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THANKSGIVING DAY 2007 - PC: Episode 296



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PC - Episode 296
Sunday, November 25, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith

It's Thanksgiving Day in Port Charles, and all around the town, you'd expect families to get together and reflect on why they should be thankful. In any other town, that is exactly what would happen…but not in this one. Thanksgiving is the one on few days in Port Charles, where the citizens are willing to put aside their differences for the sake of being nice. It's been a very tough year in Port Charles, and all across town, you can feel things are off.
<b>Quartermaine Mansion</b>

Alice opens the door to Ned & Brenda, who wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Throughout the Quartermaine's, there isn't too much happiness to spread around. With Alan in the hospital, and relationships with Monica strained, for the second year in a row there isn't much to be thankful for. AJ comes downstairs, hanging up his phone after speaking to Michael. AJ lets everyone know that he and Carly agreed that Michael will spend Thanksgiving with her and Nikolas, but will come to the Q's for Christmas. That seems to cheer Edward up, who's been in a very cantankerous mood all day.

Monica enters soon after to a bunch of dirty stares. Edward promptly asks Monica to leave his house. Monica corrects Edward, saying it's <b>her</b> house, and that she was invited to dinner. Edward looks around at the family and asks who invited Monica. Emily comes from the study and says she did. Emily says like it or not, Alan would want her here. Emily instructs Alice to take Monica's coat and show her into the study where she can wait until dinner is ready. Alice grudgingly does what Emily asks.

Edward shakes his head and glares at Emily. He gets up and calls for Cook, asking when dinner will be ready.

Edward flashes back to the previous year, when all hell broke loose at the mansion: Suddenly a loud, piercing scream comes from the kitchen. Glasses and plates are heard being broken followed by a loud gobbling sound. To the surprise of Edward and the rest of the people at the Quartermaine Mansion, Cook runs from the kitchen and is being chased by a wild Turkey!

Edward shakes his head in disgrace and walks to the door of the kitchen. He pulls on the door to open it, but it appears as if Cook has locked it yet again. "Cook, I'm sure you've taken steps to make sure we won't run into the same problem we had last year."

Cook appears insulted by Edward's statement. "Last year wasn't my fault. You wanted fresh turkey…so I got you one."

"It doesn't matter whose fault it was. I just want a nice dinner this year ok. So tell me…what is on the menu?"

Edward hears Cook throwing a pot at one of the other chefs in the kitchen, demanding to see the menu. Edward pushes his ear closer to the door. Cook clears her throat and begins reading the menu. "Tonight's beef choice is thinly sliced roast beef with cabbage, carrots, potatoes and rice. We imported the best escargot from France and of course, your favorite Mr. Quartermaine….three cheese macaroni and cheese. There's your standard corn, biscuits and etc, as well as honey roasted ham and tonight's main course….Turducken."

"What in the hell is 'turducken'?" asks Edward cautiously. "On second thought, I don't want to know. As long as we don't end up with a damn pizza this year." Edward shakes his head and walks away. The scene cuts to Skye and Jax speaking.

"You know you haven't been asking my calls Skye. I'm beginning to think you're avoiding me." Jax says smiling.

"Oh no. Not at all. It's just…I wasn't sure how our little…," Skye's voice gets low, "tryst would change our friendship. It wasn't so much me avoiding you, as me being afraid." Skye takes a sip of what's in her wine glass. Jax looks at Skye and she immediately puts his suspicions to rest. "It's sparkling wine Jax. Non-alcoholic. In addition, I've begun attending meetings again. No one needs to know about my little relapse…or our night together."

"Shame on you Skye for wanting to keep me as your dirty little secret." Jax takes a drink and rubs Skye's shoulders. He notices Brenda enter the room with Ned. He excuses himself from Skye and goes to speak.

"Of course you'd leave me to go to her….again." Skye rolls her eyes and sits down. Skye's self-jab at Jax is in reference to Jax leaving her for Brenda the last time she was in town after they were married. Skye turns her head to the left as the scene transitions to a vase of flowers in the bedroom of Luke & Tracy.

Luke sits on the edge of the bed next to Tracy. She asks him how his visit was with Laura. Luke says it's no different than any other time. They speak to her, she's unresponsive, but it's still nice to be in the same room with her and the children. Luke says it breaks his heart to see his children disappointed every time they go to see Laura. They hope that each time will 'be the time' she comes out of her state, but each time nothing happens. Tracy kisses Luke on the cheek and asks where Lulu is. Luke says she decided to spend Thanksgiving with Nikolas, Lucky & Carly this year. Tracy gives Luke an out, and tells him if he wants to go back to Shadybrooke to see Laura he can. Luke turns her down, instead choosing to spend the holidays with Tracy.
<b>Scorpio House</b>

Mac opens the door to find Anna waiting with some food. The two civilly say hello before moving on from each other. Anna immediately runs over to Robin and gives her a kiss. Patrick hugs Anna and asks how she's doing. Anna says she's doing fine, but doesn't want to talk about her. She wants to spend time with her family on this wonderful day. Anna reaches into her pocket and pulls out a letter from her sister Alex and nephew Aiden. Anna says the letter arrived the other day, and she wanted to hand deliver it to Robin. Robin takes the letter and goes to read it in the other room.

