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Bobbie's Plea Deal - PC: Episode 297



PC - Episode 297
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith

Alexis strides in her office with coffee and Bobbie's file in hand. She throws the file down on her desk and goes to the door yelling for Ric to get into her office. He walks in and closes the door, asking her what's wrong. She is frowning and pinching her nose and remarks, "I just got out of a meeting with Mayor Floyd. Not only does he want us to go after Bobbie with all guns blazing, he told me that if I didn't get it done, he would most likely force me to resign."

Ric clenches his fists together. "That son of a bitch. He has no right!"

"Yeah well, I still want to see what Bobbie's lawyer has for us." Alexis checks her watch. "Bobbie and her lawyer should be getting here very shortly."

Darin Palmer opens that door, an air of arrogance surrounding him. "I just got a call from the Mayor. He wants me to sit in on the meeting, make sure that the two of you are playing by the book and not showing any favors for Mrs. Drake." Darin sits down at the conference table. "I told the Mayor you two wouldn't mind."

"Actually Mr. Palmer, since I am handling this case, I DO mind. You are walking on a dangerous line with me, saying that I will treat her differently than any other person that walks through this office. It is insulting not only as an officer of the court, but as a person." Alexis fires back at Darin. "So I would appreciate it if you get out of my office."

Darin shrugs and says mockingly, "No can do."

Alexis prepares to launch into a tirade against Darin when a knock on the door interrupts her. Alexis clears her throat, "Who is it?"

"Scott Baldwin representing Barbara Jean Drake." Scott says as he enters the room with Bobbie. "Hello counselors, pleasure to see some of you again" Scott smirks. Alexis and Ric look at each other and Alexis raises an eyebrow.
Carly enters Sonny's house with much concern.

"I'm glad you came Mrs. C," Max says. "The boss really needs you." Max shows Carly into the den where Sonny is sitting alone in the dark. "I'll leave you two alone."

Carly bites her lip and sits down on the sofa. "Sonny? Sonny….it's Carly. How are you?"

Sonny looks up at Carly with dead eyes, before turning his head away from her. "Get out."

"Sonny? Don't do this. Don't shut me out. Talk to me, tell me what's wrong." Carly walks over and touches his face. "You know you can trust me." She grabs his shaking hand and tries to calm him down.

"I don't trust myself. Why do you think I haven't had the boys here? I can't protect them anymore! My son….Michael….attacked on his way home like he was nothing…NOTHING!" Sonny throws his glass towards the wall, shattering it into a million pieces. "That should have never happened. He should have never been affected by this business. I have no one to blame but myself."

Carly can't really disagree with Sonny on that part. It's his choices that have led to his family being vulnerable. However, she doesn't share that with him. Instead, she chooses to defend Sonny and support him. "No Sonny. You have done the best you can to protect us. You're not perfect. You make mistakes. But you learn from them."
Scott and Bobbie sit down and Scott opens his briefcase, asking, "Who's this?" Indicating Darin.

"Darin Palmer, I am an assistant District Attorney here" he answers.

Scott chuckles, "Good luck there Palmer. I've held the office of District Attorney for this fine city and it's, well, full of interesting people." He looks at Alexis, "Shall we begin counselors?"

"Of course." Alexis' eyes are filled with compassion as she glances at Bobbie, who remains silent. Alexis puts on her glasses and opens the file before her. "Mrs. Drake, Mr. Baldwin, drunk driving is a very serious felony. A young man, Brandon Wexler lost his life. We also have a confession that Mrs. Drake made after she turned herself in. I also have to take into consideration that Mrs. Drake fled town when she knew we were investigating her."

Scott folds his arms over his lap and leans back in his chair. "Bobbie…..Mrs. Drake turned herself in to the police when she learned that she was a fugitive. She is a member in good standing in this community and has saved countless lives at General Hospital in her years there as a nurse. Clearly you need to take that into consideration Ms. Davis."

Alexis looks at him over her glasses, "I am."

Darin intercedes, "Wasn't Mrs. Drake also a prostitute for a number of years? In fact, isn't her daughter Caroline born from one of her johns?"

Bobbie grips the sides of her chair and half rises from Darin's quick verbal attack. Scott slams his fist down on the table, "Who the hell is this jackass? If you want to bring Carly into this conversation, who is it in this room that locked her in a goddamned panic room! Get this buffoon out of here or I'll toss him out on his keister!" Scott yells, the vein in his neck looking like it would explode.

