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Episode 86: London's Choice

Matt P.


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Previously on Point Palace:

- After breaking into Nan's room to see if she really was dead or just faking, Blake found a confession that would free him of any accusations that she caused. He then called a school board meeting that would put Bryan on the hot seat.

- Carlos returns to Point Palace, in a great mood, and the first person he sees is Agatha. She congratulates him on getting his award. He then goes to see Jenny but finds out that she was released by Nick. Carlos calls her and Jenny has no idea who is on the other line, so Nick interrupts the call, and hangs up. Carlos is furious to hear Nick's voice.

- Nate sees Ginny while she works to tell her what a great time he had the other night. She claims that the reason why she slept with him was to further their "new" relationship. Nate leaves to go to the school board meeting and exits. Before she can return to her work, Chordelia tells her that Nate is a player who only uses girls for sex and she could prove it to Ginny if she wanted to. Ginny is left confused.

- Ava appologizes to Sky for acting the way that she did. Sky gives her a check to pay Dean Halte to fix the damages that Sky had caused. Ava thanks her for saving her life and being there for her, when she needed a friend the most. The two hugged and Sky joked that lesbians like her might think she was hitting on her.

- Will goes out for a walk in the long, extended, beautiful courtyard to clear his head of life and Lenvy. When he sits on a bench, he sees an exotic looking Asian girl, who he strikes up a conversation with. She doesn't tell him her name because she thinks that names can give people the most power over them, when Will is distracted, he turns around to find her gone.

- At the meeting, Blake arrives to read Nan's confession to everyone. It talks about how she rigged everything and how Bryan set up Blake. Bryan was outraged by claiming that Blake is making everything up to set him up. All of the members are shocked. Blake then suggests that Bryan should leave town and if he doesn't then Leon Kain will print the story. He also suggets that Nate and Dylan could have new positions. Bryan exits, threatening Blake that it's not over.

- After waking up in John's bed, Alley doesn't want to leave. Alley realizes that something is bothering him. She tells him that she wants to know what it is. He admits that London and the baby is on his mind. Alley says that the baby is just as much his as it is hers. It's something that the two would have to face...together.

- Carrie has a session with Dr. Reed. Elizabeth asks her about her past and the neighborhood that she lived in. Dylan arrives which quickly annoys Carrie. Dylan asks Elizabeth why she hasn't recovered and Elizabeth responds by saying that it's because are numerous reasons that she (Elizabeth) will pin point. Dylan recognizes Carrie talk about the DiMarcos.

- Alexia calls London to check up on her. She tells her that everything is going fine. When Blake returns home, London's water breaks.

- Owen asks Tanisha and Alexia for some privacy and that he needs a nurse, when he salks in his hospital room. He then gets sleeping pills and steals a bottle from the nurse when he asks for a hug. He then tries committing suicide, yet again, by overdosing.


Episode 86:

London’s Choice

Executive Story Consultant & Creator:

Matt Politylo


Tristina Marx

Logo Designer:

Mary Zimmerman

- - -tanisha100.jpgOwen100.jpgAlexia100.jpg

(Owen lays on his bed with the pills stuffed in his mouth. He closes his eyes and thinks about how peaceful things will be once he’s gone.)


(Mumbling to himself with pills in his mouth)

This is it. It’ll all be over soon.

(Owen reaches for the glass of water the nurse gave him. At the same time Tanisha walks in.)


Owen! What are you doing?!

(Owen drinks the water quickly, trying to overdose before Tanisha can stop him).



You’re too late!


(Tanisha goes over to him and grabs him. She begins to perform the Heimlich maneuver to make the pills come back up.)


Get off of me! I want to die! Get off!


(Continuing Heimlich)

I won’t let you die Owen.

(Tanisha tries one more time and Owen gags, bringing up the pills.)


(Shocked at the number of pills)

Oh my god! Owen how could you?

(Owen pushes away from her)



You ruined everything! I was going to stop all my pain. I was going to end my suffering, but you ruined it!

(Alexia hears the commotion and enters the room.)


(Confused and shocked)

What on Earth is going on here?


Owen just tried to kill himself, that’s what. He took a bottle of sleeping pills. I need help. Go get the doctor!

(Alexia hurries out of the room and grabs the closest doctor.)


(To doctor)

Help, my brother needs help. He just tried to kill himself!

(Alexia and the doctor re-enter the room. Owen is sitting on his bed looking at his hands and Tanisha is just standing there.)


(Quietly talking to his hands.)

Leave me alone.


(To Tanisha and Alexia)

If you’d please excuse us. I think your presence might be upsetting him. Could you just step outside?

(Tanisha and Alexia step out of the room. Tanisha walks down the hallway while Alexia stays outside the door.)


