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Pasadena Tea Party!Episode33



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Westwood Park, Lauren's House westwoodpark.jpg

2632902133.jpgLauren fixes some green tea for her and Jennifer. She hands Jennifer the cup as Jenn turns off her favorite soap opera, Point Palace. pplogo5.jpg


"That Nan Sheridan is one evil lady."


"I know tell me about. I can't wait till the fourth season premieres next monday night" They both sip on their tea


"So have you talked to Mike?"


"For what?, there is no need to Lauren. Mike and I are done. I don't want to be with him nomore. I have grown out of love with him."


"Well Maybe you need to be by yourself for a while anyway. Your life has revolved around Mike for as long as I can remember. It's going to take some time to get use to the single life again and find yourself"

Jenn thinks of her romantic escapade with TY in the limo and she wants so badly to tell her good friend about her possible new love interest, getting the guts, she begins to test the waters.

"Speaking of single life, how did your date go with Chris?"


"Jenn it was great. He's in school to be a bio chemist or something. He works two jobs, and got a good head on his shoulders. He's kind, and a true gentlemen."


"That's great. You certainly deserve it, after dealing with Daniels drug drama's" (Jenn realizes she said the wrong thing by mentioning Daniel, because she already knows Lauren is about to again trash talk Ty.)


"Well, If Daniel really loved me, then he would have met me half way in our relationship and stop smoking, snorting and injecting. I can't compete with drugs and I shouldn't have too. I mean I am going to be there for Daniel, but I am moving on with Chris."


"That is so great. I am so happy for you." She hugs Lauren.

"I have some great news too?"


"O yea…?"


"What if I told you that I might be moving on too?"


"You met some one new?"




"Girl don't keep me in suspense, divulge the details" Lauren takes a sip of her tea.


"His name is Tyler Christopher"

Upon hearing that, Lauren spits out her tea all over Jenn,



Written by: ML Cooks with MON!QUEB!TCHE$

Huntington Memorial Hospitalhospital.jpg

Sweat rolls down DanielsJustin.jpg face like the raging Niagara falls, as he tries to hoot, or even holler to keep Mona from injecting him with the deadly nerotoxins of the African Black Mamba.

ladyinblack.jpg"Don't worry Danny boy." She pulls the syringe out of his iv and caps it.

"I'm just joking with you. You know, a little joke-e-joke. Life is to short, laughter makes it longer. Did your mother ever tell you that?" She says as she sits down in a chair next to him.

"Speak up, ....You give up OK. I injected you with a soothing dose of meth. You know what Meth is don't you, since you are the druggie." She leans her head towards his head

"What was that? I do drugs too?" She pulls out her power drill and bashes Daniel in his knee.

"I'm sorry, that was an instant reflex. When I hear anything dumb, especially from a man, I have these violent tendencies. Weed is not a drug. It grows from the earth. It's a natural plant. See Danny, school is not over yet, let's get your PhD in drug education.th_KattWilliams-Weed1.jpg

^^^click to watch

Now let's move on to the new drug that's going to jack yo' ass up. I can't wait to see what it's going to do to you. Let me give you an example" th_9bfc3aca.jpg

^^^click to watch

"Doesn't all that excites you. To tell you the truth, it makes me wet, but shh, keep it a secret. I'm so nasty Danny boy. I think meth mouth will make you look sexxy. You'll get all the ladies then," She chuckles,

"But not Sharan. That's mine. I got big plans for you. See I have all these experimental drugs, and potions I want to try on you. You'll be the perfect guinea pig.I think I've found the cure to aids Danny Boy. It's amazing. Now our time here is done. Tell Lauren I said hi and o yea, if you tell anyone I shot you, you will be in attendance at Lauren's funeral. Now I better get going before someone tries to come in here." She gets up and unscrews the steel plates from the door. "Do you know how hard it was trying to look like a white woman. I mean what white woman you know got these big lips besides Lisa Rinna, and even then she had work done. Anyways, nice quality time with you. Enjoy that high Danny boy. I'll be bak to give you more. " Mona exits the hospital unnoticed. The dose of Meth is so strong in Daniel's body, he sits up on the side of the bed.

ku.jpgSharan pulls up to Dondre's housedondre2-1.jpg in Westwood Park and sees Ria's car parked in the driveway. She thinks to herself "What is Ria doing here at 9:30 in the morning?" She pulls out her cell phone and calls Karim and tells him of Ria's whereabouts. Sharan hangs up her phone and enters Dondre's house. She sees Ria reading something, standing next to Dondre.


