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Thursday November 22 2007



Thursday November 22 2007

All The Days of Their Lives Episode 4:

Kate is driving when her phone rings. She answers it.

Kate: Hello?

Billie: Mom, Chelsea's missing!

Kate: What? What are you talking about?

Billie: She was kidnapped by the DiMera's.

Kate: Damn it! I'm going to kill Stefano DiMera!

Billie: Mom, don't do anything!

Kate: Oh, don't you worry about me!

She nags up.

At the police station...

Roman and Abe are in Abe's office.

Roman: So when is Mr. Danner comming?

Abe: He should be here any minute.

A man walks into Abe's office. He shakes hands with Abe, then Roman.

Abe: Welcome Mr. Danner.

Mr. Danner: Thanks.

Roman: So what did you find out about EJ DiMera's death?

Mr.Danner: Well, it's most likely the same person who shot him at the wedding, but the person who shot him did not kill him.

Roman: What do you mean?

Mr. Danner: He was killed by a blow to the head.

Abe: And whoever shot him couldn't have killed him?

Mr. Danner: Thats correct; we found the bullet casing far away from the body, and between the time he was shot, and the time he was hit over the head, it would be impossible for that person to get to him in that time frame.

Roman: Thank you Mr. Danner.

Abe: So do you know what hit him on the head?

Mr. Danner: It had to be something hard, mabye glass, a bat.

Roman has a flashback...

The lights at Chez Rouge go out, and everyone is yelling.

A gunshot is heard, and tables are turned over, and glasses are broken. EJ yells, and the lights come back on. Roman has a broken wine bottle with blood on it in his hand.

Roman: Was there any glass found in his head, or wine?

Mr. Danner: No, why do you ask?

Roman: Somebody could have killed him with a wine bottle.

Abe looks suspicious at Roman, and Roman doesnt look.

Shawn and Cathy are at a bar. Shawn is drunk, and Cath ydoesnt know what to do.

Cathy: Shawn, I think I should bring you home

Shawn: I like it right here.

He kisses her, and she kisses back. She backs away.

Cathy: Shawn, your drunk, please let me take you home.

Shawn: I'm fine, even though my fiance has been cheating on me.

Cathy: Shawn we need to leave.

Shawn: You know what would really kill her?

Cathy: Shawn, come on.

Shawn: No, do you know what would really kill her? I'm asking you a question.

Cathy: Ok, ok, I don't know, tell me.

Shawn: If she found me in bed with somebody else.

He looks at Cathy, and Cathy makes a face.

Belle is dressed, and Philip is on the couch, just with a blanket around him.

Philip: Where are you going?

Belle: Were done Philip! I'm not doing this anymore!

Philip: Why now huh? You lost Shawn, he's not going to want you back now.

Belle: Shut up Philip!

Philip: It's true Belle, why don't you stay here, and we can go take a shower toghether.

Belle: Stay away from me Philip!

Philip: We can't stay away from each other!

He gets up, and walks towards her.


Philip: What is wrong with you? Shawn doesnt want you anymore! He doesnt care! He's probaly in some cheap motel with that woman that was with him!

Belle: Shut up!

Philip: You can't deny your feelings!

Bellle leaves.

Philip: Just call me when you need me!

Hope, Billie, and Eric arrive at the DiMera mansion. They knock on the door, and Rolf answers.

Rolf: Sorry, Mr. DiMera's not in the mood for compa-

Billie pushes him aside, and walks inside. Hope and Eric follow.

Stefano turns around.

Stefano: What the hell are you doing here?

Billie: Where the hell is my daughter?

Stefano: Here we go again.

He turns around, and Billie throws a vase at him!

Stefano: What the hell is the matter with you?

Billie: Tell me where my daughter is, or I will kill you!

Stefano: Get out of here, or I will call the police!

Hope: Tell us where Chelsea is!

Stefano: I don't know where that little brat is!

Eric: Then it would be ok if I looked around?

Stefano: Get out of my house!

Eric walks around the mansion.

Chelsea is in the room, on the floor now. She is covering her nose and mouth with her top. Kate (or who she thinks is Kate) is outside waiting. Chelsea looks around

Chelsea: Stupid idiot left her own keys.

She rushes there, and picks up the keys. She goes to unlock the door, but sees a bomb next to the door!

Kate-look-a-like(outside): If that bomb senses anything going over it, it will blow up sweetie!

Chelsea looks worried now.

Chelsea(thinking): If I stand far away, mabye the bomb won't affect that part.

She hides behind a big crate, and grabs a steel bar on the floor. She looks, and throws the bar! She ducks, and the bomb explodes!

Shawn and Cathy are in Cathy's car.

Cathy: I'm not getting in bed with you if thats what your thinking Shawn.

Shawn: I wasn't saying you have to, but it would be nice.

He smiles at her.

Cathy: Shawn, I'm going to bring you to your room, an you cango to sleep like that, do whatever you want, but I will leave.

Shawn: Please stay. Someone has to make sure I don't go driving.

Cathy: I'll stay until you fall asleep.

They arrive at the Brady Pub, and Cathy brings him in. She brings him upstairs.

Shawn: Thanks Cat, is it ok if I call you Cat?

Cathy: I prefer Cathy. Bye Shawn.

Shawn: Wait.

He pulls her back, and kisses her. He puts her on the wall, and keeps kissing her.

Cathy: I want you Shawn.

She starts unbuttoning his shirt, and they go inside. He throws her on the bed, and they take their clothes off. They get in the bed, and start making love.

Roman and Abe are in Abe office.

Abe: Roman, is there something I should know?

Roman: What do you mean?

Abe: You were acting weird when Mr. Danner was here.

Roman: I wasn't acting weird Abe.

Abe: Ok, Roman, but if there is something you think you should tell me, just tell me.

Roman: I have to go look for Chelsea.

Chelsea gets up, and goes through the doorway! She runs , and goes out the door, only to realize she is on a ship in the middle of the sea! She can't see land anywhere! She loks around. She can't see anything. She is running now, scared. She turns a corner, and bumps into a man.

Chelsea: Please don't hurt me!

Man: I'm not going to hurt you! I'm here to get you out of here!

Chelsea: Who are you?

Man: I'm Carlo DiMera.

Chelsea: Oh my God! Stay away from me!\

She turns around to run, but he stops her.

Carlo: I'm not going to hurt you! I'm here to get you off this boat!

He takes her off the ship, and the go on a speedboat heading back to the dock.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Chelsea wakes up in a hospital room the next morning.

Carlo: Hi Chelsea, I brought you some flowers.

Chelsea: Thanks for everything Carlo.

Kate is in her office at Basic Black. There is a knock on the door, and she goes to get it. She opens the door to see Sami standing there.

Sami: You bitch!

She slaps her!

Belle walks into her and Shawn's room to see Shawn in bed with Cathy!

Belle: Shawn!

They both wake up.

Shawn: Get out of here!

Marleana is talking to a physcraist.

Marleana: I grabbed a vase and hit him over the head with it!

Dr. Albert: Was this a dream or reality.

Marleana: I'm not sure!

Dr. Albert: What do you think?

Hope sees someone at the hospital.She runs and hugs him.

Hope: Hey Mike welcome back!

Mike: Hey Hope!

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