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PC - Episode 292
Friday, November 16, 2007

Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler

Steven walks up to the Nurse's Station and waves his hand in front of a distracted Elizabeth. "Hey, what's going on? I haven't seen you in a little while." He hands her a chart.

She takes the chart from him and smiles gratefully." I know, sorry, it's been kind of crazy with the divorce and everything. Thanks for asking though. You should come see Cam sometime, just call me anytime and we can set something up. How are things with you?"

Steven walks around the Nurse's Station towards the elevator. He pushes the up button. "I am running a little late. I was supposed to be upstairs for a consult five minutes ago, but things are good. I saw Sarah before she left. I'm glad she went home to see Jeff, he needs one of us there."

Elizabeth bit her lip. "I know and I didn't want to go with the divorce and Cam and everything else going on. He understood. Sarah said that there was nothing here for her so she was happy to help him after his knee surgery." Elizabeth looked down at the charts in front of her. "I called the night Sarah got there and she got there safe. She sounded happy and so did Dad."

The elevator doors open and Steven jumps in. "I did too. I will catch up with you later Liz." He yelled as the doors closed on him.
Edward, Tracy, and Luke are sitting in the living room of the Quartermaine Mansion when a determined Emily sits down opposite them. Edward takes no notice of her as he reads the newspaper and Tracy continues to argue with Luke. Emily clears her throat. She is ignored. Again she clears her throat and she gets no response. Finally she stands up and says, "Grandfather! Tracy! I really need to talk to you about something."

"Oh yes Emily! What can we help you with?" Edward folds his newspaper back and addresses his granddaughter. "Are you doing ok?"

Emily pulls back her hair and catches it in a ponytail. "No, I am not ok. I've been doing a lot of….thinking regarding my career. It's kind of hard to do so when I'm beyond furious with Monica..."

"Humph" Tracy says clearing her throat and grabs the toothpick holding the olive in her martini. She brings it to her lips. "You are not the only one Emily."

"I've thought long and hard about what I want to do. This may seem a little sudden….but as of last Monday, I have stopped my medical studies and have re-enrolled at PCU part time so I can major in business." Emily notices a slight look of happiness on Edward's face. " Yes grandfather, I want to work at ELQ. You can't talk me out of it, I have already decided."

Tracy almost drops her martini glass but Luke catches it. "You want to what?" Luke walks over to the sideboard and makes Tracy another martini. "You want to work at ELQ? Why would <b>anyone</b> want to work in that god awful place?"

Tracy turns to Luke with an attitude. "Don't <b>you</b> work in that 'god awful' place? I would think you would have a different opinion."

"Let me ask you something spanky……do you ever see me working at ELQ?"


"That proves my point," Luke says taking a sip of Tracy's drink before handing her the glass.

Edward leans forward on the couch. "Emily, have you really thought about this? I second what Luke is saying. Why do you want to work at ELQ?"

With a self satisfied smile on her face, Emily tells them. "Monica was the one who wants me to become a doctor. She pushed me and pushed me. Now I am done. I never really got the chance to explore what I wanted to do. I want to do what I want. And that is to go into the family business. I know Tracy is taking a leave of absence, but I thought when we aren't at the hospital; she could teach me some of the ins and outs. You now….kinda take me under her wing if that's ok."

Tracy and Edward look and each other and they shrug, both in agreement. "Ok Emily. If this is what you want, you can begin working right away. For the time being, you'll work under Tracy, though not as her assistant. You're a Quartermaine. You start out at the top my dear. During your internship, Tracy will mentor you." Edward turned to Tracy, "I don't have to remind you not to overload her at this time."

Tracy accepts the martini that Luke gives her as she nods her agreement to Edward. Luke was the only one who saw AJ standing in the foyer, a shocked and dismayed look on his face. The camera cuts to Emily, as a smile slowly creeps upon her face. It's time to show her grandfather what she can really do. AJ's face turns beet red. It's not enough he has to deal with Tracy at ELQ, now he's got Emily to deal with too. This is not going to bode well for business….
- Lulu bashes Serena to Luke
- Luke is shocked when Scott arrives with Lucy
- Scotty offers to represent Bobbie
- Luke refuses to allow Scotty to help


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Bout time Emily started stepping her game up. I could truly see JF in this role as the tough as nails Quartermaine.

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