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PC - Episode 293
Saturday, November 17, 2007

Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler

<b>The next day…..</b>

Luke and Tracy were enjoying their drinks and waiting for Lucy and her lawyer to arrive when Lulu comes flying into the living room, a storm cloud exploding on her face. She plops herself down across from her father and says, "Guess who I met the other night?"

"Glad to see you decided to come home…..what did we do to deserve this 'wonderful' visit?" says Tracy.

"Hush wife." An amused Luke smiles at Lulu before remarking, "Who precious?"

"Serena…….Baldwin." Lulu spits out slowly and distastefully. She rolls her eyes and makes sure she emphasizes certain words. "She is <b>such</b> a bitch."

Tracy smirks. "Well if she is anything like her father I trust your judgment. What did she do to you?"

"And when did you meet her?" Luke asks.

"At some college party."

"Her sister Karen was very nice. I liked her very much." Luke remarks, taking a sip from his drink, obviously not caring about Lulu's immature feud with the female Baldwin.

Lulu, agitated, jumps up and starts to pace. "Well this Karen may be nice but her sister isn't. Serena is just so annoying and thinks she is all so wonderful. I just want to slap her perfect little smile off her face." Lulu clenches her fists. "Dad I don't know see how you can be friends with a woman like Lucy, who produced such a horrible spawn."

Lucy stops short at the door into the Quartermaine living room. Her hands cover her mouth as she gasps, "What did you say?"

Luke stands up. "Lucy, Lulu didn't mean it. She was, you know, just getting some aggression out. You know how the younger generation is."

Lulu turns around and faces Lucy. "No…no….I meant what I said Lucy. I don't like Serena."

"Leslie Lu…you barely even know Serena. I'm quite sure once you get to know her, your opinion will change."

"The fact that she's friends with Maxie Jones says enough about her character for me." Lulu says tossing back her hair. "Anyone who's friends with Maxie obviously doesn't have good taste."

Serena pushes past Lucy and comes face to face to Lulu. She was just as furious as Lulu. However, she stares straight into Lulu's eyes and smiles sweetly, oh so channeling Maxie, "I really wish you wouldn't be jealous that Hunter prefers me over you. He is my boyfriend so you really might want to get over this."

Luke, having a lot more important issues on his mind, raises his voice, "Lucy! Is your lawyer friend here? Because I would like to them and get started." Luke raises his head into the air, looks around and gets a disgusted look on his face. "What is that awful smell?" Luke asks.

Scott Baldwin fills up the doorway. "At your service, Spencer."

Luke's face turns beet red. "OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" bellows Luke, pointing at the door. "There's no way in hell you're here to help. This scumbag almost got me convicted for that Cassadine murder!" Luke looks over at Lucy, "Do you really think I would let a snake like Baldwin defend my sister in this case? I wouldn't let him defend her in a case about parking tickets!"

"Told ya that Spencer would turn me down, Lucy. I'm not wasting anymore of my time here Lucy. Serena, want to get out of here?" Scott drawls.

"Anything to get away from here, Dad." huffs Serena.

"No, no, no, no." Lucy throws up her hands. "Think about Bobbie! Luke, you can't even get a lawyer and I did everything I could to convince Scott to help out here. He knows Alexis and Ric, he can make a deal or something."

"Another one of your psychic predictions Lucy?" Tracy demands. She has a slight smile on her face as she looks at Scott. "ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alice comes from the other room. "You rang Ms. Tracy?"

"Yes Alice I did." Tracy pushes Alice towards Scott. "Please show our….guests out."

"It'll be my pleasure."

"Hey hey! Get your stinkin hands off me. I'm only here because Lucy asked me to," snipes Scotty.

"Since when are you a defense lawyer anyway? Haven't you been a Prosecutor for a while now?" Luke remarks.

"You know I have always done both sides of criminal law, as well as been a Special Prosecutor. I can help Bobbie if you let me!" Scott fires to Luke.

Luke looks at Scott scornfully, "Why would I let you? Knowing you, you would throw this case. If anything, you would see that she gets the chair just to piss me off! Now why the hell should I trust you with Barbara Jean's life?"

Scott walks up to Luke and narrows his eyes. "There was a time where Bobbie was the love of my life. I would do anything for her. I still would." Scott waves his arms around, "Can't you see that Spencer? This is about Bobbie, not Laura! Put your damn hatred for me aside so I can help out Barbara Jean. Once I'm done with that, then we can finish this, but until then, do what's right."

Luke walks over to the sideboard and pours himself a drink. For several moments no one says a word. Luke downs his drink and looks at Tracy. She nods her head imperceptibly. Luke waves his hand. "Fine. Go see Bobbie. But if you screw up, I'll kill you."

After Alice shows the Baldwins and Lucy out, the scene cuts back to Luke in the living room. Lulu asks if he's ok, and he says yes. Tracy comes in and says she'll try to get Justus again, maybe he can get some time away to come represent Bobbie. Luke tells her not to bother. He hates to admit it, but Scotty has a point. He's gotta put aside his dislike for Scotty for now….all that matters is getting Barbara Jean a reduced sentence.
Next…on Port Charles
- Nikolas has a big surprise in store for Carly
- Brenda enlists the help of Mac & Maxie
- Lucas is irked by some flyers he sees on campus


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House of Madness!!LOL

Very good episode. I loved the Lulu/Serena/Lucy stuff.

I loved Luke and Tracy too

I know enough about GH to piece together what was going on and who was who but I have no idea who Barb Jean is

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I see the claws coming out for LuLu. Wow. Why is she so pissed off at that girl? I don't know the history, so I wanted to ask before sticking my foot in my mouth. LOL

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Lulu's a bitch plain and simple. She just met this girl and is rushing to judgment, just because she's friends with someone Lulu doesn't like.

Lulu and Serena were friendly growing up, but they don't remember that. They haven't seen each other in years. But that'll be explored.

Basically, at the party the night before, Lulu ran into Serena while picking a fight with Maxie, and it didn't end well. Lulu was immediately rude to Maxie, and Serena didn't like that.

We're recreating the Luke/Scotty feud...only this time w/ their children.

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House of Madness!!LOL

Very good episode. I loved the Lulu/Serena/Lucy stuff.

I loved Luke and Tracy too

I know enough about GH to piece together what was going on and who was who but I have no idea who Barb Jean is

Thank you for the comments, we always welcome them. To answer your question about who Barbara Jean is, she is Bobbie, Luke's sister and Carly's mother. Luke calls her Barbara Jean which is her given name, but she goes by Bobbie. I hope that answers your question :)

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