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  1. After an extended period of quiet from the production companies of MLC now comes word the sexxy sudser will return with new episodes some time in June. The series picks up with the long awaited and anticipated trial of Mona. The series will not skip any story beats. Also comes word that rapper TI has been released from his contract role of Dre. No other details were given. TI is the third actor to play the role of Dre. Rumor has it a few major characters are on their way out on S.T.E.A.M.
  2. Tragedy Strikes Series Creator ML Cooks!!!!!!! I lost 3 cars and my home in a fire. It was arson. My life has been turned upside down due to these strenuous events. This is the reason I have been absent from the blogs section. S.T.E.A.M. will be on an indefinite hiatus as my family and I put our lives back together, and deal with the fact that some one tried to kill me/us. I asked, whole heartedly that anyone reading this, to please keep me and mine in DEEP prayers. S.T.E.A.M. will return, and pick up RIGHT WHERE it left off. I will not skip any beat of the storylines. We will pick right back up with Mona’s trial. I thank EVERYONE, esp Tara, Matt, Jay, Durand, Mr. Red Foxx, Josh and Micheal for their continued support of me and my series. Blog writers, don’t worry, I will read EVEY episode you post,( I know I am so behind on so many of them) I just ask for the same respect when my series return. Thank you and God Bless!
  3. STEAM Interview Q: Now ML, with Season 3 launching we've seen ALOT of changes. Some cuts, some arrivals, some recasts, and shifts in many if not all of the stories. Do you think this is for the better, and how do you feel about everything going on? Yes it has been a lot of cast changes on S.T.E.A.M. And I know it's hard for the readers to accept all of them at one time because that's when they all happened. I wanted to do them at one time to get them out the way. A few roles were re-casted because several actors just weren't clicking with the readers, for example D' Angelo's Dre. A lot of these roles were re-casted to make the series look and feel better. As far as shifts in the story, I wouldn't so much say that, I would say there is more of a focus in the stories from myself and my writers, Tara Smith and newly arrived J. Lee Becker who will join the writing team as an Associate Headwater and creative consult. Another reason for the many cast cuts is I wanted to trim the cast in order to broaden my story base and make my stories and characters stronger and fleshed out . So I do think in the long run it will be better for the health of the series. I really feel good about all the changes and the readers seem to think so to so I am happy about that. Q: Secondly, we've seen some changes in regime during the end of Season 2 and beginning of Season 3. Alot of writers have been in and out. Can you give us the inside story on what's going on? A lot of writers have come and gone. Some were trial periods. I also wanted new writers to help freshen up STEAM and breathe in new life. But I want to say right now the writer's team is pretty stable now and will remain so. With myself as Head writer and with Tara Smith my co head writer and the new addition of J. Lee Becker as associate head writer. We are the team now and this will be the team that has already delivered great things thus far and I know things will get even better. We've created some great storylines and this will no doubt turn out to be the best season of STEAM ever. I want to give a special thanks to Tara who is a story genius and a great writer and I thank her for adding so much to this series. So the team is in place and I hope everyone enjoy what we came up with. There's a lot of competition out there and I am not worried about being competitive with the other great blogs out there. I just thank the readers for being patient while we make these changes behind and in front of the scenes. But things are now quieting down. Q:Related to my second question, how do you think these regime changes will help, and/or change, STEAM? All the writing changes that began last season stemmed from my pulling double duty as a writer and producer on Life in Salem which lead to me creating a ground breaking spin off "Affairs of the Heart." that killed off the show's super star, Dr. Marlena Evans. I had no idea how massive my work load was going to be and I needed writers to pitch in and help me with STEAM. While I was at LIS and AOTH, I lost focus on STEAM and the series suffered . Once I left LIS and AOTH earlier this year I was able to refocus on STEAM and evaluate it to see where I stood and I did not like what I saw. So hence the massive overhaul. Changes are inevitable of course. But all for the better. The changes will be smooth and seamless and in the end make the series better. We will really dig deep into the characters this season. Readers will notice a more emotional S.T.E.A.M. this season as well. There will always be camp but that also needs balance. We've got some incredible stories coming up that are fresh. Most of the current storylines have been going since episode one and they are mostly coming to a close. Q: There are rumors Season 3 is the last season of STEAM flying across the mySON TV industry. Can you dispell or confirm these rumors? No Comment. Q: Related to all the casting changes, it appears that you've gotten alot of big names lately. Patti LaBelle, Jasmine Guy, Tyler Perry as Madea, numerous others...also we've noticed the now-infamous Sister Pat(at least she's infamous in Pasadena) was promoted to contract status at last. Will this roll continue? This roll will continue. And in fact I can now announce that super star Madonna will be making a cameo appearance. She will be playing a character like none other in her career. I cannot however reveal what character she will be playing or whom she will be involved with. All that I can give away right now is stay tuned. Also joining is Chris Egen. Chris will take over the role of Bryan. We are taking Bryan in a new direction and Bryan Datilo, who originated the role has been let go. Chris will begin airing as Bryan starting with episode 6, airing Dec. 24th. Also Lauren Woodland has been let go in the role