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Episode #88 - Wednesday, April 12th, 2006:



Episode #88 - Wednesday, April 12th, 2006:

- Billie and Earlene get into a struggle.

- Abby escapes her rapist again.

- Earlene is knocked unconscious.

- Max, Austin, and Lucas don’t trust Derek so they follow him.

- Mimi tells Rex that she thinks she’s found enough courage to return to Salem and face Shawn.

- Liam awakens. He tells Hope that he can’t believe she’s returned to him after all of this years.

- Stefano joins Bart in John’s chamber where Bart is systematically erasing ALL of John’s memory.

- Abby hits her rapist over the head with a lamp and escapes.

- Max, Austin, and Lucas lose Derek, but question locals about him.

- Bo does some investigating and learns that both Wayne and Earl are now dead, but Earlene still hangs around the bayou.

- John begs Stefano not to do this. Stefano relishes in his victory because he knows how much pride John has and how John would never beg Stefano for anything!

- Austin, Max, and Lucas question local girls and learn that Derek is a pimp, and he forces girls into prostitution and sells girls to other pimps against their will.

- The client of Derek’s finds Abby again and attacks her.

- Bo re-joins Billie. He is pleasantly surprised to see that Billie has knocked out Earlene.

- Rex fears that Mimi will fall in love with Shawn when she sees him again.

- Stefano tells John that after his memory is erased, he is going to drop John off in the middle of Europe and watch him like a lab rat try and struggle and find his way, knowing nothing about his life!

- Cassie worries for Abby’s safety so she tells Max, Austin, and Lucas about the clue she found as if she just found it.

- Abby finds a shard of glass from the broken lamp and stabs her attacker. He falls to the ground.

- Bo and Billie await for Earlene to wake up by starting a fire in the bayou.

- Stefano tells John that he is going to erase John from Marlena’s memory and finally make her his Queen of the Night.

- Bo and Billie almost kiss by the fire while waiting for Earlene to wake up, but Bo pulls away.

- Abby stands above her attempted rapist and gets flashes of standing over a lifeless Tony.


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