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PC: Episode 291



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PC - Episode 291
Thursday, November 15, 2007

Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler

Kevin and Mac were drinking beer and shooting pool. It had been some time since the two old friends had time to catch up. Kevin explained everything to Mac about his situation with Monica. Mac told Kevin his frustrations about Anna and work. That night, it felt good to unwind and release the frustrations of the past several weeks. However, when Luke Spencer is involved, nothing ever goes as planned.

"Mac, Collins." Luke spit out the name Collins. "Mac, we gotta talk."

Mac sighs as Kevin leans over to take his shot. "Luke, pick up a pool stick. Just to let you know, I am not going to talk shop tonight. No police talk from me tonight at all."

Luke pulls out a cigar and leans up against the wall. "Mac, give me a break. Man to man, we need to talk." Luke puffs on his cigar, "Your brother would help me out here man."

Kevin arches his eyebrow, "In case you haven't noticed, Luke, he isn't Robert." Kevin snarls.

"Great observation." barks out Luke. "If I wanted to talk to you Dr. Collins, I'd make an appointment. From what I hear, your schedule is pretty clear."

"Stop it both of you." Mac says as he takes his shot. "Luke, if you want to talk about Bobbie, you are going to either have to talk to Anna or to Alexis. It's out of my hands."

Luke is about to open his mouth when his cell phone rings. Thinking it might be Tracy, he answers without looking at the Caller ID. "Luke! I'm so very very glad you answered. I really need to talk to you. It's so very important."

Luke rolls his eyes. "Lucy, I'm busy right now."

Lucy, who is driving in her car, turns on her windshield wipers as the rain is starting to come down a bit hard. She pouts, "Luke you are my very best friend in the world and I really need to talk to you. Please, I will come to you. Are you at the Quartermaines? The Hospital?"

The jukebox started to play just as Lucy rides past Jake's and sees Luke's car. Luke repeated that it wasn't a good time. Lucy got very quiet and then said all right. She hung up her phone and in frustration, Luke put his away. "Well boys, it seems that Miss Lucy figured out where I was and is on her way here." He looked directly at Kevin when he said this. Luke puffs on his cigar and shows his contempt of Kevin, "Well Kevin, I really think you should leave as Lucy will be here very soon. You know she will not want you here."
At Wyndemere, a shirtless Lucky is going through a box of photos and comes across one of him, Liz and Cameron taken the Christmas after their wedding. He smiles, rubs the face of Elizabeth and puts it back into the box. He carries the box over to the closet and places it firmly at the top. When he shuts the door, he notices Sam standing in the doorway.

"How long have you been there," he asks. "I didn't wake you did I?"

Sam walks in Lucky's room and stands near his dresser. "Not long…and no, you didn't wake me." Sam begins twirling the crystal on the necklace around her neck….the necklace Helena uses to keep Sam under control. "I couldn't sleep, so I went out for a while along the hillside. I came back up to the house after it started raining. When I came back you were up."

"I guess we were both feeling the same way then," says Lucky as he puts the shirt lying on his bed. "I've got a lot of family stuff going on."

"I know. I hope everything is going to be ok."

"It should be. My aunt Bobbie really got herself into some trouble, but your mom promised she'd try to get her the help she needs." Lucky sits on the edge of the bed. "I'm just worried about Lucas. He and Bobbie had the closest relationship for years. This is just one more thing that the poor kid has to deal with. He's gonna need me."

"He'll have you…and Lulu and your father and Carly. You all seem to love him very much. Family seems to be an important thing for Spencer's." Sam walks over and sits on the bed next to Lucky, closing her robe. She playfully leans against him and smiles. "You're a good man Lucky. You're there for your brother, everyone close to you and yet you still have time to help me." Sam looks down at her hands. "I don't say it enough, but I appreciate all you've done for me."

Lucky reaches out and grabs her hands, holding them with his. She smiles and looks away. Lucky gently touches her face and pulls her gaze to him. Lucky leans in slowly and kisses Sam tenderly. She pulls away hesitantly, suggesting she should go. Lucky stands up and asks her not to leave. Sam says that she doesn't want to do anything to change….whatever it is between them. She says she's sorry and runs off.