(To herself)

This is all my fault. If I had told Owen the truth about mom he wouldn’t have taken all those sleeping pills. I should have said something. He has a right to know, I just didn’t want to upset him more.


What a great job I did.


(Blake calls Dylan on his cell phone. He is excited about London having her baby and wants to share the good news.)


(Answering phone)




Dylan, it’s Blake. Good news. London’s water just broke. I’m in a hospital waiting room as we speak.



That’s great news!


I know! I was just wondering if you could cover for me at the meeting today.


Of course I can. I’d be glad to. Hey, say hello to London for me. Good luck.


Thanks. I will.

(Dylan hangs up with Blake and walks into the board meeting. Lanoi, Myra, and Benjamin are already there.)


Hello all. Blake just called me and informed me that he won’t be here today due to his wife going into labor. He has put me in charge of this meeting. Any objections?


No objections.


Good. Now, where shall we begin?


How about Bryan Daniels?


Ah, Byran.


What happened to him?


Bryan will no longer be with us. Since he was found to be helping Nan in the gala explosion, as we all witnessed the other day, it is my understanding that he resigned and will not be returning, for good.


We can only hope.


(In Bryan’s home, he sits on his couch and looks around him. He then pours himself a strong drink from his bar and begins to sip. He shakes his head.)


I’m not leaving this home or this town! No way is that happening.

(He pulls out his cell phone and calls someone.)


Yes he found out and how he did I have no idea. I don’t know. Just stop yelling. Yes my number’s blocked! Look I was kicked off the board that’s all. So what I leave Hammerhead alone for sometime but I’m sure he’ll slip up. Where are you? You better plan to stay there for a very long time.

(Bryan hangs up his phone.)


There are always ways to get around our evil deeds. And to get our power back.

(Bryan begins to laughs demonically.)


(Upon entering The Palace Café, Will notices the newest Point Palace Inquiry. He opens up the case to retrieve it. The front page story had Nan’s picture on the cover.)


Damn it! Damn her! I’m not apologizing to Blake. She’s lucky she’s dead or I would’ve killed her myself.

(Will punches the metallic case out of anger. Students exiting the café give him a look.)


What the hell are you lookin’ at?

(Will enters the Palace Café and looks around almost ripping the door off its hinges. As he scans the bar he notices the Asian girl that had disappeared while he was talking to her. He decides to try to strike up a conversation a second time. Before he could go over to talk to her, he took a deep breath, and calmed himself down.)

(Will sits down on the stool next to Mika.)


(Acting surprised to see Mika)

Well, well. What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to see you here.


(Finishing her drink)



Looks like you need another. Allow me.



No thank you. I have to leave actually.

(Mika gets up and leaves money on the counter for her drink. Will puts his hand on her arm to stop her.)


Why the rush? Can’t you stay and chat for a while?


No, I really can’t.


(Slightly hurt.)

Why don’t you want to talk to me? I am not that bad of a guy, I swear. Even if you saw me punching the newspaper stand- Let’s just say I hate the news at the moment-

(Mika sits back down on the stool.)

Mika: (interrupting him)

Do you really want to know?



Yes, I would.



It’s because I know you don’t want to really get to know me. You don’t want to sit and talk to me. You just want to get me in bed. I know your type, and I don’t want any of it.


That’s not true.

(Mika stands up again and prepares to leave.)


I wish I could believe you Will, I just can’t.


At least tell me your name. Please.

(Mika looks at Will. She wants to believe that he is a good guy but she doesn’t feel she can trust him completely.)

(There is a long pause in between and Will gets the message.)



Okay, fine. I get it. You said that a name can give someone so much power over another person. If you really feel that way, I guess I understand.

(Mika is shocked that Will remembered what she had said about

her belief. She reconsiders telling Will her name.)


My name is Mika. Mika Tomokuzi.


(Surprised and happy)

Well, nice to meet you Mika. How about that drink now?

(He turns around and tells Ginny to get Mika another drink. When it’s done he turns back around to face Mika. However, when he turns around she has disappeared again.)


Here you go…


Now where did she run off to? I guess that leaves me to dwell over the news.

(In a huff, Will continues to read the story.)


(At the hospital, Dr. Reed and the other doctors have decided that it is alright to let her go home.)

(Dr. Reed enters the hospital room. Carrie is sitting on the floor watching cartoons.)


Carrie? Can I talk to you for a minute? Shut the TV off.

(Carrie obeys and then sits on the bed.)


The other doctors and I have decided that you don’t have to stay here anymore and that it is okay for you to go home.



Really? I can go home and play with my friends and doggy now?


Now what did we talk about yesterday? About your friends?



Oh, yeah. I can’t go out and play with them because I might get hurt.


That’s right. Now, why don’t you pack up your things

and I will call a cab to drive you home. Okay?