of Lauren. I was able to snatch away Melissa Archer from OLTL. Lauren was re-casted to soften up the character and Melissa Is the perfect actress to do that. And one more piece of casting news is Lynn Whitfield will also join the cast later on this season in a role that will shake up the canvas. I know this all seems like a lot of cast changes but I promise it will be seam less in reading. Q: This is a question about some of the minor people on STEAM...with his imminent departure from "Days of Our Lives", what's the status of Blake Berris(Gilbert), who hasn't been seen too much so far. Or Missy Elliot(Suga)? And EP/HW JayJay of an SONBC soap "Finding the Light" announced that Alexis Arquette(Rufus) is heading to Springfield, what's his status in Pasadena? Gilbert, as far as I can say right now is and will probably remain recurring. He has feelings for Sabryn but who knows where the road will lead. I know he is a fan favorite. Suga(Missy Elliot) will have recurring episodes this season to tie up her loose ends with Natalia. Then Suga will leave and head back over to Life in Salem for an upcoming storyline over there. And as far as Rufus, Rufus will indeed cross over to "Finding the Light" and that's series' Remy will cross over to S.T.E.A.M. to help set up a huge storyline for Ria. Rufus will be in Springfield for a bit, but he still has ties in Pasadena and we can expect to see him back down the road. Q: It was reported that Victoria Rowell(Ria) was close to walking from STEAM, she said so herself...but now Ria is getting a center story. Can you tell us anything about it or just how big it will be? Ms. Rowell was unhappy for a while I must admit. A woman of her talents deserves something more than being in a supportive role. STEAM got bloated and some characters got neglected and Ria was one of them. Ria is getting a big storyline this season and it's a bit risky even for STEAM but not in a way you think. I cannot give any details yet but I will say Ria will be a redefined woman when all is said and done. She has her family in place and they play a major role in this. Q: How many more cuts shall STEAM see in the immediate future? More cuts are coming. I cannot say at this time of the interview who they will be or how many because that may give away to much but I will try my best to keep everyone updated. Like right now. Yes Lauren is alive. Lauren Woodland has been let go in the Role of Lauren. I am taking Lauren in a new direction after much upheaval over last season's sex shocker with Kevin. I was able to get Melissa Archer with the great help of Tara to play the role and I could be none the happier. We are really going to get into the thick of Lauren's and Daniels relationship. They have a very long road ahead. Melissa Archer is the third actress to tackle the role of Lauren, the first being AMC's Lauren Roman. Q: Now, how would you say STEAM is fairing in these economic times and dire times for soaps? Budget cutting is everywhere. Budgeting is a concern and cuts are being made everywhere. Here at aMLCproductions, we have stream lined the production to be cost effective. I did have to make cuts in the cast to get some of these big name stars but I am sure it will pay off in the numbers. STEAM is the number 1 show of the SONOP line up and has been for some time so ad revenue coming in is not an issue. We make wise decisions. Q: Finally, what direction would you say STEAM is headed in throughout Season 3? As in realistic, character driven, campy, in between, etc etc. Surely a questions many fans have, and thank you for your time. STEAM will take a different direction. It is known for being over the top so that will not change. But at the same time there is going to be more character development, more emotion, The change won't be drastic but it will be nice. Based on the latest comments I have viewed, it is already working.
  4. More Breaking News The upheaval on S.T.E.A.M. continues. Many industry insiders wonder what is going on. Here’s the latest Many cast exits will take place as the new season premiers. First with Diego. “Diego’ is no longer needed in Pasadena.” The series creator told reporters at press time. “Kiko is now firmly in place as the prominent doctor in Pasadena and Kiko is tied to a major character, Dondre. Kiko plays Dondre’s brother . “In a time where I want to broadened the story base and cut the fat, Diego was an obvious choice as his story never picked up. We thank Diego for his time and talent for the pat two season’s and we wish the actor well.” ML said. No last air date has been set. Also slated to leave is Mark Mortimer, who plays Mark. “Mark is another casualty of the fat cut. Mark was never a major character in Pasadena. His storyline has come to an end. After coming to terms, with Rufus, Natalia, and Dahlia, Mark will simply leave town.” Mr. Mortimer played Nick on NBC’s now defunct Another world before joining S.T.E.A.M. Sanaai lathan OUT as Sharan!! “We felt the need to recast the role with a stronger actress. Sanaai really never caught on with the readers and Sharan’s role will be more prominent this season o the decision was made to let Sanaai go. IN NIA LONG as the new Sharan! Ni Long is the third actress to tackle the role of Sharan. The first being Sharon Leal from Guiding Light. “ We are so happy and honored to have the beautiful Nia Long join the ranks of S.T.E.A.M.” Ml was quoted saying. Nia Long’s Sharan will debut in the season premiere, episode 101. Also, another casting coup. IN JASMINE GUY!! Jasmine Guy has been casted in the original role of Ria’s sister. Ria’s family is growing as Ria will be featured in a major storyline this season. Ria will really need her family very soon. “ IT was good to finally have Ria in a front burner storyline of her own. Her family will be needed to tell Ria’s new storyline.” Tara Smith, the series Co EP and CO HW told reporters at press time. “It’s been a long time coming” Actress Victoria Rowell said on her blog. “ I almost left the series. I was tired of being in a supporting role. But ML has pitched this wonderful storyline to me and I could not resist.” No previews were available on Ria’s new Storyline. As if these cast changes were not enough, rumors still persist that more cast changes are on the way.
