Abe another folder).....these are plans approved by the president to bring the Bradys to justice. We roll tomorrow.

Abe: (After a few moments).......Are you sure this will work?

Stefano: If my son is leading the charge........you bet your ass it will.

Abe: Good. Contact the D.A. and coordinate with him. You have my full backing.

Stefano: Thank you.

Stefano leaves Abe’s office. As Abe returns to his window...

Lawrence and Jennifer proceed along a motorcade into downtown Dallas. They wave to onlookers and throngs of people as they proceed down the street......and, in Salem, Roman pours Kristen and his father a drink as they sit and watch the procession. Orpheus walks back into his home as Lucas and Eric watch Marlena walk in behind him. Orpheus is welcomed home by his sons as Marlena smiles....

And, in Dallas, the motorcade proceeds down the boulevard......

At The Pub, Victor and Caroline watch with other patrons as the president and first lady’s limousine stops near a grandstand. As secret service agents fan out and check each and every position......the president and his entourage walk towards the podium. In Salem, Stefano walks back into the precinct, goes to his office, sits down......and pours himself a drink of Strenga in celebration.

In Dallas, Jennifer walks up to the podium and, once there. Turns around to wave at the crowd. Lawrence sees her and smiles, gets out of the car and starts to follow her up.

With the nation looking on, everyone back in Salem is marveling at the First Couple. Jennifer smiles at her husband.........and as Lawrence looks at her, his smile starts to disappear. She looks at him, not seeing the red dot pointed at her heart. Lawrence and several Secret Service agents run towards her, and as Jennifer looks down........

From across the street, on the roof of a building, an assassin takes aim......

And Fires!

Jennifer looks surprised........as she looks up at Lawrence. She lays on the ground, and Lawrence looks down at the bullet wound on his chest. He looks across the street, and sees Secret Service agents shoot and kill the assassin. He then slumps to his knees.........

And falls forward.

In Salem..........Stefano drops his glass, as it crashes to the floor........Victor and Caroline gasp in horror........and, at The Brady Mansion, Roman, Kristen & Shawn laugh evilly as they toast.....

The assassination of a president.

Jennifer crawls towards Lawrence and turns him over, as blood seeps from his heart. He is barely hanging on as the nation watches, and a country hears their leader tell the woman that he loves.....

Lawrence: The best thing I ever did.......was to marry you. Good-bye, my love........

And then his head falls backwards into Jennifer’s arms, as the crowd screams in horror at what they just witnessed. Salemites are at a loss, with Victor holding a crying Caroline, Bo dropping his cell phone to the floor, Stefano slumping back down into his chair, and......

At his home, Orpheus sits, watching. He turns to a crying Marlena, gets up, walks over to comfort her, and tells her........

Orpheus: I know who did this.......and they will pay......

With their lives.

The scene then freeze frames on his face.......as Jennifer holds the head of her dead husband, and, as both scenes split screen.....

They slowly fade to black.

Thank you for reading the dramatic cliffhanger to Parts One, Two & Three of Elseworld. Stay tuned, because this weekend will be the conclusion of this landmark mini-series!


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