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Episode 89



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Will refuses to go along with his mother's plan to kill James and guilt trips his mom into giving him access to his trust fund again. After Will leaves, James comes in with some legal documents and asks Barbara to sign them, saying she is the new Vice President of Stenbeck International.

Susan tells Emily that Hal has improved and they are thinking of moving him to a regular room. Andy comes by with some flowers and apologizes to Emily for the way he acted earlier. Emily still won't hear of it and throws the flowers in the trash.

Roxie comes to with Lisa, Tom, and Nadine hovering over her. Roxie asks if Nadine and Lisa can step out a moment and confides in Tom that she is very fearful of her grandmother. Tom takes it as a sign that Roxie wants to keep her grandmother from spilling any secrets.

Margo returns to her cell and tells Leah of seeing a dead body that Owen claimed was Ben. Leah comforts Margo by saying that they did the same thing with her husband but since the body didn't have her husband's tell-tale birth mark, she knew it wasn't him. Margo, now relieved, makes a plan with Leah to escape while across town, Jessica and Curtis worry about Margo and debate telling Tom.


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