  5. Season 2 will probably go down as the campiest ever to hit the blog scene. From, the pre transsexual Rufus getting his manhood sawed off by psychotic Ashley, to Mona raping her step father with a dildo. To all the outlandish stunts that Sister Patterson pulls, to the erotic sex scenes between Jenn and Santino or Mark and Rufus, to the mysterious Miss Jenkins, to Jenn’s rivalry with Jodie which led to Jenn black mailing Jodie about her HIV status, to Mona holding the deziens of Pasadena at gun point inside her mother’s church, to The Lady in Red and to Chris's shocking death by the gas chamber. Some ask where does it go from here? It goes, and a lot will be going on. So many storylines are at the climax and they all will be intertwining within one another. Readers can also a expect to see changes when the third season kicks off. First off, this season will be more about character and emotionally driven stuff if you can believe that. S.T.E.A.M. will always be campy but things will be more toned down as we learn who these people really are, where they come from and where are they going. Almost everyone on the canvas is at a major cross roads. The look of the series will change some what. I am aiming to make the episodes more reader friendly as possible, so the pictures don’t distract from what’s happening. There are also some new creative forces behind the scenes. Tara Smith, the Creator of Life in Salem, has been promoted to Co Executive Producer and will now also serve in the capacity of co head writer as well. Some may find this decision odd considering I just left Tara’s series due to conflicting visions of “Life in Salem“. To say the least, Tara and I are good friends, and she brings a breath of fresh air to this series. Welcome Tara. Also on to some more shocking casting news: SABRYN RECASTED! The decision has been made to recast the role of Sabryn G. Davidson. Sabryn Genet, who originated the role of Sabryn was informed she taped her last scenes back in early August. “We are taking Sabryn in a new direction” ML was quoted saying. Christina Applegate has been tapped to take over the role of Sabryn. “We are pleased to have her” Co Ep Tara Smith told reporters. “We understand she is going through personal struggles and we will not impose on her health what so ever. We were able to work out a nice contract.” Details of the contracts were yet to be made available. Christina’s Sabryn debuts in episode 101, a date yet to be announced. When Christina was asked how did she feel about returning to work, she was quoted as saying “I’m getting better and stronger everyday. When Marlin approached me about playing Sabryn, I was over whelmed. I watch S.T.E.A.M. faithfully and now to be a part of it, it’s amazing. Marlin has some great stuff coming up for Sabryn.” Another Role has been Recasted! Neo soul singer D’angelo, has been released from his contract. The singer is currently going through some trouble with law and is believed to be the reason he has been fired. “We thank D for his time in the role of Dre. When D’ Angelo was casted, Dondre was going in a different direction. Once again, Dondre is going in a different direction and D no longer fits in the form of that.” Series Creator ML Cooks was quoted saying. D’Anglo’s last air date was in the Season 2 Finale, August 15th. D’ Angelo was the 2nd actor to tackle the role of Dondre. Dondre t. Whitfield was the fist actor to do so. Now meet the third Dondre (Dre) Whitfield Rapper T.I. has been casted as the 3rd Dre. “It certainly was a coup” Sources were heard saying. “T.I. is a perfect match for Dre’s new direction. We are glad to have T.I. join our already diverse list of performers.” T.I. debuts in the season 3 premiere. As we saw in the finale, Patti Labelle has joined the show in the role of Ria’s mother. Expect to learn of some secrets from Ria’s past as her mother mixes it up in the crazy city of Pasadena. Also casted is Tyler Perry’s Madea in the role of Miss Jenkins, Sister Patterson much talked about “persona” .“Miss Jenkins now has a face. Expect a few surprise where Madea is concerned. She knows a few secrets about Sister Patterson. Mable Madea Jenkins will be on as a recurring character. Her stay is short term the head writer confirms. Sounds like a lot of up heaveal and mayhem going in front and behind the scenes. I just ask everyone be patient as we make this series even better. Stay tuned for a premiere date and story previews!!!! ~Rumor also has it that season 3 could be S.T.E.A.M.’s last….~ P.S. I would like to hear from you! Tell me what was your favortie storyline from Season 2 and your least favorite and why.
