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Episode #89 - Thursday, April 13th, 2006:



Episode #89 - Thursday, April 13th, 2006:

- Rex and Mimi return to Salem.

- Bo and Billie almost kiss.

- Hope tells Liam that she doesn’t remember anything from 1990 to 1995. Liam tells her that they were lovers…and husband and wife.

- Cassie, Carrie, Austin, Lucas, and Max follow Derek.

- Bonnie squares off with Melissa and wins when Mickey sides with Bonnie over Melissa.

- Bo pulls away from Billie.

- Liam tells Hope that they met while she was posing as Princess Gina and robbed Europe of its prized art.

- The gang loses Derek and must find a way to pick up his trail once again.

- Mimi is shocked to see that Bonnie seems to be making inroads with Mickey again.

- Abby remembers standing over a dead Tony. Derek enters. When he sees that Abby killed her John, he slaps her and throws her to the ground.

- Billie tells Bo that she’s never stopped loving him.

- Liam continues to explain to Hope how they met – how she seduced him in order to steal one his paintings, a Renoir. But she ended up falling for him and confessing everything. He says he began to crack Gina’s cold exterior, and they fell deeply in love.

- Mimi tells Bonnie that she thinks she may be falling for Rex again.

- Max, Cassie, Carrie, Lucas, and Austin burst in on Derek and Abby. Austin, Lucas, and Max make Derek pay for what he has done to Abby. Carrie comforts Abby.

- Bo tells Billie that he thinks he may have fallen back in love with her.

- Liam says to Hope that he never met Gina’s boss, and he doesn’t know who it was, but he knows that she was very scared of him. He recalls how they went into hiding in 1994. And her boss began an intense search for her. And about a year later, Gina’s boss found them and had Gina killed. He can’t believe she is with him now.

- Mimi leaves Bonnie behind for she has a chance to tell Mimi that Jan is back and married to Shawn!

- Abby blurts out to Cassie and Carrie that he had to pay for what he did. Carrie tells Abby that no one will punish her for killing her rapist. She tells Abby that she can see Laura when they get back for any help she may need to help deal with this. Abby says that she isn’t talking about her attempted rapist. She says that she’ s tlking about TONY.

- Bo and Billie almost kiss once again, but Earlene waking up interrupts them.

- Hope tells Liam all about her story and about how she is really Hope Williams Brady from Salem, U.S.A. She explains how Stefano programmed her into thinking she was Princess Gina and forced her to steal paintings for him. She says that she had no idea she was in love with a man during her time as Gina until recently.

- Shawn and Mimi come face to face.

- Max must separate Cassie and Abby when Cassie attacks Abby and blames her for killing Tony. Lucas and Carrie tell their sister, Cassie, to calm down. They tell her that Abby did not confess to killing Tony. Cassie recalls how she is not really Kate or Roman’s child, but Tony and Marlena’s. She secretly vows revenge on the person who killed her father. Meanwhile, Carrie and Lucas discuss how Cassie could possibly be their sister.

- Liam begins to show Hope pictures of their lives together. Hope doesn’t remember anything. Liam shows Hope pictures of where they stayed when they went into hiding to get away from her boss. Hope gets a flash off the cabin they stayed in.

- Bo and Billie grill Earlene for details on Georgia and what happened to her all of those years ago after she was born.


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