When Robin leaves, Anna pulls Patrick to the side and asks if they've been receiving any strange phone calls lately. Patrick thinks, and then tells her they have. It started a few nights ago. The person calls, the sound is very broken up, and then the call ends. Anna says she has an idea of who it is. She tells Patrick to keep an eye out for Robert. Patrick looks a little worried and asks why he should keep an eye out. Anna shrugs innocently and says that it's almost time to get a visit from him soon. He hasn't been around since January….and he's known to make an entrance.

Upstairs, Maxie is getting an e-mail from her sister Georgie, who wishes she could be there with them right now, but is enjoying herself in Texas with their mother. Maxie rolls her eyes and e-mails her sister back. Serena asks why Maxie is so angry with Georgie and Felicia. Maxie says she's mainly angry at Georgie for leaving her to be with Felicia. Their mother has never given a damn about them before, and she isn't going to start now. The last time she was in town, she couldn't wait to leave. Georgie has this incessant need to be liked by everyone…including their mother. Maxie on the other hand could care less. Serena sees Maxie's bitterness and internally thanks that she has a better relationship with her mother than Maxie does with hers.

In the den, Lucy and David socialize with Scotty. Mac enters the room and asks if everyone is ok. Lucy gives Scotty a special look and tilts her head towards Mac. Scotty clears his throat and thanks Mac for inviting him over. Mac promptly tells Scotty he didn't, that Lucy made him and if it were up to him, he wouldn't let Scotty into the city….but today is Thanksgiving and he can nice to him…even if it kills him. Scotty forces a smile and sneers at Mac, before walking out the room to find Serena.

David's cell phone rings so he excuses himself from the group. When he steps into the other room, he answers and is surprised to hear from his daughter Babe, and grandson Little Adam. Babe tells her dad she misses him much, and can't wait to see him at Christmas. Babe lets Little A speak for a while, making David very happy. Babe gets back on and tells David she's heard the wonderful things he's been doing since moving to PC, and it makes her proud to be his daughter. David says he loves her and Little A and hangs up the phone.

David looks up to the sky, kisses two of his fingers and raises them high. Anna makes it known she's there and gives David a hug. David says he misses their daughter Leora (the daughter he and Anna lost in 2003) every day, and with each holiday that passes, it gets harder and harder. Anna wipes the tears from her face and agrees with him. She says they both have a lot to be thankful for, one of them being that Leora is in a better place. Anna pats him on the back and walks him back inside of the house.
<b>Audrey Hardy's House</b>

Elizabeth is staring at the snow beginning to fall down on the ground. She feels strong arms lovingly grab her around the waist and pull her closely. She leans back for a kiss and turns around. She sees Lucky smiling and he pulls her in for another kiss. Suddenly a knock on the door happens. Elizabeth realizes she had been daydreaming. She puts down her cup of tea and answers the door.

Elizabeth opens the door to Blake, who she invited over for Thanksgiving dinner. Audrey comes from the kitchen and gives Elizabeth's friend a hug. Blake decided not to spend Thanksgiving with his family. There's just something about holidays that scream "stay away from the Barringtons" when it comes to family get togethers. Steven comes downstairs with Cameron over his shoulder and hands him to Elizabeth. Audrey says dinner should be completed shortly. Steven heads into the living room to answer the phone. Audrey smiles at Elizabeth and Blake talking and playing with Cameron. She hasn't seen her granddaughter very happy for a long time. Even if these smiles are far and between, she loves them every time she sees one.
<b>Wyndemere Castle on Spoon Island</b>

Carly, Alexis and Lulu walk into the living room at Wyndemere with a snow covered Michael, Morgan, Kristina and Molly. The children love playing in the snow and as it is the first snow of the season, they couldn't wait to play. Across the room, Nikolas was talking to Lucky and Sam and broke away when Carly came in. Nikolas lovingly caressed Carly's protruding stomach. He proudly announces to his family that he can't wait for his babies to be born. Then he, Carly and the can be together as a family. Everyone smiles at his enthusiasm, except for Sam, who briefly scowls. She then smiles up at Lucky and mentions that she wants to see her sisters and Alexis.

Sam slowly walks over to Alexis and Ric and hugs Kristina and Molly. She wishes them a Happy Thanksgiving. Awkwardly they talk and Alexis tries to forge ahead with making conversation with her oldest daughter. Sam tries her best and lifts her champagne glass across the room to Lucky who is now talking with Lucas. Lucky asks Lucas if he is seeing anyone and Lucas says no. Carly did tell him that he could invite anyone so he asked Dante. However, Dante didn't feel comfortable coming to a close family gathering and decided to stay at his Frat House.

