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Monday November 19 2007



All The Days of Their Lives Episode 3:

Shawn locks his car, and goes in the elevator. A woman is running, and asks him to hold the elevator.

Shawn: What floor?

Cathy: 3rd please.

Shawn: Cathy?

Cathy: Oh, your Shawn Brady right?

Shawn: Ya, hi.

They shake hands.

Cathy: Strong hands.

Shawn laughs: So you know, if you choose the apatrtment, you will be rooming with somebody.

Cathy: You? Hopefully? (She laughs)

Shawn laughs: No, my sister actually

Cathy: Ya, it's no problem. I'm actually happy I'm rooming, I don't think I can pay for it all on my own.

Shawn: Well, then thats good.

At the Penthouse...

Chole, Sami, and Carrie are in the kitchen.

Chole: I thought Chelsea was comming tonight.

Sami: She said she was.

Marleana comes into the kitchen: Is Chelsea comming?

Sami: Ya, I don't know whats taking her so long, and she's not answering her phone.

Eric comes in the kitchen bringing a plate.

Carrie: I'll go check if she's here yet.

Eric: Who?

Carrie: Chelsea, she was supposed to be here by now.

Eric: It's ok, you stay here, I'll go check.

Eric goes down.

At the Brady Pub...

Caroline is wiping the bar, when the door opens. A woman walks in.

Caroline: Sorry, were closed.

Woman: Hi, sorry, I'm looking for somebody.

Caroline: I'm Caroline Brady, how can I help you?

Tears start to form in the womans eyes.

Woman: I'm Carly Colson, and I'm looking for Kimberly Brady.

Caroline: Carly Cols- Carly?

Carly: Are you my grandmother?

Caroline starts crying: Yes.

Caroline goes around the bar, and hugs her.

Steve and Kayla are in their hotel room.

Steve: So how are you baby?

Kayla: I'm doing ok, I still miss Pocket.

Steve: So do I. I miss falling asleep on the couch with him on my chest.

Kayla: I miss him so much Steve!

Steve: You want him back?

Kayla: Of course!

Steve: Then we'll get him back!

Kayla: How?

Steve: He's up for adoption, isn't he?

Kayla: Ya, but-

Steve: Don't worry about it. I'll find a way.

Shawn and Cathy are in the apartment.

Cathy: It looks great, it really does, I love it! It's perfect!

Shawn: Good, so do you still want to see the loft?

Cathy: Ok, it can't hurt.

Shawn: Ok, start going, and I'll be there in a second.

Cathy: Ok.

Cathy leaves, and Shawn locks up. Cathy walks towards him.

Cathy: I thought you guys didn't live in the loft anymore.

Shawn: We don't, why do you ask?

Cathy: I heard music from it.

Shawn: Let me chack it.

His phone makes a sound saying he has a text mesage. He opens it and reads it.

Text: Hey Belle, I know it's your night off from the clinic, but can you come in tonight for a little bit, I need some help. Thanks.

Shawn: She said she works tonight.

He looks at the loft door, and walks toward it. He unlocks it.

At the penthouse garage...

Eric is looking around.

Eric: Where the hell is she?

He hears a cell phone ringing. He follows it, and he sees a cell phone on the floor with the two bags, and Chelsea's car.

Eric: Oh crap.

He picks up the phone and sees that it's Sami.

He answers it: Sami, it's Eric. Call dad, Chelsea's missing.

Sami: What?!?!

Eric: I'll explain when I get up there.

Steve turns on the TV

Kayla: Steve what are you going to do?

Steve: It's a suprise.

Kaya (laughing): Are you going to hold them hostage? Sorry, really sorry I had to say that.

Steve: Very funny.

The phone rings and Kaya gets up to get it.

Kayla: Hello?

Bo: It's Bo, Chelsea's missing.

Kayla: What do you mean?

Bo: Eric found her car abandoned at the penthouse garage, and her phone and some bags on the floor.

Kayla: Where are you? I'm at the police station.

Kayla: Ok, Steve and I will be right there.

Steve: Whats wrong?

Kayla: Chelsea's missing.

At the Brady Pub...

Carly and Caroline are sitting at a table, and Carly is finishing a story.

