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Episode #90 - April 14th 2006:



Episode #90 - April 14th 2006:

- Roman, Jack, and Abe await Tony’s killer to take the bait.

- Paige realizes that her father, Stefano, is an evil man and is terrorizing Marlena.

- A beautiful blonde woman sits in a little bed and breakfast in a harbor town of Massachusetts. She stands. It is Ivy Winthrop, a striking and sophisticated woman from Harmony, Ma. She picks up the phone and books a room at the Salem Inn. She finishes packing and closes her bag. She goes to the airport and boards a plane for Salem.

- Mimi is shocked and horrified to learn that Shawn and Jan are married. Mimi cannot believe that Shawn would dump her at the altar just to marry the likes of Jan Spears.

- The police arrive on the scene and can clearly see that Abby killed her attempted-rapist in self-defense. They arrest Derek.

- Kate and Bonnie face off and blame the other for killing Tony. When alone, Kate learns that she has one more secret that only one person knows. She is thankful that this person is far from Salem.

- Hope tells Liam that she’s remembering or, at least, had a flash of the cabin.

- Bo and Billie grill Earlene about Georgia, but she doesn’t budge.

- Abby tells Austin, Carrie, Cassie, Lucas, and Max that she remembers standing over a dead Tony. Cassie accuses Abby of killing him. They need to be separated again.

-Stefano takes much pleasure in the fact that John’s memory is fully erased. He plans on having John dropped off in the middle of Europe and watch him squirm and figure out his past like a lab rat. Stefano prepares Marlena for the memory-erasing surgery, as well.

- Celeste goes to the Salem Inn to visit Lexie, who has been thrown out by Abe and has sought temporary refuge at the Inn with Jack and Maggie (before she “died.”)

- Shawn presents Mimi with his son from Jan. Mimi is shocked to meet Trey Brady.

- Ivy arrives in Salem. She explains to the cab driver that she’s here on business. He says he recognizes her as the former Mrs. Julian Crane. She says that she is done with that life and is now the proud owner of a bed and breakfast that she runs with her fiancé, Sam. She says that is the reason she is in Salem – to look into opening a bed and breakfast there, as well.

- Max and Austin and Lucas agree that Abby must return home. So, Max, Cassie, and Abby board a plane for Salem. Jennifer meets them when they land. Jennifer takes Abby home.

- Liam asks Hope very hard to remember what happened at the cabin the year they went into hiding from her boss, Stefano. She tries and tries. She can’t remember anything.

- Earlene refuses to hand over any information.

- Stefano talks to Bart about how Paige is not really his daughter, but how he loves her as if she was. Paige overhears. Stefano tells Bart that if Marlena knew the circumstances about how he found Paige, then she’d be able to figure out who Paige is. Paige leaves without being found.

- Tony’s murderess dons a black suit and a black mask in order to steal the DNA evidence from the police station.

- Rex comforts Mimi over Shawn.

- Billie pulls a gun on Earlene. Bo begs Billie to put the gun down. She refuses.

- A devastated and tearful Paige finds Marlena’s cell. Marlena begs her to let her free. Marlena tells her that she is not really Stefano’s daughter. Paige says that she knows. Marlena asks her if she knows where John is. Paige says she doesn’t.

- The police station learns there has been a break-in in the lab. Just then, the power in the police station goes out.

- Rex and Mimi share a kiss.

- Earlene tells Billie that she sold her baby to someone. She doesn’t know who it was. Billie is angered and devastated, but agrees to let Earlene live. Earlene runs. Billie runs after her. Bo runs after them but loses them. They struggle by a cliff in the bayou. Earlene falls over the edge.

- Ivy arrives at the Salem Inn. Celeste sees Ivy as she is leaving. Celeste panics as she realizes that she knows Ivy and her past has come back to haunt her.

- Paige lets Marlena free. Marlena is paralyzed with joy. She begs, through tears, for Paige to help her find John. Paige says she can’t. Paige fears what Stefano will do to her.

- Tony’s murderess gets to the DNA evidence and realizes that there is none, and all of this has been a trick. She runs to the window to escape. Roman, Abe, and Jack burst into the door with flashlights. They search the room. The woman is gone.

- Billie holds Earlene with one hand and prays that she can keep her from falling off the cliff. Earlene says that this is her punishment from being such a bad person. Billie tells her that she’ll save her. Earlene says to let her go. She deserves to die.

- Marlena begs Paige to come with her. Paige says that she can’t. She says that she has to stay and confront Stefano and figure out who she is and where comes from.

- Stefano tells Bart that Paige cannot discover who her real parents are. He explains that he has kept her at this secluded mansion in Maine for one reason – in order to help torture his enemies in Salem. He explains that he loves her like a daughter and can never let her know where she comes from.

- Earlene tells Billie that she knows exactly whom she sold Georgia to. She tells Billie that she sold Georgia to a man before Billie even gave birth. She says that she was hired to induce Billie’s pregnancy and steal the baby. She says that she sold it to a man named Stefano. Billie asks her where Stefano took Georgia. Earlene says she does not know, but the man to whom Stefano gave the baby got into a car with a Maine license plate. Earlene can’t keep herself up anymore. She lets go of Billie’s hand falls to her death.

- Liam asks Hope to remember the year in the cabin before Stefano took her from him and “killed” her. She says she can’t. She asks what happened that year. Liam explains that their love was so strong it was able to do anything – even overcome her omnipotent and omniscient boss. He says it was the greatest thing he’s ever felt. And the greatest love he’s ever seen. He says that he is going to show her what happened that year. He leaves the room and comes back with a handsome, regal, sophisticated young man. The young teen, Mason, cannot believe his eyes. He steps back in shock. Liam tells Hope that this is Mason (Matt Czuchry), their son.

- Celeste exits the Salem Inn quickly. Ivy swears that she just saw a woman from her past. A woman named Frankie. Ivy shrugs it off, saying that it can’t be true. She opens the Salem Spectator and is shocked to see Kate in the papers. Ivy drops her water glass. Ivy says… “Bitch!”

- Tony’s murderess walks down an alleyway. She removes her black coat. She throws it in the garbage. She removes her black sweatpants. She throws them in the garbage. She faces the garbage. She takes off the mask. Blonde hair falls out. She throws it in the garbage. She turns. It’s Bonnie Lockhart.


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Great episode KR. Sorry I

haven't commented much

but I felt the need to now

because it was such a big

episode. Love the edition of

Ivy and I can't wait to learn

her connections to Kate and

Celeste. Love the Hope/Liam

stuff and I totally thought Kate

was the killer not Bonnie. Nice

twist. I will comment a little more

now because I am going to be back

on the fan fic scene with the return of

mine in a few weeks.

I only wish I knew how to add pictures

to my casting news and such in my blog

like you do. Everytime I try to add one

I get an ISB image message and nothing

shows up but that so maybe I am doing

something wrong. I hope I figure it out

soon because I want to post some stuff

to make you guys excited before my

big return May 1.

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I hope that JER is reading this,

because he could really use some help.

I wasn't expecting it to be Bonnie, I

was thinking that it was Abby. GREAT JOB!

I can really see Bonnie turning around and

then the frame freezing with that big burst of

music playing!

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