Alfred motions to Carly, quietly tells her that dinner is ready. Carly looks around the room and feels sad for a moment. A week earlier, she asked Jason if he wanted to join them for Thanksgiving dinner and he said no. He was going to get on his motorcycle and just drive. Carly shakes her head and smiles at Nikolas. She raises her voice and announces that dinner is served.
<b>Quartermaine Mansion</b>

Back at the mansion, Luke socializes with Skye, Ned, Brenda & Jax in the living room. AJ and Emily discuss what the turducken will taste like, while Edward reminisces of his time with Lila. Tracy takes advantage of this time to sneak into the study to confront Monica. Emily notices Tracy slip away and decides to follow her.

Monica stands when Tracy enters the room. Monica says she doesn't want to fight with Tracy, but isn't above doing it on a holiday. Tracy tells Monica to shut up and listen. For far too long Monica has gotten away with hurting her brother and not paying for it. She's had enough of it. Thanksgiving is a time to be around people you love and care for, and Monica isn't one of those people. She kindly suggests that Monica get a call to perform a surgery and make her leave. Emily enters midway and tells Tracy to stop it. Tracy gives Monica a look, who thanks Emily for being nice because of the holiday and prepares to exit. Satisfied with herself, Tracy smirks and gets ready to leave. Emily pulls Tracy back and demands to know why Tracy had to do what she did.

"If you're going to be working with me at ELQ, becoming my protégé, then you need to toughen up girl. You need to learn how to stand firm on the decisions you make."

"This isn't about business Tracy. This is family! Father would have wanted her to be here. I was willing to put aside my differences with her for one night. One night!"

Tracy tilts her head to the side and walks to Emily. She lowers her voice beyond a whisper. "That will be your ultimate downfall. Putting aside differences is to give in. To cave. That is not something I am willing to do in business….or when it comes to family."

A part of Emily understands what Tracy is saying, but the other part of her wanted to do something nice on behalf of Alan. During their conversation, a loud crashing sound comes from the kitchen. Tracy rolls her eyes and says not again.

Tracy & Emily rush into the main area of the house and look around. "What is going on here?" Emily asks.

Cook runs out of the kitchen and hops on the table with all the food. "I have good news and bad news. The good news is the 'tur' part of tonight's dinner is done. The bad news….the 'ucken"….not so much."

The rest of the cooks throw down their aprons and hats, and walk out of the house. Skye asks why everyone is leaving. One of the chefs say Cook's obsession with 'fresh' food has gone too far. One of the female chefs come out of the kitchen carrying a duck! The duck manages to squirm free and starts snipping at Cook. Tracy sticks her head into the kitchen and screams.

"There….is a CHICKEN running around our kitchen!"

"Is someone going to explain to me what this….turducken is?" says Luke taking a drink.

"I second that!" Edward yells.

"Turducken is turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken. It's the new "in" thing," says Jax laughing at Cook.

Dillon enters the room with a bag of food. "Umm….why is there are there live animals in our house?" Dillon surveys the mess in the living room, looks at Ned and says never mind. "I thought something like this would happen. So I ordered Chinese."

"It smells delicious" AJ says. "What'd ya get?"

Dillon smiles and holds up the bags. "Roast duck with fried rice, general tso's chicken and chicken lo mein."

The animals look at Dillon and start chasing him. Dillon runs into the storage room and locks them in. "I guess they didn't like that their cousins were being served."

"Someone get Dominoes on the phone! I don't see why we just don't skip all the drama and order pizza anyway!" yells Tracy. "Start cleaning this up Alice. We're having food delivered."

Another knock on the door happens. Jason enters. He looks around and shakes his head. "I guess I came at the perfect time."

"Jason my boy! I'm so glad you made it." Edward says with a smile. "Sorry about the mess. But don't worry. It'll all be cleaned up soon. And then we're calling for Pizza. Are you going to stay?"

Jason takes off his leather jacket and tosses it on the rack. "I think I will. Alan would want me here. Oh, before I forget." He steps back out…is gone for a few minutes…then returns with pizzas. "I thought these might come in handy."

Dillon & Ned rush over and grab the boxes. Edward tells them to take them out to the patio and turn the heaters on. Alice directs everyone to the patio.

Jason pulls Edward back from walking outside. "I just wanted to say….Happy Thanksgiving Edward." Jason pats Edward on the back and then walks with Emily. Edward smiles, then walks over to the mantle. He picks up a picture of the family from the mid 90's. He wipes it off and places it next to a picture of Lila. Tracy appears by the door, and asks Edward if he's coming out. He says yes. Tracy reaches out her hand to her father. Edward and Tracy walk out hand in hand.


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I knew this episode would be a good one. :)

I loved the Q's family drama. Same as every year. No changes. :lol:

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