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Sanaa Lathan joins the cast MAJOR Cast SHAKEUP!!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Sanaa Lathan graces S.T.E.A.M. with her presence, in the role of Sharan Johnson.

That's right the role has been re-casted.

Sharon Leal, role originator was not comfortable where the storyline is headed and has opted to leave the show.

That's one of the reason's why we haven't seen Sharan on screen in awhile. We were waiting for Sanaa to be come available and the time is right." Says supervising producer Monique Bitches. Sanaa debuts as Sharan in tomorrow's night episode as Sharan's storyline picks back up

Also, Matt Cedanolj.jpg has been offered a contract and he has accepted. Chris storyline will pick up in the coming weeks. Chris and Lauren has had a pretty vocal following and the decision was made to beef up his character.

Jodie O' Keefe2098959856.jpg has also been upped to contract status as well. "We are pleased with her performance and the outcome of her storyline." Says top scribe ML Cooks' Look for Jodie to become more involved with Mike/Jenn/and Ty. We will also learn what she is running from" teases the scribe.

Rumor has it the more cast changes are on the way, stay tuned for more

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The first girl I've never heard of but she's quite pretty. You know I'm happy to see Chris and Jody getting bumped up to contract status. I always thought they should've been up there with the dayplayers because they were getting tons more scenes then other contract players.

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