"Ria? I am surprised to find you here. What is going on?"

73481380.jpgRia ( Thinking back to when Karim told her, Dondre has feelings for Sharan)

"I'm surprised to find you here as well. Did you come to give Dre a little nookie this morning?"


"I beg your pardon?"


"Karim told me all about your date you had with him at the shop."


"It was no date. And why isn't Dondre moving? What is going on here?"


"I don't know, I was riding past to go to Natalia's house, and I noticed the front door was wide open and it was dark in here."


"So you just come in here alone, that's a huge risk. And what are you reading?"


"Oh, nothing, Something I found."


"Your going through Dondre's things?" She tries to wake Dre up.


"You nosey as hell. Why are you asking me all these questions like Dondre is your man?"


"You silly. Dondre is a friend of mine, we work together, I came here to see why he wasn't returning my calls or why he wasn't at the shop yet" She continues to try and wake Dondre up, but he is still out cold thanks to Mona powerful sleep aid drug.


"Something is really not right here." Sharan snatches the paper from Ria's hands, and reads it

"I know about your affair"


"Don't ever snatch nothing from my hands again. I don't want to have to snatch you up."


"It wasn't even yours to begin with, and why are you acting so defensive? You have something to hide Ria?"

Ria (thinks to herself) "No this heifer didn't"

Around the Corner in Westwood Park, Karim and Ria's House

While Karim is putting clothes on, he pulls out his cell phone and calls his brother.


"Wassup Kev?"


"Nothing, eating breakfast with ma and pops. What's going on? Sounds like something is wrong"


"Ria left last night at about 1:30 in the morning, talking bout to she going to Natalia's house. I wake up this morning and she is no where to be found and I get a call from Sharan telling me that Ria is at Dondre's house and it looks like someone broke in."


"Alright, me and pops is going to meet you over there in a few minutes." Karim closes his phone and heads over to Dondre's house.

Mona, rides through Westwood park and sees Sharan and Ria's car at Dondre and she then sees Karim's car pull in the drive way next.


"Uh-oh. Looks like some one is in trouble. This might be good." Mona puts her car in park down the street, out of eye sight, lights a blunt and waits for the drama to unfold. Suddenly a clap of thunder rings and rain soon follows as the winds increase.

Karim walks inside the house and sees Ria and Sharan trying to wake up Dondre.


"Ria, what are you doing here?"

Ria (stunned)

"Karim, baby." She goes over to hug him but he stops her.

"Answer my question, what are you doing here?"


"Well how did you know I was here?"

Sharan (cutting)

"I called him and told him. I didn't know what was going so I called your fiancée"

Ria (in her head) "You dumb Bitch. I ought to slap you silly. I can't stand nosey ass people."

"I was leaving Natalia's house when I rode past Dondre's house and noticed something was not right. The door and windows were wide open, I thought some one had broken in."


"Then Ria found this note" She hands it to Karim


"Gee thanks Sharan. You are so helpful" (In Her Head) "I'm going to jack this Bitch up"

Karim reads it. "I know about the affair" Karim then thinks back on TC's Hotel's opening night. Ria was gone for a long time and when Karim finally caught up to his fiancée, she was getting off the elevator with Dondre. Then he back to last night when He came home from work early and the bedroom smelled like sex and Ria was acting strange. Then he thinks back to when he told Ria that Dondre has feelings for Sharan and Ria' acted very out right and strange. Just as Kevin and Police Chief Abe pulls up Karim asks his fiancée..

"Ria, are you cheating on me with Dondre?" AbeBLAIRUNDERWOOD-1.jpg, Kevin, Sharan and even Ria is stunned, as she is on the spot, all eyes are on her….

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Very nice reference to Point Palace! Can't wait for SONOP to premiere. The Mona/Daniel scenes are still creepy but you can feel Daniel's desperation to escape. Of course loved me some Ria being pure diva bitch on Sharan.

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