  6. Recently some new talent have graced their presence on S.T.E.A.M. First is Miou Slater. Ms. Slater writes a very emotional and rich fan fic centering around Ejami. It’s really good and the writing it top notch. Ms. Slater skills caught my eye immediately and I asked her to join me. I am blessed to have her here so everyone please welcome Ms. Miou Slater(Kslater here at SON) to the S.T.E.A.M. team as story editor. Next I would like to welcome Tara Smith. Tara is co head writer of Life in Salem. A Days of our lives fan fic. I also co head write on “LiS” and for the past four and a half months, I have been able to work with the extremely talented Tara. “Working with Tara has really helped me as a writer and for that I will always be grateful.” Tara has been involved in the creative process way before this announcement so everyone please officially welcome Tara Smith to the S.T.E.A.M. team as my Associate Producer. And Last but not least is my boy Durand. Durand has been on my S.T.E.A.M. team for a while now as a creative consult but D has had a more vocal voice on S.T.E.A.M as of late. So D will be bumped up to my other Associate producer. Thanks D for the exclusive banners( and please keep them exclusive) and all the conversations we had regarding S.T.E.A.M. You have helped me so much and when I could not see clearly, you always there to guide me through. So everyone please congratulate Durand on his promotion. Philip will still continue to serve as a Creative Consult. Thanks Redd for teaching me how to make my dialog tell my story. Redd writes the traditional blog Novi.( And it’s getting good) And Matt P who has helped me with character development a lot. Matt has also taught me how to write conversations between characters. Matt is truly an inspiration and I encourage EVERYONE reading this to check out the new SON INSIDER when he premiers in the mysontv thread. I want to say thank you to my S.T.E.A.M. team!!!!! And now for a few previews( which as you know are rare for me) This week, The war between Jenn and Jodie has one last battle. Who is going to win? Watch for a BIG twist there…… Natalia WILL FINALLY PAY FOR ALL HER CRIMES. “It’s a huge week” Says HW ML Cooks. “It’s a twist that will change everything” teases the HNIC Also Besides Suga, 2 more characters from S.T.E.A.M.’s past will be returning to shake things up to the core in Pasadena “Miss a word, miss a lot” Promises ML. Stay tuned……
  7. A lot of cast changes have happened since the season 2 premiere and it's time for the official word. Dahlia Salem left at the end of season 1 when she was presumed dead in the Stink so Good Landfill. "We didn't have a lot of room to tell Dahlia's story" notes Head writer Marlin L. Cooks. Also out is Suga, played by Missy Elliot. Suga left after Natalia paid her off for stabbing Dahlia. "We haven't heard the last of Suga though" teases the scribe. Joining the blog is Kiko Ellsworth as Dondre's brother. "Kiko plays a doctor who stands by his brother's side during his trial. The role is recurring for now" Also joining is Thaao Penghlis in the role of Ty's father, Karl Hutchins. This role is also recurring. Look for Karl to intermingle with canvas. Rumor has it that more cast cuts are on the way. ML has been heard saying the cast is too big and it's hindering story. Stay tuned.. I normally don't give previews but I figure I'll treat everyone with a few.. As Jenn gears up to take Jodie out, Jodie proves she won't go down without a good fight. Expect many twist and turns in this battle as Ty and Mike maybe the ones caught in the crossfire. Rufus will wreck havoc on many lives in Pasadena as he/she now has possession of Natalia's sex tape with Bryan. Natalia will be getting a taste of her own medicine..... Mona will continue to control lives in Pasadena but how long can she keep this charade up? Expect this story along with her parents, Abe and Pat to get deeper. "There's a whole lot more left in this story. A lot of things we don't know about the Williams family. Many secrets will come to light, starting with how and why did Abe do what he did to Mona. Things will be definitely picking up, readers will be happy and thoroughly entertained by upcoming events....
  8. I have missed SON so much. As of Right now I can get into the blogs so a new episode will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned
  9. As we barrel towards the season finale of S.T.E.A.M., cast changes will be inevitable. S.T.E.A.M. is doing something very different. The finale, pt 1 will air as episode 53 and 54. In episode 54, will be the final shocking scene of season 1 and Season 2 will premier in the very same episode. So in that regard, many characters are leaving. It's time to rid of weaker story lines and characters as I broadened the story base. Though I can't tell you who's leaving just yet,( don't want to spoil anything, I can tell you who's coming Sister Patterson(and her infamous third eye), the mother of super reality star New York, has been casted as the Williams family Patriarch. Pasadena's first family is now complete. As we go into chapter 2wo of Mona's mystery, it's time to reveal how Abe went about faking his daughter's death and why he molested her. We need Sister Patterson to do that. Sister Patterson Williams. "I am delighted and blessed ML Cooks has created this role for me. It's exciting being apart of this huge storyline" Sister Patterson was quoted as saying. "Look to see more of the Williams family this season" ML Cooks previews. "There's more to the story." Also coming is Daytime's Favorite Judge, Judy Judy. This hot tempered judge will guest star as many crimes are committed and those criminals will have to come to trial and face their judgment via Judge Judy. First up Sabryn and Bryan."It's going to be crazy in that courtroom" Promises the head writer. Along with the trials we need lawyers and so Pasadena's District Attorney will be played by Stacey Dash. "I'm so excited to have an actress so stunningly seductive." ML C was quoted as saying." If everything goes alright, Stacy may play a bigger role on the series." Stacy plays herself, and she has a suprise connection to someone already in Pasadena. So watch out for that one!. There is one more celebrity casting shocker but it has to remain a secret for now for storyline purposes. "It's going to be BIG! It will definitely trump these latest guest stars that's for sure." Stay tuned.....
  10. Sorry for my abrupt absence, I was involved in a bad car accident, but by the good will of the Lord, I am able to be here now. I hope everyone continues reading and please give me a little time to get a new episode up, I have a lot of catching up to do. But I promise this wait will be worth it.
