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Neurotoxin Injection!Episode31



Jodie walks into TC Hotel.untitled4.jpg

Jodie grabs her id out of her purse as she approaches the front desk. Before the attendant can greet her, Ty intercepts

"I'll handle this, you can take a break." The receptionist gladly obliges.


"You're the man I saw in the limo at the pub."


"I am that man. And you are?"


"Jodie Keefe."


"It's nice to meet you. I'm Tyler. Welcome to my hotel."


"Wow you own this hotel. It's beautiful" She says as she looks at the indoor fountain.


"Do you need a room?"


"Yes I do. I am new here to Pasadena. I just got here from Cleveland."


"Interesting. I know people in Cleveland. What side of the city did you reside?"


"Oh you know here and there. I'm not there no more and that's the way I want to keep it."


"Sounds like you running from something."


"No..no.. I just need a new beginning. That's all. A fresh start."


"I can understand that. Let me take you to your room."


"But I' haven't paid yet or even know what kind of room I'm going to get."

Ty (gazing into her eyes to draw her in)

"Please, allow me, I'm giving you the presidential suite, on me, only if you have dinner with me?" He says with a smile. Is Ty up to something on?


Episode: 31

Written by: ML Cooks

Coordinating Producer: MON!QUEB!TCHE$

Lavender Hill,IMG_0042.jpg Sabryn's MansionPasadena.jpg


"I can't believe my eyes. It's like world war 3 happened in here" He kneels down and picks up Ashley and stares at her sliced up face and lays her on the couch.


"You better get that bloody reptile off my couch. I paid nine thousand dollars for that. And it was round 2"


"Sabryn you are tripping. Do you see her face? " He pulls out his cell phone and calls for an ambulance.


" Yea I see her face, she don't look like a wild boar no more. She looks like an angry wild boar now. Let the Bitch die. It would serve her right. Barging into my office and home. This bitch is crazy and needs some help." Suddenly Sabryn faints.


"Sabryn!" He immediately rushes over to her and hold her in his arms.

"Sabryn,... Sabryn, wake up." He pulls out his cell phone "

"Yea, make that two ambulances.."

In the Parking Lot of Huntington Memorial Hospitalhospital.jpg


"Chris, thanks for a good time. I really enjoyed myself."


"I did too. I hope we can do this again sometime soon."


"Yea, I would like that. Thanks for being there for me. I am going through so much right now."


"Can I ask you a question? I mean I want to be straight forward with you if you don't mind?"


"I admire honesty."


"Lauren, I am attracted to you. You're beautiful , charming and down to earth. I thought maybe you know, we could get to know one another, see where this goes, you said in the pub, that you were ready to move on and put the past behind you but after seeing you with Daniel today, it's quite obvious you still love him. I mean I just want to know where I stand. "

Lauren, she pauses

"Yes. I do have a special place in my heart for Danny. We have been through the thickest of thick and the thinnest of thins together. I do care for him. Seeing him like this, I mean just the thought of him trying to commit suicide, it freaks me out. I can't imagine what he was thinking or what was he going through that was so painful that he would want to take his own life. I'm not trying to lead you on in any way. I just got carried away when I looked at his helpless body. He had his many faults, but he doesn't what's happening to him. So I am going to be there for him. Before we were lovers we were friends. So if that's too much for you I understand and that right there was me being honest with you."

Chris, smiling

"I'm not an insecure man. I can understand friendship. I just don't want to be lead on."


"I would love to go out again, let's say tomorrow evening, we can go to my restaurant."


"That would be great." Lauren's cell phone rings.

"Hello....Ok Jenn I'm on my way." She hangs up her phone

"Jenn's at my house, She needs me."


" I am sure she does" He hugs Lauren.


"This feels nice. It's been a long time since I have been held like this."

Chris looks into her eyes and smiles.


"Call me."


"I will" She gets in her car and heads to her house. Chris smiles as the pretty lady drives off. He is side tracked when he spots, Bryan pulling up behind an ambulance. He runs over to him.