The tension in the air was thick when Alexis quietly demands that Darin leave. He nervously slides out of his chair and leaves, slamming the door shut. Ric stands up and gets Bobbie a Kleenex while Alexis apologizes for Darin. Bobbie dabs at her eyes and Alexis asks if it is ok to continue. Scott leans over and asks Bobbie if she is ok, that they can leave at any time. She says that she just wants to get this over with.
Sonny looks to his left and sees his the man who's been haunting his dreams….his alter…Clone Sonny. Clone Sonny tells him everyone around him will die and it'll be all his fault. Their blood will be forever stained in his hands….and there's nothing he can do about it. That phrase plays over and over in Sonny's head.

"I don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to you. You mean the world to me. You know that. If anything ever happened to you…." Sonny lets his voice trail off. He says his words very slowly, with much feeling. "I'd kill….whoever it was that hurt you….and then I'd kill myself for letting it happen."

Carly can see the pain on Sonny's face. The light that would appear in his eyes from time to time is now completely gone. Just like it was during his last breakdown. Carly fights back tears, trying to stop her lip from quivering. "Nothing is going to happen to me Sonny." She says forcing a smile. "I know you'll protect me. You always have…and you always will." Carly knows Michael's attack is the straw that broke the camel's back. Sonny's had a hell of a year…first losing his sister and almost his life. This brewing war, being attacked in the park with Mike, and now his son, attacked on his way home from school.

"I'll fix this. I promise. I'll end for good." Sonny whispers in her ear. Sonny gets up and walks upstairs.

Carly, shaken from her encounter with Sonny steps out into the foyer. She tells Max to keep an eye out on Sonny until she can get Jason over. Max says Jason won't come. He's called and he doesn't want anything to do with Sonny or the business. Carly wants to stay, but she can't just put her life on hold for Sonny again. She tells Max to call her if anything happens. She'll have the driver take her right over. Max says will do.
"18 months, out in six, including time served in prison, seven years probation and 1000 hours community service. Mandatory AA meetings in prison and out. Loss of her license for five years, restored upon successful completion of an alcohol rehabilitation." Alexis offers

Scott shakes his head. "No jail. Probation and community service."

"No way" Ric says. "We have to have jail time."

"Ten months in jail, time served, 1 year mandatory alcohol rehabilitation, to be served during her time in jail. Afterwards, 2 months in-patient, 4 months out-patient. Loss of license for 6 years. Five years probation, 3000 hours community service and a $35,000 fine, to be used to establish a fund for victims of drunk driving." Scott shoots back.

"On top of that, I want bi-weekly AA meetings during out patient treatment, as well as a written report from her case worker to gauge her behavior. If she is scheduled to work at the hospital, then she is to check with the Chief of Staff to get into one during her lunch breaks." Alexis offers back. "Final offer and I would accept it if I were you."

Scott looks at Bobbie and nods. "I'll take it." She swallows and looks at both Alexis and Ric. "Thank you. You didn't have to do this…..but you did. Thank you."

Scott and Bobbie depart leaving Ric alone with Alexis. He takes her in his arms and gives her a hug. "You did the right thing Alexis."

"I guess I better get my resignation letter typed up soon because once the mayor hears of this, there is no doubt I will be out of a job." Alexis says into Ric's shoulder. She leans back and looks him straight in the eye. She leans up and kisses him softly. "Thank you for being you."
Next…on Port Charles
- Noah isn't sure how he'll handle Bobbie being in jail
- Lucas refuses to go to Bobbie's sentencing
- Nikolas shares his plans with Lucky


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I liked the episode. Again it was easy to follow from your previous episodes. I really feel for Sonny and can understand why he feels the way he feels. i wonder what he means that he'll end it.

Also I loved the Bobbie and friends scenes. Really really great. I also like how there were two storylines and it was flipping back and forth.

Also had to laugh at Scotty's vein comment.

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Ok. Darin needs his [&#33;@#&#036;%^&amp;*] ass kicked. I'm sick of this arrogant little punk. He feels he can slam doors and talk to everyone anyway he sees fit. Please have SOMEONE in that town beat the [&#33;@#&#036;%^&amp;*] out of. Please? For me?

Sonny needs to get his act together. shutting folks out is not the way.

I'm really interested in seeing where this story with Bobbie is going. But, for that ashsole Darin to bring that up....

Just whup his ass, yall. Damn. :lol:

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I kinda feel that Darin being present gives us a new Antagonistic Lawyer, now Ric and evolve into a good lawyer. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but it did to me, lol. Great episode.

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Good episode. Good to see that you introduced another attorney. I like the scenes involving Bobbie. I found myself feeling sorry for her. I also like how you wrote that last Ric and Alexis scene. I've always wanted to like this couple, but Guza has given me plenty of reasons not to. That could change with you. Anyways overall a well written episode. Keep up the good work!

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