(Dr. Reed exits the room and calls for a cab. Carrie stays in the room and packs as she was told.)

(When the cab arrives, Dr. Reed escorts Carrie out of the hospital to the cab. Carrie is excited.)



Now, remember the rules we talked about Carrie. Will you please recite them for me?



Behave myself. Don’t make any phone calls. Don’t touch the stove. Don’t go outside. And don’t light any candles.


Good. Now, when Dylan gets home, don’t be afraid. He’s like your baby sitter.


I’m too old to have a baby sitter. I can take care of myself.

(Dr. Reed smiles and closes the door.)

(The cab drives away and back to Carrie’s dorm room. Carrie gets out and goes to the door. She unlocks it with the key Dr. Reed gave her. She opens the door and goes inside. She is surprised at how different everything looks.)


Mom? Dad? Rover? Where is everybody?

(Carrie walks inside and begins to explore her surroundings. She opens all the doors trying to find her room. After three doors, she opens one to find a bed covered with a fluffy pink comforter. Carrie gets excited.)



This must be my room!

(Carrie runs over to the bed and jumps on it. She continues to jump on the bed and explore the rest the house, leaving pillows and books all over the floor. Finally, after a half an hour she is exhausted and falls asleep on the couch in the living room.)

(Shortly afterwards Dylan comes home from the meeting. He walks inside to find that the dorm is completely wrecked. He walks around in utter disbelief. When he gets to the living room he sees Carrie past out on the couch. He smiles and sits down next to her.)


(Brushing hair soft blond hair off Carrie’s face)

Oh Carrie. What the hell did you do?


(The next day, Alley walks into John's foyer to find him staring at the phone. She knows what is on his mind.)


You really should go and see her you know.





What do you mean who? London!


Why, of all people, are you trying to make me see her.


I just feel that you should go and see her at least. Find out if she’s made a decision yet on who is going to be this baby’s father. You know that I don’t like her and that I don’t approve of her child, but that child is partly yours. You should be part of your son or daughter’s life.


Well, it’s obvious that she is going to pick Blake over me. She’s in love with him. Not me.

(John turns to Alley and takes her in his arms)


And I love you. Not her. I won’t let this baby and London’s decision come between us.

(John leans in and kisses Alley softly.)


It won’t come between us. I know that. I trust you. But you need to be there when the baby is born. You have a right to be there.


I suppose I could go. It would be the least I could do. See my baby when it’s born and all.


So you’ll go?


Yes. I’ll go.


(Later on in the evening, Ginny arrives at Nate’s hotel room in the Cody Concord. She has come to find out the truth. She wants to know if what Chordelia told her was true.)

(Ginny knocks on the door. Nate answers it.)



Ginny, what a pleasant surprise. Please come in.

(Ginny enters the apartment.)


Please excuse the mess. I wasn’t expecting company.


I ran into a friend of yours today.


(Slightly nervous)

Really? Who?





And how is she?


Oh, I’d say she’s doing fine. She finally got over the fact that all you did was use her for sex!


I did no such thing! How dare she say something like that!



Really? Because I believed her! She told me exactly how I am feeling right now hurt and used!


Come on Ginny, you can’t believe her. I never used you, and I never used her either!


Nate, tell me right now, and tell me the truth. Did you use me for sex? Look me in the eye and tell me that you didn’t use me! Don’t you lie to me either.

(Nate looks at Ginny and then at the floor. He can’t bear to tell her the truth, that he did really only use her for sex. He feels horrible about it.)


I thought so.


Look, it’s not what you think. I was drawn to you. But sexually. I could sense that you were a nice girl and that what I was doing was wrong but I just couldn’t stop myself. I never meant to hurt you. I just can’t go out with you right now. I can’t commit to a relationship. I just can’t. Not yet.

(Ginny’s eyes start to tear up. She is angry that Nate used her and sad that she fell for it.)

(Ginny slaps Nate across the face. Nate doesn’t react, he just let’s her hit him. He knows he deserves it.)



Don’t ever come near me again. I never want to see your face again. You don’t know how much you have hurt me! Don’t ever talk

to me, not a word.

(Ginny rushes past Nate and exits the apartment slamming the door behind her.)


I’m sorry Ginny. I really am.


(At the same time across town Carlos arrived at Jenny’s room. He had to talk to her. He had to try and explain that he was her boyfriend, as long as Nick didn’t get in the way.)

(Carlos knocks on the door. Jenny opens the door just a little bit to see who it is first. She doesn’t recognize Carlos.)


Who are you?



It’s me. Carlos. Jenny you have no idea how happy I am to see you. Can I come in?



Do I know you somehow?

(Carlos stops himself from telling Jenny that they are lovers because the last time he did that she didn’t react the way he had hoped.)


