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PC: Episode 290



PC - Episode 290
Friday, November 09, 2007

Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler

A mass of emotions contort Lucas' face. Anger, pain, disappointment, sadness and even hope all cross his face. "I just feel so much, I don't know, so much pressure right now. It's like I am constantly being scrutinized. Every action someone is watching me. I can't be just me. Because Brandon is gone and it's like everyone is watching to see if I will fail."

Leaning back, Dante asks, "Why would anyone think you would fail?"

"Because Bobbie, my mother, the woman who raised me, hates the person I am. Everyone in my family knows it. I love my sister Carly, but she calls me constantly. She is smothering me. She has her own worries and I wouldn't want to bother her anyways. Everyone is hovering trying to anticipate my next move and I hate it!" Lucas kicks at a rock and watches as it skips into the water.

"You know that they are doing it because they care." Dante counsels.

"I know but," Lucas looks at Dante, who is staring intently at him, "I sound selfish don't I"

"No," Dante whispers, "You sound like someone who has gone through more than their share of problems."

A wave of intense feeling shakes Lucas to his very core. Just looking at Dante makes him feel very warm inside. Lucas doesn't say a word, he just listens to the sounds of the pier. He looks deep into Dante's brown eyes as Dante smiles ever so slightly. The camera alternates on the faces of Dante & Lucas. They slowly begin to lean closer to each other, fixated on each other's features, embracing the chemistry. Closer…and closer they lean, their lips almost about to touch….

"Hey Dante!" Someone shouts. "Where are you dude? I thought I saw you come down here!"

The heated moment between Lucas and Dante is broken. They lean back, breaking eye contact. Dante clears his throat. "Yeah, I'm down here with a friend of mine."

Lucas and Dante could hear footsteps coming closer. "It's getting late. We're going to take the party back to the frat house," the person yells. "You and your friend want to come?"

Dante looks at Lucas quizzically. Lucas quickly shakes his head no. Dante yells back. "I'll catch up with you guys later. I won't be much longer."
Back inside the club….

Serena and Maxie thread their way through the crowd towards a group of banquettes situated near the bar. Serena stops short, causing Maxie to bump into her back. "What the hell?" Maxie demands. "Why did you stop? I almost spilled my beer all over you."

Serena points towards one of the couches where Hunter is sitting. Sitting very close to him is a very flirtatious Lulu. "Who does that bitch think she is? She has no idea who she is dealing with." Serena fumes. "She better keep her paws off my man."

Maxie smiles broadly, "Oh Serena, you and I will get along very well." The two walk over to the table and Hunter moves so that Serena can sit next to him. Lulu moves over and Maxie sits at the end of the couch. Immediately one of Hunter's friends starts to flirt with Maxie, who flirts back. All the while Maxie is keeping an eye on Serena, Lulu and Hunter.

Serena scoots closer to Hunter and kisses him softly. Hunter tells her she looks very pretty tonight. Lulu has taken an immediate disliking to Serena. Lulu reaches over and very deliberately knocks her Coke all over Serena. Serena, in shock, grabs a bunch of napkins and runs off to the bathroom.

Once Serena is out of sight, Maxie calmly says, "You know Hunter, do you know what kind of person Lulu is? She is the kind of person who would go after her supposed friend's boyfriend and sleep with him. Isn't that right Lulu?"

"Go to hell Maxie." Snarls Lulu.

Maxie leans forward on the table and narrows her eyes, "You are pathetic Lulu. You can't find a guy of your own so you first go after Georgie's man and now you are going after Serena's. Nice little pattern you have here. Make sure you don't give her your number Hunter, she'll call you multiple times a day and get herself into some kind of drama so you can come play the big here."

Lulu jumps out of the booth and stands over Maxie. "And you are as pure as the driven snow? Should we go through your rap sheet?"

Maxie smiles sweetly and looks Lulu in the eye, "Hey with me, what you see is what you get. I have never lied about that. This is more than I can say for you."

Serena comes back just in time to see Lulu going for a glass of water. "You are such a bitch!" Lulu shouts, throwing water in Maxie's face. Maxie smiles angrily and goes to charge after Lulu, but the bartender grabs her.

Serena taps on Lulu's shoulder. "No, you're the bitch." Serena lays a left hook across Lulu's face, knocking her into the sofa. Serena then grabs picture of water from behind the counter and pours it over Lulu's head, getting her all wet. "Stay away from me, my boyfriend and Maxie." Serena pulls Hunter by the arm and heads towards the door. "You coming Maxie?"

Maxie, now alone, wipes the water off her face. "Yeah…well handled Serena."

"Why thank you." Serena locks arms with Maxie as they walk arm in arm away.
College Never Looked This Good!
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The camera pulls away from a phone ringing. A pregnant Robin is shown coming out of the bed room and walking into the living room. "I'm coming, I'm coming," she says a little disoriented. This'll teach her to leave her cell phone in the living room.

She grabs her phone and looks at the caller ID. It's an unknown caller. When she answers the phone, she can barely hear the person on the other end.


"Robin…....I…………..see………………..soon…………..there…………………few days," the voice says breaking up very badly.

Robin gets annoyed and hangs up the phone. She tries to trace it, but it's private. She tosses her phone back on the table and starts to head back into the bedroom. She turns around and cuts the phone off before going back to bed.
Back at the club, one of the guys yells ok and Dante and Lucas watch in silence as the silhouettes disappear into the night. They don't notice that one of them has turned back to watch the two of them for a minute longer. "Thank you Dante, "Lucas whispers.

"No problem." Dante stands, "Look, my car is here. Can I give you a ride home? I can't let you walk home after all that you have drank tonight."

Lucas looks out over the water. "Yeah, a ride would be good. I'm still a little buzzed but I feel better. You are a good listener. I appreciate it. I'm really grateful for you listening to me tonight, you didn't have to but you did." Lucas looks down at his feel and blushes slightly. "You have no idea how much I appreciate it."

Dante starts to walk up the pier, "Well how about we get going?"

Lucas falls into step with Dante. He can't help feeling guilty for the…I guess you can call it feelings, that he feels for Dante. When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing on his mind isn't Brandon. It's whether or not he'll run into Dante before class, or see him at Kelly's. That only makes him feel even more guilty. He can't stop thinking of him. He looks forward to their classes together. He knows that he will be able to talk to him at least twice a week. But more than anything in the world, he wanted to kiss Dante tonight. And his instincts told him that Dante wanted to kiss him too.
Next…on Port Charles
- Luke joins Mac & Kevin for a guys night out
- Lucy has an idea that will help Bobbie
- Lucky kisses Sam
- Someone plans the demise of Sonny & Lorenzo


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Wow I wasn't expecting this catfight to happen so soon. It was well deserved and so tension filled. Loved it! Thanks again for the plug to my site.

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