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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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As Michael brings the knife down, Lucas slams the door shut and braces himself against it. He then looks at Maggie, yelling at her to get herself and Alice out of the house now. As Maggie turns Alice around, a loud crash is heard and glass goes flying everywhere. Michael has punched through the glass on the front door and starts trying to grab at Lucas as Maggie reaches the back door with Alice. Lucas rolls across the floor as Michael comes crashing through the door, sending glass and wood frame everywhere.

As Michael stands above Lucas, Maggie takes Alice around the side of the house and puts her in the car. Maggie then runs around to the other side of the car and gets in. As she sits in her car, she looks for her keys.............which she then terrifyingly realizes she left inside the house! Maggie looks at Alice and tells her the grim news as Alice says that they better get out of the car and try to get out of there the best way they can.

As Maggie reaches for the door handle, she and Alice scream in terror as the door flies open...........to reveal a bloody Lucas standing in front of them. He jumps into the car, with blood running down the back of his right shoulder from a knife wound. He takes out Maggie’s keys and puts them in the ignition as Maggie and Alice yell for him to get going. When he starts the car and puts it in drive,............a huge hand crashes through the passenger car window, trying to grab at Alice. Maggie stops Michael from grabbing her as Lucas guns the engine.........

And peels out of the driveway. Michael tries to hang on but Maggie and Alice fight for dear life...........and, as both women keep knocking his right hand away, they finally break free of him..........and leave him standing in the middle of the street as he coldly watches the trio drive off into the cold, dark night.


Bo comes running in and heads toward the ER rooms. Roman runs down the hall and stops him from going in, saying that Hope is resting but doing well. When Bo asks how bad she is, Roman says the doctor will be out to fill him in but that it doesn’t look serious. Just then, both men start to see police and paramedics bringing in Kayla on a gurney, with Steve following closely behind. As they take Kayla into another ER room, he joins the other men at the nurses station.

Abe then walks in and Steve turns to see him. He stops Abe and demands to know.........

Steve: Who in the HELL was that that who tried to off us tonight, man?!
Abe: It’s a long story, Steve.
Bo: Well, we have some time. Fill us in.

Abe sighs deeply and starts to tell them what happened........

Abe: Look. You know what happened on Halloween Night, 1978.
Bo: Yeah. He flipped out, came back to Haddonfield, and started killing people for no reason.
Abe: That’s not the whole story.

Abe: Ok. Ok, Steve. I was working on the P.D. at the time and me and another officer were assigned to go to Haddonfield, read up on his case, and recommend if he should be locked away in prison or if he should transferred.
Bo: And what won out?
Roman: Guess. Based on...........OUR recommendation........

Steve and Bo look at each other.........

Roman: We thought he was going to stay at Smith’s Groove until the day he died. I guess some judge thought differently because yesterday he was ordered transferred.........and look where we are now.
Bo: And you didn’t say anything?
Roman: Aye, Bo...........how was I supposed to know he would escape?
Steve: He escaped before, Roman. Damn, man...........he killed 16 people that night. You should have said something.
Abe: I know, but..........out of sight..........
Bo: Out of mind. I can see that.
Abe: Roman........myself, Steve & Bo are going back to the P.D. to coordinate things. You stay here and watch over things from here, ok?
Roman: You got it, Abe.
Abe: Ok, let’s roll.

The three men leave the hospital as Roman sees officers walk in. He says Commissioner Carver deputized him and left him in charge. He instructs them to set up a perimeter around the hospital and to make sure no one gets into the ER area without permission from the hospital staff. As the officers leave, Roman goes to find Marlena, who is sitting in her office finishing up.........

Roman: Aye, Doc.
Marlena: (Looking up) Oh, hi..........oh Lord. I’ve seen that look before.
Roman: Doc, I’ve got to get you out of here and to a safe place.
Marlena: Tell me what’s wrong.
Roman: (After a pause) Ok. Michael Myers escaped police custody tonight.
Marlena: Dear God, no.
Roman: Yeah. So, we have to go.
Marlena: Ok. Sure.

Marlena starts packing up the rest of her things as a officer runs in, saying he’s glad he found Roman. When Roman ask what’s up, the young officer says that he just got a report that someone attacked the Horton's at their residence. Roman asks if they are alright and the officer says that they are on their way, under the orders of Detective Brady, to the Kiriakis Mansion. Roman then looks at Marlena and tells the officer to take his wife to one of the safe houses outside of Salem and to stay there with her until he hears from him. Roman then kisses Marlena and runs out of the room and disappears.

The officer watches as Marlena gets her things and the two of them race out. The scene then fades to the...


Stefano watches the news reports on television. He sees that Myers has already caused death and destruction and cryptically comments.....

