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Bobbie Says Goodbye - PC: Episode 299



PC - Episode 299
Sunday, December 2, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith

Mac slides back the door to Bobbie's jail cell. He informs her that it was time. In a plea bargain agreement, Bobbie was being sentenced to ten months in jail, time served, 1 year mandatory alcohol rehabilitation, to be served during her time in jail. Afterwards, 2 months in-patient, 4 months out-patient. Loss of license for 6 years. Five years probation, 3000 hours community service and a fined $35,000. Bobbie asks Mac if her family is there. Mac hesitates before telling her that Noah, Luke, Lulu, Lucky, Carly and Michael were there. Bobbie starts to tear up when she realizes that Lucas isn't coming.
At Wyndemere, Helena is sitting in the rocking chair holding little Spencer. She flashes back to knocking out the nanny with chloroform and making seem as if she passed out downstairs. She holds her great-grandson in her arms and sniffs his hair.

"You have a brilliant future ahead of you my child. You are destined to do great things, as your father once was. Unfortunately, Nikolas was too blinded by outside parties to realize his true potential. It's a shame I'm forbidden to spend time with you my young prince. Oh, the things I could teach you….if only your father would just do the right thing and give you to me. I would raise you to maximize your full potential."

Helena gently rocks Spencer back and forth in the chair putting him to sleep. She lays him down and walks over to the dresser, which has pictures of Courtney (Spencer's mother), and Nikolas & Carly. Helena's eyes fixates on Carly. She takes the picture out of the frame and rips it apart before laying it back down on the dresser. Helena makes her way back over to Spencer's bed and watches over him.

"Get the hell away from my son," says Nikolas glaring at Helena from the doorway.
Bobbie follows Mac into the main lobby area where her family is gathered. Bobbie hugs Lucky and Lulu, telling them that she loves them very much. Luke gathers her into a big hug and whispers that he will always be there for her. Bobbie replies that she knows, and wipes the tears from her eyes. Luke and his children leave after telling her that they will keep in touch.

Michael hugs his grandmother and tells her that he loves her and will miss her. Bobbie asks Carly where Morgan is and Carly replies that she didn't want her youngest to see his grandmother in handcuffs. Bobbie nods and asks how Lucas is. Carly shakes her head and begins to tear up. She tells her mother how devastated he's been. She says eventually he'll come around, but for now all they can do is give him his space. She hugs her mother and begins crying. She promises she'll keep in contact with Bobbie, and when she gets out, she's going to be a new grandma! Carly kisses Bobbie on the cheek and says goodbye. She puts her arm around Michael's shoulder and leads him out of the police station without saying another word.
"Get the hell away from my son," Nikolas says standing in the doorway. "I won't tell you again Helena."

Helena slowly backs away from young Spencer and allows Nikolas to come over and check the child. When he sees no visible harm has been done, he orders her out of the room. Nikolas closes the door to the room and proceeds to lay into his grandmother.

"What are you doing here. How dare you show your face here after what you've done to Sam & Alexis. You have ruined that girls life, the same way you tried to ruin Lucky's life."

Helena laughs in Nikolas face, knowing that he's oblivious to what she's set into motion. "Maybe you should begin worrying about those close to you, instead of your worthless cousin."

Nikolas seems interested on Helena's comment. "What…or should I say who should I be worrying about?"

"Try all you want Nikolas, but you cannot stop me from making sure you fulfill your destiny. I will continue to protect the legacy of the Cassadine family. Even if that means hurting those that you care about. I've been distracted Nikolas, but I'm more focused than ever. And I intend on correcting the mistakes you've made, and making sure you learn from them."

Helena then walks away, leaving Nikolas to think about what she's said. Nikolas re-enters Spencer's room and notices the ripped photo on his dresser. He suddenly has a feeling something bad is going to happen.
Bobbie looks up at Noah with fresh tears in her eyes. She confesses that she made so many mistakes, but she wants to make everything right. Noah says that she is on the right path to do that. He cups her face and touches his lips to hers, "Remember Bobbie, I love you. I will come visit you as often as they let me." Bobbie's smile wavers as she realizes that this is goodbye for now. Mac comes up to her and tells her that it's time to go. "I love you Bobbie," Noah tells her, his heart in his eyes. "I have always loved you."

As Mac leads Bobbie away, something catches her attention from the corner of her eye. She turns and is surprised to see Lucas. He stares with much pain in his eyes. Though they don't say anything to each other, just Lucas being there is enough for Bobbie. She tells Mac she's ready as he takes her back to her cell.

Lucas watches as Bobbie is carted away. Tears slowly fall down his face as he mouths, "I love you."
Later that night…..

A mysterious intruder has just exited the garage of Carly's house. They take out their cell phone and place a call, saying "It's done."

The scene transitions to inside the garage, where brake fluid is leaking from underneath the car.
Next…on Port Charles
- Alexis learns Nikolas plans to ask Carly to marry him
- In an attempt to get her mind of her mother, Nikolas tries to get Carly to come to Wyndemere
- Carly & Nikolas are unaware of the danger that await them
- Robin & Patrick's pregnancy party begins at Mac's


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I love your version of Helena!!! She not as cartoonish as she has been in the past.

I felt so bad for Bobbie, I loved that Lucas showed up and let his mother know he loves her.

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I hope Bobbie isn't gone long. I have seriously loved how much you have significantly used her character. Regarding Carly, I know it's doubtful but I'm still crossing my fingers that you'll kill the bitch, or at least her devil spawn.

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