  11. Ria walks into Natalia's room at Huntington Memorial Hospital. Natalia, who was watching CNN, as they was showing a report on the downfall of Brittany Spears, smiles at her best friend. Ria "Girl I am so sorry. I didn't know you even passed out until Karim told me at the club." Natalia "Karim? What was he doing there?" Ria "He was there with that white Bitch." Natalia shakes her head. Ria, realizing that Natalia has asked her once before to refrain from the white people comments "I'm sorry. I mean that Bitch!" Natalia "That's better. So Alexis and Karim are an item now?" Ria "I guess so. It makes me sick It makes me want to pull out an afro puff." Natalia "So I am assuming you went off on the new super couple?" Ria "Nope. Not this time. I'm not going to let them know they are working my nerves. That's what Karim was expecting me to do, cause a scene as he would say. I was civil." Natalia "Wow, Didn't expect that from you." Ria "I know, I have been thinking a lot about me and my life lately" Natalia "Sounds like you going through menopause" Ria "Naw girl. I was talking to this chica named Lisa. We had a good conversation. Girl she was telling me about this sex sorority, "AlphPhiFuckem"" Natalia "A sex sorority? You're not even in college" Ria "I know right. That's what I told her. But it's not for exclusively college folk. Well If you in college that's cool but it's not for college woman. It's for women's of all kinds." Before they can discuss the sex sorority anymore, Dr. Diego Serrano walks in. Ria roll her eyes at him, remembering their encounter at The Jump Off Diego "Oh, God, here we go." Ria "Uhm Hmm …Girl, I was so caught up with APF I didn't ask how you were feeling. My bad." Natalia "You cool, I am ok actually." Diego "She's right, We ran some test, Ms. Cigultie, and they reveal your pregnant" Natalia's face lights up. "Pregnant?" Ria's mouth drops "Hell to the naw. I'm going to be an auntie It will be the first white person in my family." Diego "Congratulations" He says to her with a smile. (She smiles back, since they are now in co hoots) Diego leaves the room. Natalia "This is a blessing. Now Mark really has a reason to be with me. Dahlia can't bear him children but I can." Ria "Girl Mark? Don't you mean Bryan?" Natalia closes her eyes, and remembers she had sex with Bryan not so long ago as well. "Well I just hope it's Mark. That's who's child I need this to be." Ria "Natti girl I don't know. It could be Mark's or Bryan's" Mona's Identity Revealed pt.2 Episode: 50 Written by: ML C with Monique Bitches In Dahlia's Room, Mark walks into her room with a dozen of red roses. He looks at Dahlia, and sees her eyes are open but she looks lost. Mark "Hey baby? How do you feel?" Dahlia slowly moves her eyes to look at him with an expressionless face. "I brought you some roses." He puts them in a vase. Then he pulls a chair up to sit beside her. He takes her hand and holds it and kisses it softly. "I have been so worried about you. I have been going crazy without you. You really gave me a scare." He looks at her to see if she will respond. Coming out of a deep coma, Dahlia is not able to respond nor get her motor skills together just yet. "It's ok baby. Don't stress. Your going to be ok now. I'm here for you. You awoke from your coma and that's a positive sign. It may take a few days to get all your strength back." Dahlia looks away from him and looks up at the ceiling. "I love you Doll, I promise nothing like this will ever happen to you again." She slowly begins to close her eyes once more. Mark closes his eyes and takes her hand that he had in his hand and rests it on his forehead as he begins to say a prayer for Dahlia."God, come on, bring my Doll back to me." Mark's prayer session is interrupted with the entrance of Diego. "Here we go. Doctor smart ass." Diego, chuckling "That was a good one. Should I call you out too? I think the time could not be better, since your girlfriend here is out her coma." Mark "You better keep your damn mouth shut!" Diego "Tell your son or daughter that." Upon those words, Dahlia's opens her eyes back up really wide as if she heard what Diego just said. Mark, looking confused "What the hell kind of jabber are you talking about?" Diego "Go ask your baby's mother. Natalia is in the room next door." Mark is floored, he's paralyzed in shock, the thought of Natalia carrying there child is the last thing he wants to hear. Just then his cell phone rings. He picks it up an answers it. "Hello" The caller hangs up. Then Dahlia's hospital room phone rings, Mark answers that, but alls he hears is heavy breathing. Mark slams the phone down. Realizing that it's not Natalia, and now for sure it's not Diego making these calls, Mark really wonders who's harassing him with these phone calls. Mark "I can't take much more of this." Diego "I bet." Mark "You bastard. Your just loving this aren't you? I bet you want Dahlia for yourself" Diego "Don't be ridiculous. You shouldn't be worrying about who I have feelings for. You need to worry about your new family your going to have with Natalia." Dahlia' has a tear run down her face as she hears, her boyfriend has impregnated Natalia, she closes her eyes once more. Mark storms out the room to confront his brand new baby's mother. Meanwhile, at TC Hotel In one of the rooms behind Ty's office, Jenn lays on a hospital bed with iv's hooked up to her. Santino is meanwhile sitting in the living room, cutting up candy so it can be sold, He hears, Jenn making sounds and moving around . He gets up, and walks into the bedroom. Jenn looks at Santino. Still a little weak she tries to speak. "Where's Tyler?" Santino "He's taking care of business. He'll be here shortly." Jenn "Where am I?" Santino "You're in one the rooms here at the Hotel." Jenn "Why am I not at the hospital? Who saved me?" Santino "Listen. Don't worry about all that. You're going to be ok. The doctor said so. You just need to get some rest to build your strength up." Then Jenn has a pain