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PC – Episode 301
Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler
Tishy Smith
Jennifer Snyder

Forty five minutes later, Carly grabs her things and gets in the car. Nervously she turns the key and calls Nikolas. "So how are all three of my babies?" Nikolas asks, in an effort to get Carly in a good mood.

It does the trick. "Well, I think our little boy is a mood tonight! He is rolling around and doing lots of kicking. Our little girl though, she is the feisty one. She too is kicking as usual. She never stops. It's like a soccer game in here" Carly smiles, thinking off her children and looks into the rear view mirror.

Nikolas' smooth voice comes over the line. "Obviously, our little girl takes after you."

"Of course she does!" Carly laughs. The two continue to talk as Carly drives. Nikolas is doing a really good job keeping her calm. "Where are you Carly?"

Looking into the mirror again, Carly sees a car turn from a side road and is several car length behind her. She pays no attention to it.
Since Alan's heart attack, Monica has been coming to the Cardiac Care Unit to get updates on Alan and to visit with him. She hates to think of him as lonely. She will chat with him about what is going on in the world and tell him how Emily finally hugged her. She hasn't been able to tell him about their breakthrough, but hopes it will lead to more civil interactions between them. Monica opens up the door and kisses his smooth cheek. She's grateful that someone, probably AJ or Ned is shaving for him. Then she grasps his hand and rubs it against her cheek. "Good morning my love." Monica whispers to her husband.

"It's another day honey and again you are here. I really hope you can hear me. Emily hugged me the other day. It's the first time she's hugged me since she's been back home. It felt so good to be comforted by our daughter. Oh Alan, she is so beautiful, but so angry at me. I know that I deserve her anger, I deserve everyone's anger." Monica sighs. "On the plus side, AJ and I are making inroads. We have been talking a lot and he regrets a lot of what he has done in the past. You know, Carly has allowed Michael to come see you."

Monica pauses as tears start to form in her eyes. She waits until the tears subside. "Michael actually wants to see you." Monica stands up and takes a look at Alan's chart. She is happy that David is the doctor for Alan, she may not like him, but he is the best cardiologist in the East. She sits down next to him and fills him in on Robin's pregnancy as well as Carly's. She then looks out the window.
Maxie and Anna stand up as the doorbell rings and the guests start to arrive. As grandfather of the new baby, Noah was the first to arrive. Noah feels a little uncomfortable being around everyone, but Anna goes out of her way to assure Noah that he'll enjoy himself. Mac walks over and apologizes for what happened with Bobbie. Noah tells him no apologies needed. Mac had a job to do, and he did it. The two men shake hands and agree to have a good time.

Lainey and Kelly arrived as well as Steven and Elizabeth with Blake. Lucky & Emily came soon after followed by Epiphany, Lucy, David, Ned, and Jax. People were starting to mingle and catch up with one another.

Emily hugs Elizabeth and the two begin to catch up. Elizabeth asks how Lucky is doing following their divorce. Emily says he's doing ok. It appears as if he's moving on with his life. Elizabeth gazes over at Lucky, who looks back at her. Their eyes meet for a few seconds, before they both break away and return to their respective conversations. Emily suggests Liz do the same thing. If there's one thing that came from their divorce, it's that they decided to be civil for Cameron's sake. Emily hopes through that bond, they will be able to become friends again. For now, Emily wants to know all about Elizabeth's friend Blake.

Jax heads over to the bar area and is shortly joined by Anna. "Should I put my number on a milk carton?" She asks sarcastically. "It's that it's lost. Have you seen it?"

Jax nervously smiles. "Maybe I would have called if I had known you were interested. See, I don't like being used to make others jealous Commissioner." Jax says referring to Anna's flirtations with Lorenzo. "I'm not stupid. I know you have a thing for him. I'm finished dating women with an attraction to those in the underworld." Jax excuses himself and walks away from Anna, leaving her speechless. It's not every day someone resists her charms. But he's got a point.

"They're here!" Maxie yells excitedly. "Everyone get ready."

The guests in the house lower their voices and anxiously await the arrival of Robin and Patrick. The doorbell rings, Maxie lets them in and everyone yells surprise! Brenda & Maxie hi-five each other, smiling at a job well done. Anna & Mac exchange glances, smiling after seeing the happy look on Robin's face. The two of them deciding to call a truce was worth seeing Robin glowing.
Back at the hospital, Monica lets several minutes pass before she starts to speak, "I made such a mistake when I had my affair with Kevin. I don't know what came over me. I guess a part of me missed being wanted the way he wanted me. You and I were have so many problems that I forgot the things that made you and I so great. Ever since your heart attack, I've thought about all of the good moments we've had. When I think about all of the crap we've put each other through, it makes me wonder how we could have ever loved each other."

