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PC: Episode 294



PC - Episode 294
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith

"Alfred," bellows Nikolas in the study. "I need to speak with you." Nikolas paces around the study, very nervous. He calls Alfred's name again when his butler doesn't come fast enough. Alfred finally makes his way into the study. "Good, you're here. I need you to do something for me."

Nikolas reaches into his desk and pulls out a box. "I need you to have this wrapped. I plan on giving it to Carly very soon, and I want it to be perfect."

"I take it you'll be asking Ms. Carly a very important question sir?"

Nikolas smiles and sits in his chair. "If everything goes well, I definitely will Alfred."
The scene transitions to the PCPD, where Maxie is having an argument with Mac about her moving out of the house. Maxie doesn't understand why Mac is being such a hard ass about her moving back on campus. Mac tries to explain that he misses Maxie. With Georgie now in Texas with Felicia, and Robin living with Patrick, the Scorpio house is empty. In a rare moment, Maxie shows her sensitive side and hugs Mac, who's surprised at Maxie's sudden burst of emotion. Of course there's more to her hug than she lets on. As the guilt of her role in Brandon's accident continues to be kept secret, the harder she finds it to live with herself. Maxie promises Mac she'll visit the house more on the weekends, and may even bring by Serena when she comes. Mac says he'd like that…as long as Scott Baldwin didn't pop up too. The two laugh as Brenda makes her way up to them.

"Oh good, you're here Maxie so I only have to make one trip," Brenda says after hugging Mac. "Since we all know about Robin being pregnant…..I thought it would be nice if we threw her a little surprise party after Thanksgiving."

Maxie's eyes light up. "I think that's a great idea Brenda! We should so do that. And have it at the house too."

"I'm not sure about that Maxie," says Mac.

"Oh come on. You were just complaining about how empty the house is. This is a good excuse for all of us to get together. We can invite our close friends."

Brenda and Maxie double team Mac and finally convince him to say yes. Maxie thinks it'll be nice to be around the family before she hits school full time again. Mac asks who would come to this party, Brenda suggests Anna, Patrick, maybe some of Robin's friends from the hospital. Nothing too big. Mac's face cringes when Anna's name is mentioned. The two of them haven't been getting along very well, and it might not be a good idea for them to be in the same room together. Maxie asks if anything is wrong with that list, interrupting Mac from this thoughts. He says everything is fine, and looks forward to getting together.
On the PCU campus, Lucas has just finished working out at the school gym. He can't wait to get home and take a nice long shower, then head over to Kelly's to meet Lulu and Dante for some lunch. He says goodbye to his workout buddies and begins heading to his car. On his way there, he notices bright orange flyers on the bulletin boards and on the windshields of people's cars. A line on the flyer catches his attention. It reads: "STOP THE GAY SICKNESS – FIGHT THE 'SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE' OF SINNERS." The sign disgusts Lucas, who promptly rips it off the board and tosses it in the trash.
Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas is playing with his son Spencer. Alfred walks in and tells Nikolas all of the arrangements have been made. Nikolas thanks Alfred for all of his hard work, and gives him the rest of the day off. When Alfred makes his leave, Nikolas picks up his son and holds him close.

"This is going to be a wonderful night Spencer. Soon, we're all going to be one big family. If all goes well, you'll have two wonderful big brothers who love you very much. On top of that, you're going to be a big brother to the new babies. Yes you are." Nikolas kisses his son's forehead and then puts him over his shoulder, rubbing his back. "I'm going to give you the family I never had growing up Spencer."

A wave of sadness comes across Nikolas. "You're mother loved you very much. Just like my mother loves me. While Carly will never replace Courtney, you will grow up having the love of a woman who will love you as if you are her own. And I the same with her children. This engagement will be a night to remember."

The scene pulls away as Nikolas lays Spencer in his playpen. He walks to the window and stares out….unaware that Sam has been listening to his plans.
Next…on Port Charles
- Sam reports to Helena what she's learned
- Anna and Mac agree to put aside their difference for Robin's sake
- Emily overhears Monica pouring out her heart to Alan


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I love Nikolas here so much more than on GH currently. Keep up with him, I beg of you!!! I love that you are having Maxie feel guilt over what she has done.

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The gay bashing story is very intriguing. I wonder who's doing it. My guess is that it would have to be someone ignorant like Maxie. Awesome Thanksgiving episode and was so happy to see Brenda involved.

I remember a GH episode way back in 1998 when Brenda had just returned and was trying to reconcille with everyone for Thanksgiving.

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The gay bashing is very topical. With some in this country thinking it's ok to disciminate, I'm gald that you are tackling this issue head on. The real GH could read this and once again understand how to do a story like this.

I also like Nic doing what is best for his son. Even though he's a Cassadine, that doesn't matter. he recognizes that the love and welfare of his son comes first, and if he can give that to him....so much the better. the bloodline means nothing...

But, once a Cassadine, always a Cassadine. I'm will be very interested to see where this story offshoots into. :)

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