in her right shoulder and she puts her hand on it as if that's going to stop it. She then remembers that Ty shot her. "Ty did this to me. He shot me." She says getting worked up. Santino "Look don't worry about that right now. You need to focus on getting better. Get your rest. Ty will be in here soon." Jenn, still feeling drowsy from the ativan Diego gave her, closes her eyes. Santino watches her as she falls asleep and wonders. How could Ty shoot his beautiful girlfriend. Feeling a bit guilty and not wanting to get choked up emotionally, he goes back into the living room and resumes cutting up the powder. Ty's Office. Abe looks upon his daughter, Mona, whom he thought he killed. Mona "Long time no see pops." Abe "This can't be happening. This is a sick game you two are playing." Mona " You know it's funny because I thought those same things every time you ran that sick dick of yours up in me. A game yes, but this is the truth. I knew you would have doubts pops, so I have proof" Mona pulls out paternity papers from the bag of magic tricks she always carries with her. Abe reads them as Ty, finishing up his drug stick ashes it. Ty "I got some really good weed chief. You sure you don't want me to roll you up a blunt? I know you need one right about now." Mona "I do. We could have a drug session. Me and my pops." Abe puts the papers down, as images of Mona as a young girl, is tied up to a bed, in a mountain resort in Sierra Madre, Abe keeps having images of molesting his daughter. Abe "How?.. " Is the only thing Abe can get out being at a loss for words Mona "Didn't you hear Ty, his fathers' people." Abe "So you are the one who is stalking Kevin and Sharan? You're behind all the strange things that's been happening? The pink roses with the secret camera hidden inside, ramming of Kevin's car door. These notes." Mona "You're smart pops." Abe "So why now, what do you want?" Looking at Ty," Why are you involved with this?" Mona "I want revenge. On you and your family. Kevin, Karim, my mother." Abe "Please leave them alone, they don't have nothing to do with this. I did this." Mona "That's too bad. Like I had no choice when you beat me and raped me day in and day out. I didn't have a say so all those hellifeid nights you put me through. You get no say. So now i'm going to destroy you Abe. Your are going to pay for doing this to me you sick Bastard. You are the reason I hate men. I can't trust no one. I have no self respect. I can't even look myself in the mirror because all I see is a young girl, me, your daughter. Being raped night after night." Mona, a true soldier, and tough as nails, finally breaks that hard shell of hers, with tears forming in her eyes as she relives the pain and horror Abe put her through. Ty "I'm in on it so I can avenge my fathers arrest. You locked him up. A mistake I might add." Abe, with tears now forming in his eyes "Mona I am sorry." Mona gets up and socks her father right in the jaw with a closed fist. Blood begins to drip from his mouth "Sorry. You rapped and tortured me for 15 years. Kept me from my family. And all you can say is sorry. I'm fucked up in the head because of you And all you can say you're sorry." Abe sits in silence, gathering his thoughts, his first thoughts are "So what do you two want? You're going to tell the world what I did? " Mona "Well it doesn't have to go down like that." Abe "What do you want?" Mona "I'm going to need you to leave Ty alone, call off your men who's watching him." Ty "I also want you to quit harassing Daniel too. He's been through enough." Mona "And we want you to turn a blind eye to the goings on, that's about to happen here in Pasadena." Abe "What do you mean? What's about to happen?" Mona "Just like a soap opera, you have to stay tuned for that one." Abe "Please don't hurt my family. They had nothing to do with this. Your mother had no idea you were even alive. I made her believe you were dead. Your brothers have nothing to do with this either. Just come after me. Just leave your brother and mother alone." Mona "Why should I? You didn't leave me alone every time I screamed and pleaded with you to stop raping me. You showed me no mercy. And now I'm going to show no mercy. I have no love for you or my so called family. I'm alone in this world. I have no one but me so I'm going to make sure no one uses me or abuse me aver again. I'm going to make you and your family pay for what you did to me. So fasten your seat belt pops, I'm just getting started." Ty "And one more thing, I'm going to need you to talk to the governor, Arnold Swahcamnager and get a pardon for my father." Abe "That's going to be next to impossible." Ty "If you can make your family believe Mona died at child birth, keep her chained up and torture and rape her for 15 years than surely you can get a pardon for my father. If you don't want to lose everything, I suggest you make it possible." Abe "This is absurd." Mona "Shut the fu(k up." She gives her father a left hook to his lips again. "You getting on my nerves. Do what we ask or everyone will know what kind of sick perverse bastard you are. Now get to stepping, be gone, before I pull my 9 mm out and pump your head full of holes." Ty, smirks at Abe "It's nice doing business with you Chief." Abe shakes his head at both of them and slowly gets up out of his chair and leaves TC Hotel as he prays Mona and Ty will not harm his family.. Ty "Perfect, now Abe is out the way. Now Sharan is all yours." Mona "I have been waiting for this day for 4 months. I can't believe I'm about to have my Nubian queen." Ty "She's all yours. So when are you going to strike?" Mona "You don't need to know all that. I'll call you when I have her. But I will say this, I'll have her in the next few days." Mona puts her black veil on and leaves Ty's office. Ty reclines in his office chair, enjoys his high and basks in his victory over the police chief of Pasadena. Ty "I own this city now. I can do what ever it is I want." He says with a smirk on his face.