Lucky falls back on his bed and puts his hands behind his head. Sam walks into her room and shuts her door. She stands with her back to the wall and begins fanning herself. She heads over to her window and sits on it, staring at the rain. "Don't do it Sam," she says to herself aloud. "Don't let yourself fall for Lucky."
A group of men are shown in an abandoned warehouse outside of the city limits. They appear to be waiting for someone, as they are horse playing around outside. Suddenly a limo pulls up. The window comes down halfway, but viewers are unable to see who is inside the car. The person asks for an update on the move into the Corinthos & Alcazar territory. One of the leaders of the men tells his boss that their plan is working, and their spies inside their organizations tell that the Corinthos/Alcazar factions are getting ready to have it out. The end of coming for them both. The person in the limo appears pleased. The person says that hopefully, they'll kill each other, leaving the opportunity for someone else to step in.

Before the limo pulls away, the high ranking thug moves towards the window and tells boss that there appears to be a leak within their ranks. The boss nods, and tells him to take care of it. The limo pulls away. The leader heads back over to the group and calls them into the warehouse for an update. The scene cuts to an exterior shot of the building. A few seconds later, flashes of light are seen coming from inside, followed by the sound of shots firing. 10 men walked into the building….only 2 walked out.
Kevin looks from Mac to Luke in surprise, "Are you kidding me?"

"Nope. I think you should leave." Luke says as Kevin grabs his jacket and heads to the door just as Lucy opens the door to Jake's. He stops and stares at her, "Thanks a lot Lucy." Kevin says sarcastically.

Lucy looks over her shoulder at the departing Kevin. She shrugs it off and rushes over towards Mac and Luke. "What was that about? Oh never mind." Lucy shakes her hands. "Luke, how are you? I have missed talking to you and I know that there are so many things going on for you and I want to help." Lucy says in a rush. "Oh and hi Mac."

Luke laughs. "Know any lawyers since Mac here can't cut my sister any breaks? Tracy tried to get Justus but he can't."

Mac sighs, "I told you Spencer."

"As a matter of fact....I do" Lucy says as if a lightbulb has gone off in her head. "He's very good! I will call him right away! It's the least I can do for you, my very best friend. Well, Felicia is my very friend but she isn't here so Luke you are my very best friend and I will do anything for you. So let me do this for you and him." Lucy excitedly rambled.

"Ok Lucy, do what you want." Luke, amused, says. "Because I know you will."

Lucy pulls out her Blackberry. "Ta-ta!" As she makes her way back to her car, she hopes this goes well.
<b>Six hours later…</b>
Lucy's phone rang early the next morning. She picked it up and a harsh, scruffy voice demands, "Why did you call me so late last night? Is something that matter with Serena?"

Lucy sits up in bed and adjusts the covers around her. "Scott! No, it's not Serena, she's just fine. I was wondering if you could possibly do me a really tiny favor for me?"

Scott lets out a sigh of relief. "I'm just glad Serena is ok. And of course you need something Lucy, that's how you are."

"Scott, please hear me out." Lucy pleads. Lucy goes on to explain how Bobbie needs a lawyer. Lucy explains everything that has happened and that Bobbie needs some serious help. Since Bobbie and Scott were such old friends, Lucy naturally thought that Scott could Bobbie out.

Sarcastically Scott says, "Bravo Lucy. Now why do you really want me to come to Port Charles?"

Lucy pulls out her trump card. "When was the last time you saw Serena?"

"Fine, I'll be in Port Charles tomorrow!" Scott slams down the phone. Lucy smiles and snuggles down into the bed, a smile on her face.
Next…on Port Charles
- Liz & Steven discuss Sarah leaving town
- Emily makes a surprising career move


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Sorry it has been so long since I have commented.

Great scene with the warehouse. Someone is really making inroads into PC.

Luke and the doctor truly don't see eye to eye. But, I don't care for the doctor anyway so it's nice that he is getting the [&#33;@#&#036;%^&amp;*] thrown back into his face.

I'll catch up soon. Great work indeed.

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I loved the last few episodes with the teens, but I loved seeing Luke/Mac/Kevin/Lucy in scenes together, and I loved the Felicia reference. Maybe she will be the next on to come back, maybe Robert too?

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