Meanwhile inside the hospital,

envy-1.jpgMona enters Daniel's room undetected. She puts her black duffel bag down, opens it up and pulls out a steel plate that measures about 5inches by 5 inches. She takes a power drill from her bag and nails the door shut. The sound of the drill awakes Daniel and he panics. Mona turns around and waves at him as she puts the drill back in her bag. She walks over toward him.

"Remember me Danny boy. I shot ya." She laughs. "That was so much fun."

0804_15.jpgDaniel tries to speak, sweating profusely, but the only thing that comes out is sounds. "MMM"


"What's that Danny boy? You wonder what I am doing here? That's a good question." She pulls up a chair and sits beside him.

"You were supposed to die you idiot. But that didn't happen. Being the dumb ass d!ick you are, like all men, you're here, taking up space for no reason. It's a shame really. I thought you were going to stay in that coma for the rest of your sorry ass life. But that didn't happen. In fact, I even hear you are trying to speak. Is that true Danny Boy?"

Daniel moves his head from side to side, telling her no.

Mona grabs her power drilldrill.jpg and bashes Daniel in the head with it.

"Your lying. First you double cross me and now you are lying to me. You're a pain in my ass and I have to take care of you. I'll give you two options on how I want to dispose of you. See I am having a hard time deciding what I want to inject you with." Daniel shakes his head profusely, protesting what is about to happen.

"Maybe you can help me out. Now I thought about injecting you with multiple doses of Meth. You know what Meth is don't you Danny boy? Since you are a druggie. You know, Crystal ice, crank, tina.?33373d2d.jpg Or should I inject you with the venom of the African Black Mamba.BlackMamba.jpg Let's have a moment of education Danny Boy" She pulls out a book and begins to read from it

"Black mambas usually bite their prey once or twice and then allow it go off to die before attempting to eat. They may however, bite and hold when eating birds. Their venom is very potent and is mainly based on Neurotoxin s that are absorbed quickly by the prey. The venom will cause a blockade at the neuromuscular junction which blocks every signal from the brain passing through the nervous system to the muscles which causes systemic paralysis. The prey will die from suffocation due to paralysis of the muscles of respiration. This sounds like so much fun to watch. You don't mind if I watch you die do you Danny Boy?"

Daniel tries to use any ounce of strength he can conjure up to try and stop this madness but it fails, he is too weak and is now at Mona's mercy

"One, two, Mona's coming for you" She pulls out a syringe.

"Three, four, you better lock you door" Mona looks at the door and then at Daniel

"I already did that..Five , six, ..well I don't have a rhyme for six so I guess it's time to die" Mona injects the venom in Daniel's i.v..........



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The series keeps getting better and better. Poor Jodie is obviously in for a whirlwind of trouble if she gets caught up with Ty but I'm enjoying her naitevity.

I felt really bad for Chris who was getting his heart broken from Lauren. I think that Lauren and Chris should be a couple. He seems genuine (so you must be doing something right with your male characters!!!) This love triangle sort of reminds me of the G/O/T love triangle on PP. Our writing styles are very similar.

Mona is just plain creepy and I love it. You never know what she's going to do next and reading what she was doing to Danny was just plain scary. She reminds me of a cross between Helena Casadine meets James Stenbeck.

Can't wait to read what happens next and I can't wait for SONOP to premiere!

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Thanks for the comments. They truly are helpful. Certain things I didn't notice b 4 I do now thanks to you. Mike/Jodie, Chris/Lauren. I really wasn't sure about these pairs but I am glad you like.

I don't know know much about the Cassidine/Stenbeck but I guess that comparison is a good thing. I know they are both very bad.

I've always told you how similar our styles are. It's crazy.

I love me Some GOT on PP I got CDL 's and you got GOT,..lol

Stay tuned for tomorrow nights show, STEAM TAKES A MAJOR LEFT TURN....I'm gonna throw you for a loop ;)

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