  12. S.T.E.A.M. has been away this week, due to a quick hitaus. Recently a lot of controversy has arose from a recent storyline twist, Jodie has HIV. A lot of readers were taken aback buy this serious issue that was not expected on a show like S.T.E.A.M. I understand every one's concern and really appreciate the feed back. I take great pleasure, in telling that this latest twist will be handled properly and with dignity. "I know what I am doing. There's a method to my madness" Head writer ML C. has been quoted as saying. So in that regard, S.T.E.A.M. will return to your screens Sunday with MAJOR changes. First... Fired is Jennifer Hammon!!! With the recent storyline twist, Jenn will be taking a new direction and another actress was needed to fit the brash delivery Jenn is going to be delivering. We thank Ms. Hammon for her time and talent and wish her well on future endeavors. IN... Alicia Silver Stone as Jennifer Hammom The role of Jenn has been recasted with this beautiful sultry actress. "She's more in line in what I was looking for originally when casting the role of Jenn" The Head writer says. "Jenn is going into a new direction which will be quiet interesting. She debuts Sunday in a special 2 part episode. Also Fired.... Dondre T. Whitfield Mr. Whitfield has been let go due to storyline purposes. Just Like Jenn's character. "Dre" will be taking a different direction, as his storyline really heats up. Again We thank Mr. Whitfield, for his talent and wish him the best. IN... R&B Star D' Angelo The role of Dondre has been recasted with this talented singer. "D provides more of the range I need for the character of Dre" ML was quoted as saying. D' Angelo debuts in the role of Dondre(Dre) in Sundays special two part episode. Behind the Scenes Shake ups!! Out.. Mr. Ian H. has left due to other obligations. "We were fortunate to have experienced his talent. The door will always remain open for his return." We wish him well on his new series he is working on. IN... SONOP's Top Man Matt Preston will be writing a few scenes here and there. "We are happy to have his talent with us." ML said And Finally!!! The Season Finale...is coming. It's going to get CRAZY in Pasadena. The Lady In Black FINALLY reveals her Face and all Hell breaks loose.....
  13. aMLCproduction

    Cast Update

    It's official, Ashely Jones has left the building. Her exit was storyline dictated. We thank Ms. Jones for her time and talent, and we wish her luck with her role on B&B. States usually quiet, Monique Bitches, 2nd in command. "I had a blast playing this role. It was fun and very entertaining to say the least. I am saddend it has come to an end. I'm going to miss those catfights with my co-star Sabryn." the actress was quoted as saying. Her sister, Alexis Jones, played by the wonderful Alexis Thorpe, ex Cassie on Days is now on contract. Her storyline will really begin to pick up. She will become involved with Karim and the diva Ria. It has been a battle on who Ty's driver should be. My team and I fought about this for weeks, so finally with out further do, Les Brandt, formerly Rafael of AW has already joined the cast of STEAM. He plays Ty's driver, Santino. Look for Santino to mix it up with the people of Pasadena. The role is recurring The Season Finale is just around the corner so be on the look out for more cast changes
  14. Sanaa Lathan graces S.T.E.A.M. with her presence, in the role of Sharan Johnson. That's right the role has been re-casted. Sharon Leal, role originator was not comfortable where the storyline is headed and has opted to leave the show. That's one of the reason's why we haven't seen Sharan on screen in awhile. We were waiting for Sanaa to be come available and the time is right." Says supervising producer Monique Bitches. Sanaa debuts as Sharan in tomorrow's night episode as Sharan's storyline picks back up Also, Matt Cedano has been offered a contract and he has accepted. Chris storyline will pick up in the coming weeks. Chris and Lauren has had a pretty vocal following and the decision was made to beef up his character. Jodie O' Keefe has also been upped to contract status as well. "We are pleased with her performance and the outcome of her storyline." Says top scribe ML Cooks' Look for Jodie to become more involved with Mike/Jenn/and Ty. We will also learn what she is running from" teases the scribe. Rumor has it the more cast changes are on the way, stay tuned for more
  15. A total of 12 Episodes aired in July (Name......July/compared to Last Month Mark.....12 Natalia..11/+8 Dahlia...11 Ty.......11/+5 Mike.....11/+3 Dondre..9/+6 Ria.......8/+5 Suga....7 Jennifer7+1 Karim...6/+3 Sabryn.5/-2 Mona...5/+1 Sharan.4/-1 Lauren..4/-3 Jodie.....3 Kevin.....3/-2 Bryan....3 Ashely...3 Chris......3 Gilbert....2 Abe.......2/-2 Daniel....2/-4 Diego.....2 Alexis.....1
  16. In, Friday's episode we met Jodie who is being played by Another World Alumni Jodie O' Keefe. She is said to be a woman with a shadowy past. She finds herself amoungst the turmoil of Ty/Jenn/Mike. The role is recurring and on going. She has been called the Ultimate Bitch, Natalia, sinks to a new low to snag Mark for herself. This is a week of Romance and New Begining's Romance you say? What.. On S.T.E.A.M.?" That's right. We get romantic this week,..... S.T.E.A.M. style of Course.!! We see Lauren and Chris go out on a date. Is she really ready to move forward with her life? Jenn and Ty move closer, but how close, is it closer than close? Mike and Jodie get close as well. Romance and New Beginings is an umbrella plot, and a mini story arc leading up to some very intense drama. The status quo of Pasadena is about to have a shake up...... Stay tuned....
