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Sabryn vs AshelyRound2!Episode30



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lavender Hill, Sabryn's DrivewayIMG_0042.jpg

The door of the car flies open, and Ashley emerges. Her face is red, she's gripping the phone so hard her knuckles are white.

"Where the hell are you?" she demands, "And don't hand me any B.S. Brian."

bryan6.jpgBryan (stuttering)

"I - I'm just out, that's all. What do you mean? What are you so angry about?" he struggles to keep the phone in the right spot using a cheek and a shoulder, "Babe, what's going on?"


"You were with Sabryn again."


"I was not."


"A Bitch yes, but not a dumb Bitch"


"Honey, don't be ridiculous"


"You're treating me like I'm a dummy. I just saw you ride past me on Lavender Hill!!" she screamed into the phone,


"You're mistaken."


"Stop playing games, I'm not stupid, I can tell you're full of it and I'm sick of this entire situation." she looks up the lane to Sabryn's house, and notices Sabryn getting up and looking out the window. Ashley grits her teeth and growls,

"Brian, I'm so tired of everything. I've done everything short of tie the yellow "do not cross" crime tape around you. Well, that Bitch just trespassed." she said, her voice now lower, more calm, yet at the same time furious,

"And I'm going to take out the trash." Click.


"Ashley!" He hollers, into the phone. Dial tone. He furiously tries to redial her number.

"Hi this is Ashley, I'm not in right now because I'm probably out with Bryan! Anyway, leave one and I'll get back to you ASAP."

He swore, and clapped his phone shut, before making a u-turn and speeding off in the other direction.


Episode :30

Written by :ML Cooks, and Ian H.

Coordinating Producer: MON!QUEB!TCHE$

Huntington Memorial Hospitalhospital.jpg

Lauren is overjoyed with tears as she looks at Daniel.0706_3.jpg

"It's OK. Relax" She says as she senses Daniel is very agitated. His heart rate increase, he tries to say something but all he can mumble is the sound of "MMM....."


"Danny, baby, it's OK. I'm here. I'm not going no where. Your getting all worked up." She holds his hand to try and soothe him. Then Chris walks up behind her.

"How is he?"

Lauren, letting go of his hand and quickly wiping away her tears.

"He's seems upset. He's trying to say something." Daniel looks at Chris, confused, not understanding why he is here. Chris lets him know by holding Lauren from behind. Daniel's heart rate increase once more as he breaks into a sweat. Lauren shrugs Chris off her and sits back down by Daniel's side. Ty burst into the room suddenly.

"My boy." He walks up to Daniel and smiles.

"I missed you Danny boy. I was worried about you."


"I can't believe you are even here."


"Where else would I be Miss Mouth?"


"You should be 6 feet under for what you did to Daniel."


"Here we go again. Lauren please. Let's not do this in front of Daniel."


"Get the hell out!!"

Ty(looking at Chris)

"Chris, you better get your friend here."


"Is that a threat?!" She pushes him toward the door "Get the hell out!!" She screams.

DiegoTwo1.jpgDiego then burst into the room

"What is going on in here? This is a hospital! Everyone leave now!!"


"Ty was just leaving Dr."


"Lauren I said EVERYONE leave, please don't make me have to call security. You have disrupted my floor."


"You sorry son of a Bitch" She spits at Ty as she walks past him and out the room followed by Chris. Ty looks at Daniel and tells him he will come by tomorrow, then he leaves the room too as Diego does some vitals on him.

The Lady in Black is hiding around the corner, this time, she is wearing a nurse's uniform, and to conceal her identity, she has transformed her face to look like a white woman, with a blonde wig.


"As usual you ruin everything."


"Give me a break Lauren. You're so boring. You sound like a broken record. A cry baby. I was trying to find out who shot him."


"What don't you get!? No one shot him, he tried to commit suicide. Thanks to you."


"If that was the case, which it isn't, I would want to shoot myself too with all that annoying hollering you do. No wonder Daniel was on drugs."


"Now that's enough"


"And who are you supposed to be? You only work for me. That's it. Speaking of which, TC Hotel is back open for business so you need to go get your schedule"


"It's OK Chris." (Looking at Ty) " You better stay away from Daniel."


"Or what?"

Lauren just walks away. Chris and Ty have a stare down.


"Don't speak until I speak to you son." Ty cooly says as he walks off. Chris bites his tongue and meets up with Lauren.

thblackrose.gifMona sees Diego leaving Daniel's room. This is her cue. When no one is looking Mona slips into Daniel's hospital room.

Sabryn's MansionPasadena.jpg

Ashley slapped wildly on the door with two open palms, her mind clouded with rage. "Open the this damn door..."

Sabryn threw the door open and met the gaze of the furious Ashley. She shoved her way through.


"Nice place you have here." she spat, her eyes reduced to slits, "Great place to screw my man without his girlfriend finding out."


"Bryan came back here asking for forgiveness, I don't want him. He's sloppy seconds, something I am sure you are used too. You have gone too far and it's payback time."


"Is that right? I thought after I beat that ass the first time, you would get the message but I see I didn't beat you long or hard enough."


"Ashley..." Sabryn managed, "I - I really don't think you want to do anything rash."

Ashley (mocking her)

"I don't want to do anything RASH? like, oh, I don't know, what would be rash? Are you scared?"


"Making quick decisions you'd regret, and scared hell no."


"I don't think I'd regret it if I punched your face in." she snarled, and threw a closed fist that connected with Sabryn's jaw. "Oh, it's OK. This must not be rash because I've been thinking about it for awhile, oh, and it actually feels kinda good." She doled out another punch, hitting Sabryn squarely in the nose. "I'm not regretting this yet."

Sabryn lunged for Ashley's throat, digging her fingernails in. Ashley flailed at her face, and would have scratched Sabryn's eyes out, had she not jumped back. Ashley threw another punch and missed, which allowed Sabryn to offer one which connected right between the eyes. Ashley groaned in pain, and jumped towards Sabryn, bringing her down to the ground. She began whaling, with flailing fists, scratching, slapping, punching. Some of the blows fell in between a slap and a punch. Blood gushed from each woman's nose, and cuts on their faces. Each gave it almost as good as she got it, pulling hair, putting fingernails to good use. Sabryn got a good tuft of Ashley hair, and pulled her up.

"What's the matter bitch? Tired already? Get up."

She pulled her up and then looked for the first available place against which to slam a head. She brought Ashley's skull down on her glass coffee table.

"This is what happens when" bang "a filthy skank" bang "Doesn't pay attention to the 'no vacancy' sign on a woman's man." BANG. "You really oughta pay closer attention, I told you" bang "that It's over between Bryan and me" bang, and on the last bang, the glass shatters,

"Ashley!" Brian screamed from the doorway, he runs over to them "Sabryn, what the hell are you doing?"


"I - " she let the Ashley drop, and she realized Ashley is unconscious, "I'm just doing a bit of error correction." she looked up at him, fire in his eyes,

Bryan looks upon Ashley's sliced up face, as she lays there unconscious, having lost round 2.

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This was an action packed episode! I LOVED it. The second catfight between Sabryn & Ashley was so much better than the first. You could really feel the animosity between the two enemies. When Bryan entered to break it up, wow was that a good cliffhanger ending!

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