Stefano: What a soldier he would have made.

At that moment, Lincoln comes off the elevator and into the living room, filling Stefano in. He says that the Horton's and Johnson's have been attacked and the hospital is on lockdown. Stefano asks about Cassie. Lincoln says that police are everywhere and that, from what he understands, the National Guard is being called in. Stefano turns and walks towards the window, saying that he tried to tell the people at Smith’s Grove that Myers was dangerous and shouldn’t be moved. But........they wouldn’t listen. He now regrets funding the wing that was being built at the time. He doesn’t want to have any association with people who would carelessly house such a madman.

As Lincoln shakes his head in agreement, the scene then fades to...


The three men get out of the car and, as they close the car doors, they look toward the station,.........which is dark inside. They then look at each other and draw their guns as they walk slowly toward the station. They look around to see if anyone has followed them but, apparently, miss the figure dressed in green overalls and a white ghost-like Captain Kirk mask walking very slowly to a car parked down the street from the station.

As the men enter the station,........they see something that makes their eyes grow wide with shock...........a officer stabbed to death, laying on the floor, blood running everywhere. The three men back each other up as they slowly go from room to room, checking for any survivors. They make their way up to the main squad room.........and the scene is chilling. Five dead police officers lay on top of desks and on the floor and, as they walk into Abe’s office.........

They see another officer dead on the floor. Steve is the last one to walk in and, as he slowly closes the door behind him,.........all three men jump at the sight. A dead officer.......impaled on the door, eyes wide open. They look at each other as Bo takes out his cell phone and calls the hospital. Abe calls Roman and Steve calls Kayla. Just then, all three men hear something in the outer room. They all hang up and draw their weapons again. Steve slowly places his left hand on the door as Bo and Abe prepare to fire. When Steve pulls the door open..........

All three men point their guns..........at Roman’s head, who is pointing his gun back at them. The four men breathe a heavy sigh of relief as Steve says........

Damn. I hope I have a extra pair of pants and draws in the car.

The other men breathe heavy as Roman tells them he put cops all around the hospital. He then wanted to come over and see what was up because he tried calling the station and got no answer. He didn’t know that all that had happened. Bo says that from what he read, Michael did the same thing almost 20 years ago when he escaped then. He killed seven officers, who apparently didn’t know what they had ran up against.

Abe says that they need to get the National Guard and state troopers to the station and tells Roman and Bo to turn the outer offices into a makeshift morgue until the coroner can take the dead officers out. They follow Abe’s orders and Abe and Steve then start going through the rest of the station to see if there were any survivors of this brutal massacre.

The scene then quickly goes back to...


Cassie gets out of her bed, still recovering from the explosion of the Dimera mansion. Cassie moans and groans, saying she will be glad when she finally goes home after the burns are healed and the infection from her infected wound is gone. She walks out into the hallway and sees all the commotion going on. She looks to her right and sees Alyson bringing Sam into the hospital. After hearing Alyson call Sam by name, Cassie asks her if she is that woman who had Eric's kid. Alyson nods. Cassie then asks what’s going on and Alyson tells her that some nutcase named Michael Myers has escaped and is in Salem right now. She also tells a shocked Cassie that people have been killed and that he attacked Steve, Kayla, Lucas, Alice and Maggie tonight. Before she can say anything, Alyson tells Cassie that she doesn’t know how they are. She just came to the hospital to keep her son safe.

Cassie agrees it's safe at the hospital and goes back into her room. She starts to get dressed and Alyson sits down in the hallway, comforting Sam. Minutes later, Cassie comes out of her room and goes over to Alyson, telling her that they need to get to where the cops are. Alyson agrees and she and Cassie go to the elevators to take one downstairs.

The scene then fades to the...


A terrified Maggie helps Lucas bring Alice into the living room. A doctor and nurse that Victor hired goes over and checks all three individuals as Lucas thanks Victor for letting them come there. All Victor wants to know is if they are all ok. Lucas says yes but barely. He then says that he has never known fear like that. He says that Myers is unstoppable. Victor agrees, saying that he’s calling Bo and Roman and telling them what’s going on. Victor picks up the phone........

And there is no dial tone.

Victor tries to get his phone working but nothing. He then goes and picks up his walkie-talkie and calls the front gate...........but now, there is no answer there either. When the scene shifts to the front gate..........the guard, who was watching, is slumped over..........and his neck has been broken.

The scene shifts back to the mansion where Victor calls Nico in and tells him to get Bo, Roman or Abe on the phone and to tell them to get some men out to the mansion........now. Nico races out while dialing his phone as Victor then goes to a door on the far side of the living room. He activates a control panel and the door opens........to reveal a room full of weaponry. Lucas runs over and asks why Victor has this room. Victors looks at him while handing him a gun and says........

