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Thanksgiving 2006 (REPEAT)



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Tishy and I were working on a new Thanksgiving episode to be posted today, but we were unable to finish it in time. We have chosen to air the Thanksgiving episode from last year. New episodes will be posted on Friday & Saturday. The Thanksgiving episode for 2007 will be posted Saturday. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Secrets & Lies: Episode 31
Saturday November 25, 2006

Opening Video

Act I

Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines….what should be a great celebration for what the citizens of Port Charles are thankful for ends up a disaster. It wouldn’t be a holiday at the Quartermaines’ without some drama right?

The evening starts off pretty tame you can say. There’s a bad storm outside, but no one is letting that get them down.

Monica received a card in the mail from Emily wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and is sad that she wasn’t able to be home for holiday. Emily’s absence hits Monica quite hard. Alan notices how much his wife misses their daughter and goes over to hug her. Kevin witnesses this and forces a smile. Monica then tells Alan she’s fine and walks away.

Lucky talks with Lulu, Lucas and Dillon about his return to work. Lulu changes the subject and wonders if Lucky has begun to make inroads with Elizabeth yet, but Lucky says it’s not up to him to do so. Elizabeth knew she was wrong and he has a right to be upset.

“I that she made a mistake. But I mean, we’re only human. We all make mistakes Lucky. At least she didn’t sleep with him,” says Dillon.

“I’ll tell you what, the first time you see your wife mounting someone who isn’t you, tell me how you feel.”

Act II

Bobbie comes up while they’re talking and puts her arm around Lucky. She informs all of her family that tonight is about being thankful for what we have. Not to discuss the problems we’ve all been having. Bobbie gives a long look at Lucas who realizes that his mother is trying very hard to be nice to him today. Lucas just rolls his eyes and goes over to Carly who’s talking with Monica and Edward about Michael. Carly excuses herself to speak with Lucas.

“What in the hell your problem?”

“It’s Mom. She’s trying to hard to be nice to me.”

“And your problem is?”

“She shouldn’t have to try. It should be easy for her.”

“Honestly Lucas, I think you’re being too hard on her. Bobbie has a lot of things to deal with, and I think you should be grateful that she’s doing her best not to argue with you about your sexuality. All I can say is for you to----”

Carly stops talking when Jason enters the Quartermaine Mansion with Elizabeth at his side. Lucky can’t believe that Jason actually showed up to Thanksgiving Dinner, especially with his wife. Alan and Monica go greet the two of them at the door, trying to make Jason as comfortable as possible.

Lulu walks up to the two of them and makes a snide comment towards Liz. Luke pulls his daughter away and tells her to go make nice with Bobbie. Luke’s attention is diverted to his wife who calls him into one of the offices. With a huge smile on her face, Tracy informs Luke that she overheard Lorenzo and Skye talking about their engagement. Tracy realizes this will definitely set Edward off and cause Skye to fall out of favor with the Quartermaines. Tracy doesn’t understand why Luke isn’t so surprised with this news. Against his better judgment, he reveals to Tracy that he’s known for a while now that they’re engaged. Tracy can’t believe that Luke would keep this secret from her. He apologizes and promises that the secrets are all out between them. Tracy vows that by the end of the night, the Quartermaine’s will know Skye’s little secret.


In the den, Alan, Noah & Kevin discuss some hospital business. Alan mentions that his search for a Chief Resident is going pretty well. Noah asks if the hospital has found someone to lead their cardiology department, to which Alan replies there is someone interested in the job. They’re scheduled for an interview on Thursday. Justus enters soon after and tells Alan that he’s moving to Boston to join the law firm of Poole, Crane and Schmidt. When asked if he’ll continue to do ELQ business, Justus re-assures Alan that he’ll stay on as council for ELQ, but thinks that moving to Boston would definitely further his career.

Jason is surprised that Carly is acting civil towards Elizabeth. Carly says that all she wants is Jason to be happy, but thinks that going after Liz is a bad idea. Lucky comes up soon after and demands to know why Jason and Liz showed up. Jason snarks that he’s a Quartermaine, the real question is why Lucky showed up. Lucky gets ready to snap at Jason when Nikolas arrives with baby Spencer…..and Courtney!

While Alexis and Lulu help Nikolas get the baby situated, Courtney walks over to Carly and Sonny. Sonny looks happy see his sister and gives her a hug. Courtney tells them how her foundation is going really well in California and she’s looking forward to returning to Port Charles permanently. Carly doesn’t seem too thrilled with the prospect of that happening, especially since if Courtney returns, Nikolas’ old feelings may resurface.

Upstairs, Skye kisses Lorenzo romantically. Lorenzo feels that Edward is staring a hole through him. Skye tries to take his mind off of her grandfather, but Lorenzo is adamant on having a good relationship with his future grandfather-in-law. Skye decides to go check on things in the kitchen so Lorenzo can talk to Edward.

Lorenzo kindly wishes Edward a happy Thanksgiving Day. Instead of accepting his warm wishes, Edward tells him it would be an even happier Thanksgiving if Lorenzo wasn’t around. Lorenzo smiles, and then grabs Edward.

“I don’t know what your problem is old man, but you need to learn some respect. I will not be spoken down to anymore. You had better get used to me being around. Because I’m not going anywhere.”

Lorenzo then fixes Edward’s tie, and turns to walks away. Edward grabs Lorenzo’s arm and proceeds to give him a warning.

