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Mysterious Mason!

IPB Image

Matt Czuchry (above) has joined the show in a newly created role of Mason. Mason is going to have a shocking connection to someone on the canvas. He will begin airing on April 14th. Czuchry's previous credits include "Gilmore Girls" and "Young Americans" both of WB fame. The role is contract.

When there's a WILL, there's a way!

IPB Image

Taylor Handley (above) has been cast as the new Will Roberts! Will will reappear on the scene on Friday, June 9th. Handley's prior credits include Dawson's Creek and The O.C. Will is going to be back aged and primed for a storyline that has never been done on DAYS before. The role is contract.

New Man For Maggie!

IPB Image

Alan Dale (above), another O.C. vet, will be joining the show in June as someone who will figure prominently into Maggie's storyline. Maggie has recently been presumed dead in a car accident. But the audience knows that Maggie has sought refuge in a cabin down the river, and a mysterious stranger is taking care of her. His character is unnamed as of right now. Look for Dale and Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) to both pop up in mid-June! The role is contract.


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Oliver was a character from season one who fell for Marissa. He was crazy. I think he was the first person to come between Ryan and her.

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