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PC: Episode 298



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PC - Episode 298
Thursday, November 29, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith

It's the next morning in Port Charles, and at Wyndemere, Nikolas talks with Lucky about Bobbie's sentencing. Neither is aware that Helena is eavesdropping from one of the tunnels behind Nikolas' desk. Lucky isn't sure how his dad will get along without Bobbie. Those two have been attached to the hip since coming to Port Charles. This is the first time that being apart is beyond their control. Helena is shown mouthing "oh poor Luke" in a sarcastic tone to herself. Nikolas asks when Lucky is leaving for the courthouse. Lucky says he's picking up Lulu, Carly & Michael, and then heading over. Nikolas is happy the three of them are sticking together. He would have gone with them, but Carly asked him not to go.

Nikolas says he wants to do something special for Carly. Something that will take her mind off of her problems and make her think about her future. Lucky asks what he has in mind. Nikolas walks over to his locked desk, and takes out a box. He tosses it to Lucky. Lucky's eyes sparkle when he opens the box. Inside is an engagement ring.

"You can close your mouth now," Nikolas says smiling. "This is the one. This is the ring that I will place on her finger at our engagement party."

"Engagement party? You're gonna ask Carly to marry you?"

"Yes I am." Nikolas takes the ring back and places it in his desk. "The time has come for Carly and I to take the next step. I just hope she'll do me the honor of becoming my wife."

Lucky gives his brother a hug, telling him to do what makes him and his son happy….even if it means being with Carly. Nikolas asks for Lucky's support in making their engagement party work. It's nothing too big. Only friends and family…those that will come that is….and a nice dinner…..and it's going to be tomorrow! Alfred can set everything up, all Lucky has to do is help Nikolas supervise. Lucky gives his brother his word and promises not to say anything to Carly. Nikolas says he has to run into the city, so he'll ride the launch with Lucky back to Port Charles. When the two exit, Helena comes out and sits down at Nikolas' desk in the dark. She mocks her grandson for not locking his desk back, and takes out the ring.

"I'd curse you, but I doubt you'll ever make to Carly's ring finger," says Helena to the ring. "Soon Caroline will be nothing but a memory. Another name in the long list of woman who my grandson will have mourned for."

Helena tosses the ring back into the draw, and heads out the way she came in.
Noah walks through his and Bobbie's brownstone, gathering mementos for Bobbie to take with her, if she can, when she goes away. He's been such a horrible husband. He thought they could hide behind their love, but it was only temporary. Hell…is their love even real? Would they have gotten married if it wasn't for Bobbie's legal troubles? Who knows? They've barely even had time to enjoy being married. Always afraid of the other shoe dropping and being exposed. The truth of the matter is that he doesn't what he'll do while she's away. He can put on a brave face and continue on with his career, but he'll still come home to an empty house.

Noah walks into the den and picks up a picture of he and Bobbie from their quick Vegas wedding. She looks really happy. Noah puts down the picture, and picks up another one from last Christmas. It's the first "family" picture, before they were truly a family. The looks on the faces of those in the photo: Bobbie, Noah, Carly, Patrick & Lucas are all that of happy people. Noah shakes his head and walks away. Noah looks at the invitation to the party being held at Mac's for Robin & Patrick. That'll be his first public showing since Bobbie will be in jail. He doesn't know how he'll make it without her….
Meanwhile, Dante and Lucas are working out at the campus gym when Lucas' phone rings. Lucas excuses himself and answers his phone.

"Hello?....Hi Carly……I'm at the gym……yes I know about Bobbie's sentencing……I'm not going…….Because I don't want to. Why should I? All that our mother has done is cause me pain for the past year. I'm sick of it……Look, I don't have time for this……Yeah, I love you do. Bye."

Lucas hangs up his phone and sits down on the bench. Dante walks over out of breath and sweating. He asks if everything is ok. Lucas tells him no, it's not. Lucas tells him that Carly wants him to go to Bobbie's sentencing later. He doesn't know if he's ready to see her. How can he look at her after everything she's done?

Dante listens to Lucas vent to him about his issues with Bobbie, then decides to give his friend some sage advice. "We only have one mother Lucas. You were fortunate enough to have two. From what I've gathered, Bobbie has loved you since you were a little kid. She's been there for you as a real mother would for her child. In a perfect world, Bobbie would have accepted you coming out and embraced you. But this isn't a perfect world Lucas." Dante seems to be speaking from a personal place, but Lucas doesn't notice. "It was difficult for her to accept your life. Not because she hated you, but because she was afraid for you. Your mother made a huge mistake. A horrible mistake, but she's going to pay for it in more ways than one. You may never be able to forgive her for what she's done, but you still love her. Your love may be the reason she's able to overcome her alcohol dependency. Your love may be the reason she comes out of this a better person. Think about that Lucas. Some of us wish we could have a mother to fight with."

Dante grabs his towel and wipes off his chest and face. He tells Lucas to think about what he said before taking off. Lucas forward and puts his face in his hands. He pulls his wet hair away from his face and sits back shaking his head. Maybe Dante's right. In his anger towards his mother, he's lost all of the good times they had together. But how is he supposed to forget that she killed the man he loved? How can he put that behind him? Lucas grabs his stuff and heads back to his apartment, he has a big decision to make.
Next…on Port Charles
- Bobbie says her goodbyes before she's taken away
- Will Lucas show up and say goodbye?
- Helena's cold words leave Nikolas with an uneasy feeling


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