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Daniel exposes Mona?Episode 29



Lavender Hill, Sabryn's MansionPasadena.jpg

Just as Sabryn is about to call it a night, her door bell rings. She looks at her watch. 11:43p.m.

She opens her door and sees Bryan.


"What are you doing here?"


"I love you. Sabryn, I can't be with out you. I am miserable without you in my life. I made a mistake and I am sorry for that. I am not perfect. No one is. We all make mistakes."


"You're right, we all make mistakes Bryan. And honestly I still love you to. But you hurt me. You lied to me over and over again. And If I can prevent that pain I am going to. You can make your mistakes with Ashley. Not with me. Once a cheater than always a cheater. I don't trust you and with out trust you should already no we have nothing. Bryan, leave me alone. You have caused me enough grief and pain."


"Sabryn please! I am begging you. Don't give up on us. Love is all we need, We can get through this."


"No Bryan. We can't do that. I will never forgive you for this. You broke my trust for you and you know that I hate liars. I told you from day one, don't hurt me. And you did just that. Now please move on. Get out of my life."


"So that's just it then? It's over?"


"Since when did you become so dumb? Yes Bryan. It's over!" She slams the door in his face. She leans up against the door, with tears in her eyes as she still longs for Bryan. A hopeless and distraught Bryan heads to his club. You are reading



Written By: ML Cooks

Coordinating Producer: MON!QUEB!TCHE$

Ty's Mansion ourhouseisoffthechianpeps.jpg


"I love to help my fellow sisters out. Here is a love potion." Mona says as she hands Ashley a formula filled vial.


"Love potion? This sounds like a sci-fi movie."


"But it's not. Every customer has been 100% satisfied. Now listen, in order for this potion to work, it has to be storming outside. I checked the forecast for you and we are getting strong thunderstorms tomorrow. It has to rain on you then you have to make love to the man. You have to be riding him and then sprinkle some of that love potion on his chest. He'll be yours forever."


"Just like that?"


"I swear , my life by it."


"It's worth a try. Thanks you Ty and-" She looks at the Lady in Black


"Your welcome." Ashley leaves with her love potion.

Ty hands Mona 5 million dollars.


"Don't spend it all at one place." Ty's cell phone then rings.

"Thank you very much doctor." He hangs up the phone

"Diego says Daniel is awoke from his coma. I'm going there to see who shot him. I'll get up with you later." Ty and Mona both leave his mansion. As Mona drives away, she thinks,

"Damn, Daniel can't be awakening all ready. The first thing he's going to do is yap his mouth to Ty that I shot him. I can't let that happen. I am so close from getting Sharan. I can't let Daniel stop me." Mona heads over to the hospital as well.

Westwood Park, Mike's HouseDcp_0319.jpg

0014.jpgStepping out the shower and walking to his bedroom, he can smell the scent of Jennifer's perfume still lingering in the air. He sits on the bed and looks around the room and sees some of Jenn's thongs scattered amongst the room. He picks up his phone and tries to call her. It goes straight to voicemail.

"Jenn, please come home. I love you. Please give me a chance to explain things. I never cheated on you." He pauses, wanting to say more but then just decides to hang up and get dressed. He looks in Jenn's drawer's, and see she has already grabbed most of her underclothes etc.

"I guess Jenn is really done with me. In a matter of one day my life has lost all meaning. And it's all because of Ty." He gets on the phone again, frustrated and wanting to release some tension, he calls Jodie.

Pulling in a Park parking lot on Lavender Hill, Ashley pulls out the vial and looks at the glowing blue formula in the vial. "This is crazy" She thinks to herself. She gets out her cell phone and calls her sister Alexis

"Hey Lexis I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time"


"Never. In fact I am glad you called. I have great news. I just got done signing a lease for a new store out there in Pasadena."


"For Divine Design?"


"Yes, I was thinking you would be willing to run it. You know take your mind of Bryan."


"I don't know the first thing about running a fashion store. And besides, Bryan and I are back together."


"Back together? But Ash, he cheated on you. You can do better that."


"Lexis, I have never experienced love making like this before. It's so intense and so damn good."


"Ash please. Get a grip. There are other dicks in the sea. I am sure Bryan is not the only mandingo in Pasadena." Ashley is sidetracked as she see Bryan's car riding past her in the park.


"Uh,huh Lexis, listen it was good talking to you. I love you and I hope I see you soon since you got a store here in Pasadena."


"I'll be there in a few weeks."

Ashley (rushing)

"Ok Bye now" She hangs up and thinks Sabryn lives on Lavender Hill. I know my man is not leaving from Sabryn's house. Ashley pulls out the park parking lot and heads up to Sabryn's Mansion as she pulls out her cell phone and calls Bryan.

Huntington Memorial Hospitalhospital.jpg

Lauren and Chris see Dr. Diego Serrano at the nurses Station and walk over to him


"Can I please see Daniel?"


"Yes you can, he's very weak though ."


"Is he talking?"


"He has not said anything, he was unresponsive's to all my questions, during my examination."

Lauren immediately rushes in to see Daniel .She is over joyed with tears as her prayers have finally been answered. She walks over to him and holds his hands. Daniel looks at her and slightly smiles.


"It's going to be ok. I am here for you. Your safe." She says as she caress his face.

cedeno001.jpgChris looks on through the window of the door and wonders if Lauren and Daniel are on there way back to a reunion.

Back in the room

0804_14.jpgDaniel begins to try and say something

"MMM....." Just as Daniel is trying to say something, Ty then followed by The Lady in Black arrive at the hospital. Ty's intent is on finding out who shot his right hand man refusing to believe he tried to commit suicide, and Mona, intent on keeping that information from Ty since she set it up as a suicide to hide the fact she shot Daniel.


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The one thing I've noticed from this episode is that the females seem to have more power than the males, with the exception of Ty. I think that the guys need to have more emotion instead of being sex toys...which could be an interesting plot.

Other than that, I'm liking how Mona's storyline is coming to place. The ending was eerie but exciting. And Alexis and Mike remind me so much of Alexia and Owen.

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For some reason your comments are being cut off, I have to hit edit to read it but I know what you are saying. My writers and I have have come to the same conclusions and are working on the men. Thanks Matt. I know this week 's episodes may have been slow, but next week is going to be good as hell, every episode. I promise!!

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