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PC – Episode 300
Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith

Carly is shown standing on the side of the road, looking at something happening ahead. She tries to make out what it is, but the more she tries to focus on the scene, the blurrier her vision becomes. She walks slowly towards what has her attention. She hears people calling her name, telling her they love her, but she can't get to them. Suddenly, she appears at the hospital, watching someone being operated on. She turns to her right and tries to make out the faces staring through the window. 4 people, crying, afraid for the person inside on the operating table. Suddenly Carly appears inside the room with the doctors. They declare the person dead. Carly eases over to the table and removes the sheet…..a horrified looks comes upon Carly's face! Suddenly……..

Carly sits up and screams in panic. She puts her face her hands, letting her hair fall forward. She takes a deep breath and flips her hair back. "Not again," she says to herself. This has been a recurring nightmare of Carly's October. Each time, it just scares her senseless. She goes to her closet to put on her robe when she notices her bedroom door was locked. Carly never locks her door when she's home with the boys. Something could happen and they may need to get into her room. She chalks it up to accidentally locking the door, oblivious to the fact that she wasn't alone in her room last night….
Alexis knocks on the door to Nikolas' study and enters the room. She kisses her nephew and sits down to catch up on how things are with him. Nikolas says beyond a little run in with Helena, he's doing great. Alexis shudders and curses the evil matriarch of the Cassadine family. Nikolas decides to talk about something positive, and begins beaming from ear to ear, happily telling Alexis things between he and Carly have never been better. Alexis specifically asks about Nikolas, not necessarily Carly. Nikolas tells Alexis that she's going to have to learn how to tolerate Carly sooner or later. She is carrying her great-niece & nephew. Alexis jokingly asks if Nikolas is sure the babies are his. Nikolas looks offended, but Alexis says she has a point.

Nikolas re-assures his aunt that the twins are indeed his, and he's looking forward to his new life together with Carly….with or without Alexis' approval. Alexis smirks at Nikolas, then rolls her eyes. Alexis says it's obvious that he loves Carly, and Carly even loves Nikolas. So as long as he's happy, she's happy. Nikolas tells her that's great, because he's going to want her to be at his wedding. Once Alexis picks her jaw up from the floor, she forces out a congratulations and hugs Nikolas all the while gritting her teeth. Nikolas says it's not a done deal yet. He plans on asking Carly today. Alexis says well then it's a that she wanted to spend some time Spencer. Nikolas has Alfred get Spencer ready to go with Alexis, while he takes Alexis to see the living room. He explains to her he originally wanted to do a dinner party, but Lucky & Lulu thought it'd be a little odd, especially if Carly said no. Nikolas walks Alexis down the hall and opens the door to the living room, showing off what he and his brother & sister came up with.
The Scorpio House was decorated festively for the party to celebrate Robin and Patrick's pregnancy. Brenda, Maxie and Anna were all there, working hard to get the house complete. The house was cleaned and Brenda was just going through making sure everything was perfect. Brenda had called Jax and used his contacts to use the best catering company New York City had to offer. Because of him, they now had so much food and drinks the kitchen was overflowing. Tables were set up so that the food could be served buffet style. Brenda had hired some of the workers from the catering company to work the party.

Anna and Maxie were sitting on the couch, looking through the picture book of Robin and Patrick. They, along with Noah, had put together old baby pictures into a book to give to the happy couple. Brenda had taken some of the pictures and blew them up and hung them around the house. Very soon, people would start to arrive.

Brenda walked into the living room and surveyed the room. "I think everything is all set." Brenda glanced at her watch. "People will start getting here. I am so excited!"
Carly was going to take advantage of this day. She wasn't feeling 100%, but then again, that was what pregnancy was all about. She just wanted to curl up on the couch and catch some past episodes of Gossip Girl, her new favorite TV show that she TiVo's ever week. Michael and Morgan were at school and then were going to be picked up by Sonny (against her better judgment) so they can go shopping. She was happy to have some down time after the events of the past few weeks. She glances over at a picture of herself and Bobbie and feels sad.

Settling down with some ice cream, Carly sighs when her cell rings. It's Nikolas. "Hey babe. What are you doing?"

Nikolas looks around the living room at Wyndemere. He had their chef make all of Carly's favorite dishes…which isn't very hard since it's all junk food. Flowers were everywhere as well as non scented candles because he knew that recently, the scented ones made her sick. He had a beautiful kimono flown in from Japan for Carly. He also went out to purchase massage oils so that he could rub her belly just the way she liked. Hanging up on the doorway was his tuxedo. "I need to see you right away. Could you please come over here?"

Carly sighs again and looks longingly at her ice cream and her TV. "Nikolas, I really don't feel like it. The boys are gone and I really just want this day to myself."

"Please Carly." Nikolas insists. She refuses and they go back and forth. He firmly tells her that he has to see her and she finally tells him that if he wants to see her, he has to come to her. "I can't Carly. You have to come to Wyndemere."

"Nikolas, I sent my driver away with the boys. Why can't this wait until tomorrow or better yet, send me your car?" Carly whines.

Nikolas begins to get a little annoyed. He knows Carly may not be in the best of moods after having to say goodbye to her mother as she went off to jail only the day before, but maybe this will make her happy. "My driver brought took Alexis & Spencer back to the main island and he won't be back anytime soon." Nikolas explains. "Trust me; this will be worth your while." Nikolas cajoles.

Carly stands up and pulls down her Liz Lange maternity shirt over her leggings. She could drive herself over there, but everyone knows her paranoia about driving. She looks out the window and sees that the sky is clear. She reluctantly gives in. "Fine ok. I will be there in about thirty minutes. But I want you to talk to me the entire time….you know I hate driving!" She pouts. Carly says I love you to Nikolas and hangs up after Nikolas agrees to her terms.

Nikolas smiles and takes Carly's engagement ring out of his pocket and smiles. The scene transitions to Carly walking upstairs to change clothes, before fading into her garage, where the brake fluid from Carly's car leaks slower and slower.
Next…on Port Charles
- An unexpected guest drops in during Robin & Patrick's party
- Carly & Nikolas are unaware of the danger that awaits her
- Monica's words have a big affect on a comatose Alan


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Carly & Nick!! SWOON! I love them and for some reason have wanted them together for years now. Im so glad you went with this. I cant wait to see whats going to happen and how all will play out.

I also love how you gave Maxie a soul and show it. Brenda being back is great as well (Tho i dont go by your casting on that one. I just vision the ONLY brenda there ever will be - Vanessa Marcil). Im loving the family/friend dynamic you have going on everywhere.

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Simply love Carly and Nik...I'm not looking forward to the aftermath of what's waiting for Carly in the next episode... Also loving the beginnings of the baby shower for Robin...

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