Monica leans back in her chair and smiles. "But with every bad memory, there is one that is just as better. Like the night before my cancer surgery, I was so afraid that no one would want to ever be with me. But you, you made me feel like such a beautiful woman that night. Monica flashes back to the night before her cancer surgery….

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Tears form in her eyes as she stands up. "How could I have been so stupid?" She says to herself angrily. "I have to get back to work now my love. Please know that in all my heart, I want those times back with you. I love you with all my heart. I will ALWAYS love you, forever and always!"

Monica starts to weep. She puts her head on his chest and whispers over and over again that she loves Alan. "Monicaaaaaa" Alan whispers as his eyes start to focus….
Carly relaxes a little after being so stressed about driving. Her fear of driving is quite rational. For years she believed her best friend died in a tragic car accident…and accident that left Carly with a great fear of driving. Then there's the accident from a few years ago. Nikolas being on the phone with her really eased her fears.

"I am going up the hill before the bridge. I should be there in about five minutes or so. Why?"

Nikolas laughs sexily. "I'm walking out to the terrace now. Maybe I'll see you driving by. I have a wonderful surprise for you.

"You better!" Carly accelerates to get up hill. She reaches the crest of the hill and starts to go down. She starts to brake and realizes that there is no tension in her brake and she is in fact, gaining speed. "Nikolas..." Fear starts to edge into her voice. "Something is wrong with the car."
The scene cuts back to the Scorpio household. Everyone is in the backyard eating and enjoying themselves. Mac asks for everyone's attention so he can make a toast.

"There comes a time in every man's life where he has to accept some truths. Robin, you have been like a daughter to me. I've cared for you since you were a young teenager and I've watched you grow into a wonderful, beautiful woman….and a talented physician. I've seen you through the best of times, and through the worst of times. From first boyfriends, to first heartaches, and now…." Mac chokes back his tears. "Now you're going to be a mother. It thrills me to see you so happy." Mac hugs Robin and turns to Patrick. "You make Robin happy, and that's enough to win me over. To Robin & Patrick…and the life they created!"

Everyone toasts to Robin & Patrick. A loud plane flies overhead. Something in the sky catches Anna's attention. "What in the hell?"

Someone in a parachute drops in from the sky dressed in all black. The person slowly begins taking off the chute and the helmet.

The scene alternates between the expressions of Mac, Anna & Robin.

"Oh…." Mac begins.

"My…." Anna continues…

The person finally takes off the helmet. "Dad?!!!" Robin asks confused as hell.


"There can't be a party without me." Robert says cheerfully with his thick Australian accent. "Come give daddy a hug!"
The scene shifts to Nikolas standing on the terrace of Wyndemere. "You are almost here Carly! Are you on the bridge yet?"

"Yes and I can't stop!" Carly turns her head and sees the black sedan coming faster and is right behind her. The sedan is very close to her. Panic rushes through her body as she yells, "Get the hell away from me!" The car nudges her, sending her car dangerously forward. "What the! Oh my God!" She is able to control the car as she yells out to Nikolas.

Nikolas is seen gripping the phone, panic written all over his face. "Carly, what is going on? CARLY!!!! Talk to me damn it! Are you ok?"

Nikolas hops over the edge of the terrace and runs to the Cliffside of Spoon Island. From the distance, he can see a clearer view of the bridge. Back at the bridge, again the car hits Carly's and sets her out of control in a spin. Carly unbuckles her seatbelt. She tries to shoulder her door open but is hit again. The force knocks her forward, causing her to bang her head on the steering wheel. The black sedan crashes into her car yet again. The scene shifts to her car slowly going off the bridge.

Cut to black……
Next…on Port Charles
- Robert explains why he came back to Port Charles
- The doctors get emergency pages
- Nikolas scrambles to get Carly help


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Talk about keeping folks on the edge of their seats to the very end....

What a wonderful surprise to have Robert 'drop' in on Robin and Patrick's baby shower...

I hope help will arrive to Carly... Excellent eppy

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  • Members

Great episode. Loved Robert's entrance, seems so much like him to make such a entrance lol. Loved the Monica and Alan scenes. I adore the way you are writing them.

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Nice to see Robert in town once again, arriving as only he could. It was also great writing to have Nick and Carly happy one minute....

And then Nick terrified the next as he watched Carly's car go over the bridge. Who is this psycho in the sedan? Something tells me that a huge story has started with this accident.

Great work. To the point, and emotional. Kudos. :D

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