Carly: So he has a serious liver problem, and my parents told me that I was adopted, and my real mother was Kimberly Brady.

Caroline: Carly, I'm so sorry.

Carly: Why did she give me up? What was wrong with me? My parents told me she had two other children after me.

Caroline: She was a teenager when she had you honey, she couldn't take care of you.

Carly: There was you, wasn't there? Why couldn't you take care of me?

Caroline: There wasn't enough money, we were already struggling with out four children, we couldn't add a baby.

Carly: What about my father? I'm sure he had a family.

Caroline: I'm not sure who your father is.

Carly. Thats great! So not only was I put up for adoption, but my mother was a slut, she couldn't even-

Caroline: Don't talk about your mother that way! It was not her fault!

Carly: Of course it wasn't! It's not her fault she was screwing a hundred guys!

Caroline: You don't know how hard it was for her! And it was not like that!

Carly: I'm sorry ok, I'm just really upset.

Shawn and Cathy are outside the loft.

Cathy: I'll call the police.

Shawn: No, I think I know exactly who's in there.

He opens the door, to see Belle and Philip making love!

Shawn: What the hell is going on here?!?!?

Cathy looks shocked, and doesnt know what to do.

Belle: Shawn! It's not what it looks like!

Shawn: I knew it! I just knew it!

He punches Philip in the face and he falls over.

Philip: Don't get mad at me, because you can't fulfill her needs!

Shawn: Shut up Philip!

Shawn pushes Philip, and Philip falls on a table, breaking it.

Cathy: Stop you guys!

Belle: Stop please!

Shawn: Your right, you both aren't worth this.

Belle: Shawn! Please, let me explain.

Shawn: Were done Belle! I'll put all your stuff in a garbage bag, and put it outside the Pub. If you want it come get it!

Belle: Shawn! Please!

Shawn: Have a nice life with Philip.

He leaves, and Cathy follows.

Bo, Hope, Billie, Steve, Kayla, Sami, and Eric are at the police station.

Eric: Did you guys find anything out yet?

Bo: No. All we know is it was a black van, and the camara went out just before we can see the license plate.

Billie: Who the hell would do this?

Sami: Stefano! He told us that if we didn't hand over Johnny, we would pay.

Billie: I'm going to the DiMera mansion.

Bo: It's doo dangerous Billie.

Hope: I'll go with her.

Bo: No Both of you stay here!

Hope: Why do we have to sit around doing nothing when we can find her?

Bo: Fine, go, but if you need anything just call me!

Eric: I'll go with them.

Billie: Thanks.

They leave.

Chelsea is in a room and she sees keys. She picks them up.

Chelsea: Please work, please work.

She goes to unlock the door. She opens it to see Kate standing there with a gun!

Chelsea: Grandma?

Kate: Get back inside now!

Chelsea: Grandma what are you doing?

Kate: Shut up, and get inside.

Kate pushes her inside, and takes the keys. She locks the door.

Chelsea: No! Let me out please!!!!

Kate laughs, and takes her phone out.

Kate: Hi Stefano. It's done

As she says that, she pushes a button on the wall.

Stefano: Stay there, and make sure the job is finished.

Chelsea: Let me out!

Gas starts comming out of the vents, and Chelsea starts loosing her breath.

Chelsea: Hel-

She falls to the ground. It freezes on Chelsea's face.

Next on All the Days of Their Lives:

Billie, Hope and Eric arrive at the DiMera mansion. They go inside.

Stefano: What the hell are you doing here?

Billie: Where the hell is my daughter?

Stefano: Here we go again.

He turns around, and Billie throws a vase at him.

At the police station, Roman and Abe are talking to a man.

Roman: So what are you saying, Mr. Danner?

Mr. Danner: Mr. DiMera wasn't killed by the bullet, he was killed from a blow to the head.

Abe: And whoever shot him couldn't have killed him?

Mr. Danner: Thats correct

Shawn and Cathy are at a bar.

Cathy: Shawn, I should bring you home.

Shawn: I like it right here.

He kisses her.

Belle and Philip are at the loft.

Belle: Stay away from me Philip!

Philip: We can't stay away from each other!

Belle: STAY AWAY!!!!


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