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As this night continues, Michael Myers jerks his car over to the left once again, hitting Hope’s car and sending it crashing into a guard rail. The car then bounces off the rail and starts tumbling end over end as Hope crashes through the window and lands in a grassy area away from the car. The car then tumbles into a second guard rail and, when it comes to a stop, explodes in a huge fireball that can be seen for at least a mile. A very groggy and woozy Hope tries to stand up as she looks at her burning car and also sees one other sight........

Michael backing up in his car, towards her.

Hope barely manages to stand on her feet as she turns away from his car. She realizes that her ankle is broken and she can hardly place any pressure on it but what is more important is getting away form this psychopath. As Michael backs up his car faster, trying to run into Hope, she looks up to see car lights coming form down the road. The scene then shifts to inside the second vehicle, which happens to be driven by.........


Roman Brady, who is on his way to pick up Marlena for their date. He looks ahead to see Hope waving at him and he wonders what has happened. He soon finds out as he sees Michael trying to hit Hope with his car. Roman then slams on the accelerator and guns his car towards Michael. Hope sees what Roman is doing and, at the last minute,..........jumps out of the way of Roman’s car as he slams into the back of Michael’s car. After a few moments, Roman recovers to see Michael pulling away from his car.

Michael’s car is damaged but he guns the engine and speeds off into the night. Roman then pulls out his cell phone and calls 911, getting help for Hope and himself. He then calls Abe and tells them that some nutcase just tried to kill Hope. Abe informs him that Michael Myers escaped and is now on the loose. Roman’s heart grows ice cold with fear, telling Abe that they have to stop him. As Roman gets out of the car, he looks around and then spots Hope laying unconscious in a ditch.

Roman tells Abe to tell Bo about Hope and Abe says he’s on his way to the Kiriakis Mansion at that moment. Roman says that after he gets Hope to a hospital, he is going to start looking for Michael. Abe tells him he will mobilize the entire P.D. and will also get the National Guard into Salem to help find him. Roman also tells him to put out an APB on Myers as he bends down to check on Hope, who is breathing normally. Roman takes his coat off and places it over Hope. He then turns and walks back to the street.

A passing officer comes up on the scene and Roman identifies himself. The officer knows of him and Roman tells him they need to get Hope to a hospital fast. The officer says that he saw an ambulance down the road at the sight of another accident but will call it to come up to see to Hope. Roman gets back on the cell and tells Abe to keep in touch. Abe says he will and tells Roman to be careful. They both hang up as both the officer and Roman run back down to see to Hope.

As the men stay with Hope, the scene fades into the...


Abe bangs on the door. Bo runs to open it and Abe rushes in. He stops and tells Bo that Hope was injured but Roman is with her and she will be taken to the hospital soon. Bo asks what happened and Abe tells him someone tried to kill Hope tonight. When Bo demands to know who the person was, Abe looks at him and simply says.......he doesn’t know but Michael Myers escaped earlier tonight as he was being transported from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Victor walks in and asks Abe what he intends to do about what has happened tonight. Abe turns and tells Victor that all businesses will be shut down and the panic button has been pushed. All officers are reporting into work and the National Guard has been notified.

Victor says that Abe should call the Governor and Abe says he will, just as soon as they have the situation in hand. Victor says that if it were in hand, Myers wouldn’t be loose and his daughter-in-law wouldn’t be on her way to the hospital. Before Abe can say anything, Bo steps in between them, saying that they should head to the hospital and wait for Hope and Roman to get there. Victor says he’s calling Maggie to come home now so he’ll stay behind but tells Bo to take some men with him, just in case.

Bo and Nico rush out along with Abe, whose on his cell phone with the cop shop. As everyone jumps into their cars and speeds off into the night, the scene then shifts to..........


Steve and Kayla, who have just turned onto the street they now live on. Kayla tells Steve she is happy that her mother told them about this house as it's nice to finally be out of the Salem Inn. Steve agrees. Kayla holds Steve’s hand lovingly, saying that she hasn’t done that with him since right before he disappeared. Steve is surprised, saying that he would have thought a fox like her would have had her pick of good looking men. Kayla said she did but she only wanted one man.........Steve. That makes him smile and he kisses his “Sweetness” on the cheek. Kayla blushes a little but they both are startled out of their special moment by the sight of a car............

With the rear end severely damaged.

Steve remarks.........

Steve: Now, why hasn’t either of your brothers given this cat a ticket?
Kayla: Beats me. Roman said he was going to try and take Marlena out tonight and Bo and Hope were going to hang out at home. I don’t know.......

At that moment, the couple sees a police car fly past them and around the corner at breakneck speed............

Steve: Ok. What the hell is going on?
Kayla: I don’t know. We better get inside and call the station.
Steve: I’m with you on that, Sweetness.

Steve and Kayla walk briskly to their new home, unaware that, standing behind a huge oak tree across the street.........

Is The Shape of Michael Myers himself, staring at the couple as they disappear into their home.


Michael then slowly walks across the street.........and into the Johnson's backyard. Inside the home, Kayla calls Roman. Once on the phone, Kayla asks what is going on. She and Steve had just seen a police car flying down the road. Roman says he’ll explain everything later but tells her to get out of the house and go to the Pub until she and Steve hear from either him, Bo or Abe. Before Kayla can say anything else, Roman hangs up the phone. She turns to Steve, telling him............

