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MAJOR TWIST!!!!Episode32



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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jhg.jpgSharan, grooving to "Get Down On It" by Kool and the Gang pulls up to her shop

High Klass Hair. shapeup.jpg

She realizes the shop has not been opened yet and a customer is waiting for her massage appointment. She looks at her watch and sees it's 9:30AM.

"Now I know Dondre had a massage at 9." She pulls out her cell phone calling him, getting out the car to approach the customer. Sharan hangs up after it goes to voicemail. She then approaches the customer.

"Hi, I apologize for Dondre not being here. I don't know where he is. If you come back tomorrow, the massage is on the house."


"I hope so. I could have been sleep for all of this." The customer walks off.

Sharan thinks to herself "Dondre didn't show up at the meeting with Sabryn last night, nor did he return my calls, he's late for his appointment this morning. Something is not right. This is not like him." She tries to call him again, getting in her car and heads to his house on,



Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consult: MON!QUEB!TCHE$

Pulling up to Dondre's House already is Ria.73481380.jpg She gets out her SUV, and can see the door is wide open.

"What the hell is going on? Why is his door open like that" She grabs a big rock and walks inside the house. She sees Dondre, sleep in his recliner.dondre2-1.jpg

"Dondre!" No response. She tries again, shaking him. "Dondre!" She sees an envelope laying on his lap and decides to open it. Inside she finds a note, it reads

"I know about the affair" Ria begins to panic

"Hell to the naw! Someone know about us, DRE wake yo ass up!" She shakes him violently.

"He's dead."

Down the Street and around two corners in Westwood Park, untitSabynsfrontdoor.jpgsits Karim and Ria's House.

The alarm clock awakes Karim.6_thumb-1.jpg He turns it off, and yawns. Still groggy, he reaches his arm to feel for what he expects to be Ria. He feels nothing and turns around and doesn't see her.

"Ria, Baby?" He doesn't get a response. Getting out of bed, wearing his boxer briefs, searches the house. No Ria

"Where the hell is my fiancee? I know she not still at Natalia's House." He pulls out his cell phone to call her.

Huntington Memorial Hospitalhospital.jpg

DiegoS1-1.jpgDiego immediately rushes Ashley into the ER to pull the pieces of glass embedded in the scratches and scrapes of her face at the same as a nurse wheels Sabryn's stretcher into an examine room. She comes too.

"What happened? Why am I at the hospital?"


"You were brought in by ambulance just a short while ago. Apparently you fainted. How do you feel now?"


"I guess I feel fine now, my knuckles are just sore."


"Ok just relax for a little bit while I run these test"

Outside in the waiting area,

Chris approaches Bryan

"Bryan, what is going on?"


"Sabryn and Ashley tried to kill each other. It's crazy man. I thought I was watching WWE RAW."


"It was that bad huh?"


"Yea man. Sabryn bashed Ash's head into hear glass dinette table"


"Damn! Ouch! Those girls aren't playing no games."


"No , it's Ashley. She's not the sharpest tool in the shed."


"What do you mean, she's a dummy?"


"She's crazy, deranged. She won't take no for an answer She's stalking me"


"This sound like that movie "Thin Line Between Love and Hate" I hate to say it B, but I told you so. One night of passion can give you a lifetime of pain. Are you and Sabryn still together?"


"Man I pray everyday for it. She wants nothing to do with me."


"Give her time, she might come around"


"I doubt that. I need a miracle Chris"

Meanwhile, back in Ashley's room

Diego is done pulling the glass fragments from Ashley's face and is now stitching up the cuts then bandages her face up.

"What the hell happened to you Miss Jones?"


"That Bitch Sabryn doesn't know how to follow directions. She don't know how to leave my man alone."


"I see. So you must be the one who attacked her a few weeks ago? I guess you two are even now?"


"Never. Sabryn is hard headed so I am sure this is not done. It's not done by a long shot. The next time You see Sabryn will be in the morgue"


"I beg your pardon? Please don't talk like that. Relax for a while, until I come back to give you something to relax." He exits her room and a nurse approaches him with Sabryn's files. He looks them over briefly, "Interesting" he says as he enters her room

"SO you're back and I see you didn't leave them cheap bitches alone like I told you too. I don't like patients who don't follow doctors orders." He says as he smiles at her. He continues,

"You really did a number on her."


"Look Diego, I am tired and sore, I would just like to go home and relax so can you please release me?"


"Under one condition"




"You really have to take it easy now, because your with child"


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Very nice episode! Loved the major twists and turns. Something that I found very odd was the second picture of the High Kiss Hair Salon. Very freaky looking.

Can't believe that Dondre's dead on top of that Ria's being blackmailed! Dang was that good. I was thinking that Sabryn and Ashley would have turned out to be sisters but to find out that Sabryn's pregnant took me for a loop. Poor Ashley will never learn but people do crazy things when they are in love, even if the other person just doesn't understand. Sounds like a Final Thought from The Jerry Springer Show.

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I was very surprised you found Sabryn being pregnant a shock. I thought it was so obvious. Even my writers were surprised. I couldn't belive I got that one over on evrybody. Interesting. You know I briefly toyed with the thought of sisters at one point in time but then I thought nah. I've been there done that.

Glad u liked

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