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PC - Episode 295
Friday, November 23, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith

Mac knocks on the door to Anna's apartment. She answers the door, and almost slams it shut. Mac blocks her from doing so and says they need to talk. Anna reluctantly lets him in to her home. She tells him to make it quick, she has things to do. Mac says he came by for a couple of reasons and asks if they can be civil while he's there. Anna agrees and sits down at her desk.

Mac says he's having Thanksgiving dinner at his house tomorrow and would like it if Anna would attend. He says Robin & Patrick will be there, and she would want her to come. Mac also tells Anna about Brenda's plans for a party for Robin celebrating her pregnancy. Mac says their professional differences aside, they're family and family needs to be together.

Anna thinks it over and promises she'll be there…and be on her best behavior. Mac thanks Anna and gets ready to go. Before he does, he asks if Anna has been receiving any strange calls from an unknown number. Anna says that she has, but hasn't thought much into it. Mac tells her that the last time this happened, Robert paid them an unexpected visit. Anna rolls her eyes in remembrance. Anna thanks Mac for inviting her to dinner. Mac tells her not to make him regret it.
Meanwhile at Wyndemere, Sam makes her way through the tunnels of the castle , taking a new route to a secret area. She enters the room where Helena is expecting her.

"This had better be good Samantha. I don't appreciate being summoned."

Sam crosses her arms and rolls her eyes. "It's not like you’re my favorite person either Helena, but I thought you might want to know this information I stumbled upon. It's quite big….involving Nikolas."

Helena's curiosity has piqued now. The manipulative grandmother's wheels begins to spin in her mind, thinking of all the things this could be about. "Get to it," she snaps. "What is this 'big' news you have for me?" Helena reaches her hand and grabs Sam's necklace.

"Nikolas plans on asking Carly to marry him….I don't know when, but I overheard him talking to Spencer about it."

Helena releases her grip on the necklace and turns her back to Sam. A scowl forms on her face. Sam can see Helena is none too pleased with this news. "Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?" Sam asks.

"Don't worry yourself with what I intend to do Samantha. Return to where you were. You will act as if you know nothing, do you understand?" Sam nods her head and exits the room. Helena seems pleased with Sam's new programming. She knew over time Sam would begin to regain control, but the crystal around her neck acts as block and enhancer of Sam's original programming.

"My dear Nikolas….yet again rushing into a marriage proposal with someone beneath you. When will you learn to pick your mates more carefully?" Helena buttons up her overcoat, heading out through one of the private tunnels. "I will not let Caroline Corinthos bear the Cassadine last name…..and neither will her children…."

Helena closes the door as the scene cuts to General Hospital.
Monica sits in a chair next to Alan's bed. She has decorated his room with pictures of their family, as well as pictures of them together. She gently strokes his face with her hand. Emily is on her way to visit Alan when she notices Monica in the room talking to Alan. She pulls the door open just a little and listens in.

"What a year it's been my love. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. Last year we didn't have much to be thankful for. Emily had started a new life elsewhere. Jason was spiraling out of control and we had yet another year to mourn for AJ. But things are different now. AJ is home and well, Jason is working on his relationships with the family…and Emily….our Emily has returned, albeit not under the best circumstances but she's home."

Monica lays her head upon Alan's chest, listening to the beat of his heart. "I have so many mistakes. So many selfish, bad choices that have affected everyone in our family. I don't understand why this had to happen to you Alan. I never meant to break your heart…and I've done that, in more ways than one. You deserve so much more than what I've given you. But I promise…I promise when you get better, I will make things right between us." The tears begin flowing steadily down her face. She wipes them and wraps her hands around Alan's as she begins to pray. "Oh god…please…please let Alan return to his family. He means so much so many different people. Please don't take him away from us. I know I don't have much stock left with you, but if I do, please let it count for something."

Monica kisses Alan's forehead, tucks him in tightly and heads to the door. She's surprised to see Emily there. Monica begins rambling while trying to keep her emotions under control. Emily cries uncontrollably and opens her arms to her mother. Monica breaks down in Emily's arms and apologizes for everything she's done. Emily strokes her mother's hair and lays her head upon hers as GH ends.
Next on Port Charles
- The citizens of Port Charles celebrate Thanksgiving Day


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