Kayla: Something really scary is going on, Steve.
Steve: What’s the matter, baby?
Kayla: Roman just told me that we should get out of the house and go to the Pub. Then he hung up the phone.
Steve: (After a pause) If Roman said that...........something must have happened. Go upstairs and get my gun and then come back down. I’ll lock up the house so we can go.
Kayla: Ok.

As Kayla runs up the stairs, Steve walks to the kitchen. He then stops dead in his tracks..........

When he sees that the back door is open and the window has been busted out.

Steve steps slowly to the door and, as he passes the kitchen counter, he picks up a butcher’s knife off the counter top. He keeps looking around as he walks up to the door and opens it slowly. He looks out into the moonlit backyard and looks around for anyone who may still be there. What Steve doesn’t see, though.........

Is Michael walking quietly and slowly behind him, down the hallway, and into the living room.

Steve then steps back and closes the door, locking it. He then turns as Kayla starts to come down the stairs. As Steve reaches the bottom of the staircase,..........Michael turns from around the corner and grabs Steve by the throat. Steve reacts quickly, stabbing the butcher’s knife deep into Michael’s mid-section. That doesn’t matter to Michael, who picks Steve up with one hand and throws him into the living room. Steve crashes on top of a glass table. Kayla sees this and points the gun at Michael. She clicks the safety on the gun, aims at Michael’s back.........

And fires several shots into him, sending him down to one knee, and then watches him as he falls face forward on the floor. After several frightening moments, Steve stirs and shakes the cobwebs out as Kayla slowly walks down the stairs and looks at Michael, pointing the gun at him. Steve stands up and staggers over to Kayla as she asks him if he is alright. Steve, ever the smart-ass, says........

After what the DiMera's put me through, this ain't [!@#$%^&*], baby.

Steve walks past Michael as he looks at him laying on the floor, motionless. When he looks at a beyond scared Kayla, he walks over to her and then gently takes the gun out of her hands. Kayla then breaks down and Steve holds her close, saying they need to call the police and get the hell out of there. Steve then leads Kayla out the front door and down the steps as they both see a police car come down the street. Both of them wave at the car, which then pulls up and stops in front of their home. When the two cops inside jump out, Steve tells them that some nutcase just tried to kill him and his wife in their home. Both officers draw their guns and tell the couple to get in the squad car as they go search in the home.

Both officers walk up to the door, with one of them slowly pushing the door open with his gun. As they slowly walk into the home, they look down on the floor........

And see nothing but blood.

Both officers then look down the hallway and see a trail of blood lead to the back door. The door is open and, as the officers then slowly walk down the hallway, they both see that whoever was in there is now gone. They look at each other again as they turn and practically run out of the house. As they get outside, Steve has placed Kayla in his car and asks why the men are outside instead of bringing out the psycho dude who did this.

One of the officers tells Steve that there was no one in the house. Steve and Kayla’s eyes grow wide with shock as Kayla says she shot him four times in the back. How could he have survived? One of the officers says he doesn’t know but that they better get them to safety. Steve says he’s fine and then says he’s taking his wife to the Brady Pub. If they need to be reached, they can get them there. The officers agree and, when everyone piles into their cars and drive off, no one sees the shape slowly walking in the opposite direction down the street..........

And towards the Horton House.


Maggie picks up her ringing cell phone. Victor tells her in no uncertain terms that she has to get herself and Alice out of that house and get back over to the mansion now. Maggie asks what is going on and Victor says there is a psychopath loose in Salem. Maggie looks shocked and, when she asks who it is, Victor simply says...........

Michael Myers.

Maggie asks if that is the man who killed all those people in Haddonfield all those years ago and Victor says yes. Lucas walks into the living room as Maggie tells Victor that they all are on their way. She hangs up the phone as Lucas asks what the problem is. Maggie goes and turns on the television and the group sees the breaking news story about Michael’s escape. They also see that, so far, two auto mechanics and two police officers are dead and that the Salem PD asks that everyone lock their windows and bolt their doors until the danger has passed.

Lucas looks surprised as Maggie turns off the television. When Alice asks what will they do, Lucas says they’re about to get the hell out of there and fast. Maggie says she is thankful Julie is at the Penthouse Grille tonight. Lucas agrees and then instructs Maggie to get Alice’s coat and help her on with it as he goes and checks the back door.

After several very tense moments, Lucas comes back up front and asks if they are ready to go. Maggie and Alice are holding each other tightly as they all head for the front door. Lucas looks back at the ladies and tells them.........

Lucas: Everything will be ok. Trust me.

The ladies smile at Lucas and, as he opens the door...........

He turns to see the terrifying figure...........of Michael Myers standing in front of them!

Maggie lets out a piercing scream................as Michael holds up the large butcher knife over his head............

And the scene suddenly goes black!




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OH MY HEAVENS! LOVED the whole episode but the ending was just plain CREEPY.

I am so terrified for all of them. And I'm DEAD serious.

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I said I would be back and I am. Loved the episode. Scary and on the edge. I loved how you wrote Steve and Kayla. They were both very strong in what could be viewed as a stunt. It's not written as a stunt, it's written very well. I hope that makes sense. You make us feel for all the characters (ok most of them) and you write them all very well. Excellent job

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