Yes, you do. We’re good friends.

(Jenny doesn’t know if she should let him in because she doesn’t remember him, but she decides that since he said they were good friends that it must be okay.)


Um…Come in.

(Jenny opens the door all the way and Carlos walks in.)


So how exactly do I know you again?


To be completely honest, I’m the guy that called here the other day. I said that we were lovers. I realize that was a little out of line, but don’t pretend like you don’t know me.


You were that guy? Look I don’t think that it’s such a good idea that you’re here.


(Interrupting Jenny)

And what’s the idea having Nick over here? Oh, who cares, the important thing is that you’re alive.

(Carlos walks over to Jenny and kisses her eagerly. Jenny is repulsed and pushes him away.)



How dare you! Get out! You can’t just come in here and kiss people you barely know.


Jenny, come on! It’s me Carlos. I love you!

(As Jenny tells Carlos to leave, Dr. Quarr enters the room to see what all the noise is about.)


What is going on? What are you doing here?


I could ask you the same thing.


Look. Jenny doesn’t want you here. I think you should leave.

(Jenny walks over to Nick and he puts a protective arm around her.)


Just leave.

(Carlos gets extremely angry at Nick. He walks toward him.)



She is mine. And I am not going to let you take her away from me. Do you hear me? I am not going to let you or anything stop me

from getting Jenny back!

(Carlos beings to get ready to punch Nick but Jenny steps in-between them. Carlos stops.)



Please. I don’t want a fight. Just leave. Just go.

(Carlos looks at Jenny. She is almost crying with fear. He feels horrible that he hurt her. He looks at Nick. Nick stares back at him. Carlos thinks that it is best if he leaves now. He doesn’t want to hurt Jenny anymore than he already has.)


Fine. If that’s what you really want. I’ll show myself out. Hopefully you’ll remember everything we shared. And what a monster you’re with.

(Carlos walks out of the room, closing the door behind him gently.)


(To himself)

This just isn’t right. How can Nick have such a hold on her? This isn’t over. Oh no. It’s only the beginning. Nick,

I know you’re up to something. And I am not going to stop until I figure out what it is.


(In the hospital room, London waits for a doctor. Blake is with her, ready to coach her through the painful contractions that will start any minute.)

(Meanwhile, John and Alley park the car in the parking lot and start to walk to the entrance of the hospital. As they walk John sees Dr. Harnlo and begins to get cold feet.)


Why are you stalling?


Because I know that woman. That's London's o.b.g.y.n. from our hometown in Ohio. She's here to take care of London.


Then keep walking. If we run into her, so be it, you can always be polite. It doesn't hurt.


Look, I was thinking, maybe this isn’t such a good idea. I mean maybe I should just let London and Blake be happy together. I know Blake will take good care of both of them. Let’s just turn around before Dr. Harnlo spots us.


You can’t just run away from this John.

(Yelling to Dr. Harnlo)

Dr. Harnlo! Over here!

(Dr. Harnlo notices them and begins to walk over.)



No turning back now.

Dr. Harnlo:

How good it is to see the both of you. How are you? Are you here to see London?




Luckily I didn’t get this one pregnant either.

(more serious)

How is she. Do you know?

Dr. Harnlo:

I don’t think we should keep her waiting. Why don’t we all go up.

(Alley and John follow Dr. Harnlo into the hospital. All three of them go into London’s room.)

Dr. Harnlo:

How are you doing London? Any contractions yet?


Not yet.


(To London)

Thank the Lord.


(To Dr. Harnlo)

Did the test results come back? I know you were worried about them earlier.

(Dr. Harnlo nods without answering.)



(The room remains silent until Dr. Harnlo clears her throat and begins to talk.)

Dr. Harnlo:

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this. The test results showed some complications with the pregnancy. At this point there is nothing we can do about it. The baby is putting your life at risk and if you go through with the birth you could die. It’s you or the baby.

(Everyone in the room is shocked, especially John.)

Dr. Harnlo:

I’ll leave you all alone for a moment.


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Wow wasn't expecting that ending. When the episode read London's choice I though it meant Who would she choose? Blake or Jon.

I was happy to see Ginny slap Nate. I can almost feel some fire between them.

I also loved Will's entrance into the café how he was able to read the paper and then go into the café. Nice touch.

In this episode esp now that she is back on campus, Doesn't Carrie think she is too big to be 10 years old?

Good episode, a little bit slower but still good.

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Carrie's realization comes next episode and it's quite funny. I'm sure you'd get a kick out of it. So thanks for the heads up on the orderly and Blake is London's husband and John's the baby's father so the only person who would've been left out is Alley but she was there for John so that's why Dr. Harnlo told everyone. Which was the secret she didn't tell them way back in Season 3. Things will be picking up soon though.

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