“Now you listen to me you degenerate scoundrel. I may be old, but I am not above kicking your ass if need be. It is you who should learn some respect. This is my house and I will not be spoken to in such a manner. I always get what I want in the end. And what I want, is you out of my granddaughter’s life. You don’t want me for an enemy Mr. Alcazar.”

Alice walks up and stands next to Edward.

“Is everything alright here Mr. Q?”

“Oh everything is fine Alice. Mr. Alcazar and I were just discussing how important it is to respect one another. Isn’t that right?”


Act IV

Suddenly a loud, piercing scream comes from the kitchen. Glasses and plates are heard being broken followed by a loud gobbling sound. To the surprise of Edward and the rest of the people at the Quartermaine Mansion, Cook runs from the kitchen and is being chased by a wild Turkey!

“What in the hell is going on here,” yells Edward.

“When you said you wanted a fresh turkey this year Mr. Q, I thought you couldn’t get any fresher than a real turkey. So I arranged for this turkey to be delivered. But I thought we had already uh…prepared it for cooking.”

While the Quartermaines and the staff chase the wild turkey throughout the house, Lucky watches as Jason whispers something into Elizabeth’s ear. She laughs and touches his shoulder. Lucky heads towards Liz and Jason. Nikolas sees what’s coming but is unable to get to him because of the baby. Lucky taps Jason on his shoulder and punches him right in the mouth!

Nikolas runs over to try and stop it but gets punched by Lucky too. Jason, tired of being nice to Lucky elbows him in the jaw, then punches him in the stomach. Carly runs over to pull them apart. While Monica tends to Lucky, Carly tends to Jason. Elizabeth tries to see if Jason is ok, but Carly slaps her for being the center of tension between Lucky and Jason. Liz then pushes Carly, causing her to fall on the table with cakes and pies.

“You bitch,” says Carly. “You're gonna pay.”

“Aww, what’s wrong Carly? I thought you liked being on your back.”

Carly goes to charge Elizabeth but Sonny sends Max over to pick Carly up. He thanks the nearest Quartermaine near him (Monica) and promises to replace the table that Carly broke. Sonny gathers the rest of the kids and is ready to go. Bobbie and Noah leave with them.

Smoke begins to bellow from the kitchen. Cook accidentally turned up the oven, and burned the macaroni & cheese, stuffing and ham. Monica throws a hissy fit, angry that yet again, their Thanksgiving Dinner has been ruined. Alan tries to calm her down but instead, it makes her even more upset. A drunken Kevin calls Monica, Lucy, and laughs at her being angry. Monica throws the burnt ham towards Alan and Kevin and storms away.

Tracy just laughs at all of the dysfunction, and tells Dillon to go order some Pizza from Pizza Hut. Luke wonders why Tracy is laughing so hard. She remarks that she hasn’t had this much fun since she hired burglars to steal the turkey back in 97.

Downstairs, Lorenzo says goodbye to Skye. He agrees to take Lainey home since it’s on his way. Kevin asks if he can ride with them as well since he’s been drinking. Meanwhile, Jason offers Elizabeth a ride home, but she says she’ll ride with Lucky. Lucky tells her to find her own way home and leaves without her. Lucas tells Liz he can ride home with her if Dillon will take them home.

Act V

After all the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, the entire Quartermaine Family lies lazily in the living room. With no more guests to entertain, they all just sulk in the living room. Tracy and Luke stroll in with smiles in their faces, trying to get the family excited.

“Oh come on. Isn’t this how our Thanksgiving’s normally end? With us eating pizza? You’d think that next year we’d just skip all the nonsense and order,” says Tracy.

She tries to get the family to sing a round of “We Gather Together” but no one is interested. Alan says they have nothing to be thankful for today. Edward agrees and tells Tracy to sit down and shut up.

“On the contrary daddy. You know what Alan…..we all have something to be thankful for, and to celebrate too.”

“What are talking about now Tracy. Why don’t you just be quiet? It’s been a long day.”

“Well Skye, I’m glad you asked. It is my honor to announce to the family, that our very own Skye is getting married!!”

That surely wakes the rest of the Quartermaines up.

“No she isn’t Tracy. Skye wouldn’t keep something like that from us,” Monica says.

“I kid you not. I heard from the man she’s engaged to himself. The two of them are engaged to be married. Isn’t that right Skye?”

Tracy gives her niece a devilish smile, knowing that she definitely caught her by surprise with this announcement. Skye glares at Tracy and Luke, then turns to the rest of her family who have a disgusted look upon their faces.

“Yes. It’s true. Lorenzo and I are getting married.

Elsewhere, Lucky stomps through his house in a bad mood. Damn Jason for punching him. Damn Elizabeth for comforting Jason instead of him. And damn Carly for slapping Elizabeth. No one asked her to get involved. A flash of lighting followed by the roaring thunder outside makes him a little angrier. Lighting crackles, then the lights in his apartment flash on and off. He thinks lightning struck the building. Lucky begins to doze off, but is awoken by the sound of someone knocking on the door. Lucky tells them to go away, but the knocking persists. Lucky flings open the door and is shocked by what he sees. Standing there speechless, Lucky stares at someone who is supposed to be dead. Before his eyes, drenched in rain and tattered clothes is Sam!!! She calls out his name, and then passes out in his arms as GH comes to an end.

On the next GH: Secrets & Lies-

- Skye gets the cold shoulder from her family during breakfast
- Lucky is surprised when Sam doesn’t remember how she got to his house
- Diego and Lainey have another therapy session
- Nikolas is upset with Helena shows up uninvited at Wyndemere


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