  17. aMLCproduction


    "It's another intense week" says top scribe ML Cooks. "Mike and Jenn really dig into the fabric of their relationship, it's been a long time coming. There's going to heartbreak, can Jenn and Mike survive Ty trying to come in between them?" "Our mysterious Mona, has begun to stalk Dondre. She goes even further by breaking into his house. What does the dangerous woman have up her sleeve now?" "Suga continues to taunt Dahlia. Dahlia's predicament goes from bad to worse as Natalia teams up with Suga. She wants Mark to make love to her and will stop of nothing to make it happen." -Ria gets upset when She learns Dondre has a thing for Sharan. "Everything is building up for a red letter week next week. It's going to be hot, sexxy and nasty, mixed in with HUGE PLOT TWISTS!!!It can't be missed that's for sure" promises head writer ML Cooks
  18. During S.T.E.A.M.s week long absence, my producers and I have have been hard at work, bringing the best entertainment possible. We will begin to see changes now, two roles have been recast Blair Underwood joins the blog, playing Patriarch of Pasadena's first family, Police Chief Abe Williams. It is a joy and a pleasure to have Mr Underwood joining the cast. The role is now contract as we take Abe in a different direction. In saying that, I regret to inform you that James Reynolds, best known as Abe Carver on Days of our Lives, and I have come to a mutual understanding. "James, wanted to leave when I offered him a contract, sighting his recent health and a desire to focus his first love Days. I am glad because Days need all the help it can right now." Look for Abe's storyline to pick up. Also out is Lauren Romoan, Lauren Woodland In "It was nothing personal" says the HNIC," Again we are taking Lauren in a different direction and I felt that Lauren Woodland would be better suited for they type of material coming up for the character of Lauren. Ms. Woodland is best known for her role as Brittany Hodges on the venerable and my personal favorite, The Young and the Restless. I would also like to take this to time to welcome a new writing consult to my team. I am honored to announce that the extremely talented and gutsy writer, Mr. Ian H, has now join the S.T.E.A.M. team. "Ian was a great fit for the type of storytelling of S.T.E.A.M. Look for his work to debut around episode 28 or so. Again I am also happy to announce that Ian is a newcomer to SON. I really try to stay away from a lot of recycling that has happened here at SON. "You haven't seen nothing yet!!" prmoises headscribe ML Cooks
  19. It's been a long time, since I left you, but rest assured ya boy is back. Your late night guilty pleasure will pick up right where we left off, All the sex, catfights, murders and twist will return in tonight's episode. Me and my team have been working very hard on storylines, and it's going to be intense. I also see a lot of new blogs out there that I will mos def check out. Hello to Matt and Redd and all my readers. Thanks for your support and I won't let you down Be prepared to be entertained.
  20. To Natalia, it's a game, a chess board if you will, To Mark, it's about getting his girlfriend out of jail for something so outlandish And this week For Dahlia, it will be a matter of Life and Death As Suga, makes an attempt on her life! The Lady in Black begins to stalk a new victim.... The DNA results are in this week. Is Ty innocent or guilty of the murder at TC Hotel. The war heats up between Ty and Mike.
  21. Hot off the presses, It's Official. Missy Elliot will be joining in on the crazy of Pasadena starting in the very next episode to air. "She plays Suga, and she will be involved with Dahlia and Natalia" Reveals head scribe. ML Cooks. It is said that the role is recurring and will be on-going. No further information was made available. Stay Tuned....
  22. Here is a summary of appearances on S.T.E.A.M. In June 2007, 9 episodes were aired Mike..........8 Luaren.......7 Sabryn......7 Ty............6 Daniel.......6 Jenn.........6 Kevin........5 Sharan......5 "LiB"..........4 Abe..........4 Bryan........4 Karim........3 Ria...........3 Natalia......3 Ashely.......3 Dondre......2 Deigo........1 As with any show, I tell stories in cycles, so these numbers will shift dramatically in coming months. ****RUMOR MILL ALERT**** It been has leaked out a big name celebrity will be joining in on the crazy in Pasadena. "An announcement should be made soon" sources close to the story report, who are not authorize to talk to the media and therefore these sources remain anonymous.
  23. Matt Cedano will be playing the recurring role of Chris Douglas. Chris works as a bartender at the brand new "TC Hotel" which is owned by Pasadena's own bad boy Ty Christopher. Chris also works at"The Jump Off" as a bartender part-time. Stay tuned for more news.....
  24. Just wanted to let yens know about where I am at in the new S.T.E.A.M blog. The blog is currently in production. My life has been crazy lately and I have not been working on it like I should. I was originally aiming for a May 1 debut,but, outstanding circumstances will force my hand to aim for a June/Summer debut. Creating a blog is a lot of work, as I have learned. I take my hat off to all the bloggers that maintain daily episodes. S.T.E.A.M will be a daily read. I have decided to use the script format for many reasons. A) Since this is a new creation, I felt by giving all the characters dialog, we can all learn what these 15 or so people are about. I love for my characters to talk, it really deepens and enhance the story lines. S.T.E.A.M. tells the story of 15 people who mix it up in Pasadena, California A lot of the story lines will take place/revolve around TC Hotel, and S.G. Inc.( a fashion house). S.T.E.A.M. is VERY edgy and gritty, and trust me will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat at ALL times! I almost want to say it's a breath of fresh air on the SONBC. But I have read some pretty great blogs, "Genoa City", "Salem Fantasies", King R.'s Days" and" Our Days in Salem" are some of the ones that stood out to me. Sex.Treachery.Envy.Affairs.Murder. Stay tuned...
  25. Well folks I have decided to gone head and create my own blog. After reading several great blogs, Salem Fantasies, being one of them, and looking at the innovative way some writers at SON are being different, notably, King Rielly, and PhonixRising and his crew, and working with fellow blogger Keith I am going to take the plunge. I am nervous as hell but at the same time confident. I have decided to go with a creation of my own.....S.T.E.A.M What is it about yens ask? The title says it all! Its about hot sex, lots of treachery, plenty of envy, many affairs, and loads of mystery! I hope you take this ride with me on this journey with S.T.E.A.M. Want to join my staff in the behind the scenes, just PM me. We will be starting with character descriptions one by one VERY SOON so stay tuned!!!
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