Victor: Why shouldn’t I have it?

Lucas says they’ll talk about it later as Nico comes back in. He quietly tells Victor that he has called all of their guard stations on the grounds.........and no one is answering. Victor looks at Nico, asking if he got in contact with anyone. He says he reached Bo, who said he’ll tell Roman. He says he had just left the station and is making a u-turn to head to the mansion. Victor smiles, even though he doesn’t want Bo anywhere near Michael. Before Victor can say another word,.........the lights go out in the mansion and on the grounds. Victor tells Nico and Lucas to get the women out of the house. Nico says he will not leave Victor alone. Victor walks up to his most trusted ally and tells him........

Victor: My friend. All of us are innocents in this. Michael Myers is a psychopath and I want you here...........watching over my family, if anything should happen. Now..........do as I say. Go, go..........

Victor gently pushes Nico over to the ladies as Nico stares at him with sorrow. Victor then turns to look at Lucas, who does nothing........but hold his hand out. Victor shakes it as both men look at each other. Nico then goes over and picks Alice up, with her saying.....

Alice: Take it easy now, son. Not as young as I used to be.

Nico smiles and the four walk into the hallway with Maggie looking at Victor lovingly. She tells him......

Maggie: I’m a lucky girl. To have had two very wonderful, brave men in my life.
Victor: Hopefully that bravery will get me into Heaven.
Maggie: Just do your best, my love.
Victor: I will.

They gently kiss and the four walk out the door into the cool night as Victor closes the door behind them.

He then turns and points his gun in the darkened house. He slowly walks the hallway and, as he walks past a glass window down the hall,...........he sees that it is pushed open. He looks around the corner and continues down the hallway. He comes upon a sight that chills his heart.........one of the maids, dead on the floor, the victim of a deep stab wound in her stomach. He continues down the hallway to the stairs and slowly goes up.

When Victor reaches the upstairs hallway, he looks both ways before slowly walking down the hall. And the scene then takes a point of view from Victor, looking into each room. The scene then shifts back behind him...........to see the deadly figure of The Shape slowly walking behind him. Victor stops dead in his tracks........as Michael turns and walks into a room beside him. When Victor turns,........he sees no one there. He then slowly takes a few steps back down the hallway.........toward the bedroom Michael walked into. When he reaches the bedroom, he slowly looks into the room.......

And Michael is gone. As he steps into the bedroom,..........Michael walks up behind him, brandishing his butcher’s knife. He slowly lifts it up over his head and, as Victor turns back around, Michael brings the knife down hard..........

And is tackled by none other than Roman Brady. Roman jumps back up and is handed a golf club by Victor. As Michael stands back up, Roman hits him hard in the face with the club three times........and Michael is unfazed. Michael stares coldly at Roman as Roman looks at the club and then back at Michael. Michael then reaches out and grabs Roman by the throat and right as Roman exclaims.....

Roman: OH [!@#$%^&*]!!!

Michael throws him over the railing and against the wall as Roman then falls to the steps, unconscious.

Victor then takes aim and fires his gun.......but, even though Michael staggers backwards, he resets and stalks forward. Victor fires again..........same result. Victor fires a third time and misses Michael as The Shape throws his shooting hand to the side..........and stabs Victor deep in his right shoulder. Victor stumbles back and hits the wall and, as Michael moves in to finish him off.............

Bo Brady jumps over his fallen brother and runs up the stairs. He takes aim and, as he screams......

Bo: MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!

Michael jerks his head to see Bo as a rifle shot rings out, hitting Michael and sending him back into one of the bedrooms. Bo looks down at his injured father, who nods his head, and Bo then stalks to the bedroom. He looks inside the room to see Michael standing there and he raises the shotgun once again. He fires seven more times, sending Michael backwards and through the glass door, causing him to fall to the ground below. Bo then starts over to the door but changes his mind and goes to check on Victor.

Roman stumbles upstairs and both men reach Victor at the same time as they help him up. Bo asks.......

Bo: What kind of monster is he?!
Victor: Like to know that answer myself.

All three men then walk slowly into the bedroom and over to the glass door and, when they reach it and look out..........

Michael is gone. All three men are shocked at this sight as Bo asks.......

Bo: Ok. So what do we do now?
Roman: Get the !@#$%^&*] outta here............ and pronto.

As the men hear police sirens coming up the way, they quickly exit the house as the scene pans slowly back to the ground below........

And then to a slowly walking Michael Myers as he now heads toward the city of Salem. As he stalks down the street past the Salem road sign, the scene then slowly fades to black.



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