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Casting News & Behind The Scenes Updates

Matt P.


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On SONOP’s Point Palace, Guiding Light star Maeve Kinkaid returns as Dr. Harnlo. Kinkaid was last scene helping London (Lacey Chabert) with her baby problems. The secret that she was harboring in Season 3 will come to light.

As previously reported, film star James Franco exits as bad boy Bryan Daniels on Episode 86. Franco’s character is slated to return later in the season. “It was so much fun playing a villain on this outrageous show,” Franco comments on his short run.

The format for the show may be changing since five screenwriters have been added to the writing team. Tristina Marx, Serena Greene, Abdul Ah-Nahkli, SON member Na’Vell J. Lee, and Point Palace star Dani Rowley (Alley) write various episodes from time to time throughout Season 4. The first is Marx who debuts on Episode 86.

In other news, Point Palace is being looked at as consideration into being filmed for a pilot by the blog’s own star Michael Dietz. Dietz owns a Los Angeles based production company called Lucky 7 and is currently viewing the script.


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